Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coal Provides Virginia Jobs

Take Action: Protect Appalachian [and Virginia] Jobs

The Environmental Protection Agency has provided an additional comment period on the agency's proposed new water quality guidelines for coal mining operations in Appalachia. We urge you to visit our Action Center and submit your comments to the EPA telling them you oppose these new guidelines which would effectively bring an end to coal mining in Appalachia. We need you to act now, the deadline to submit comments is tomorrow!

These proposed guidelines would impose new regulatory barriers for coal mining permits in Appalachia effectively stopping the issuance of permits creating a moratorium on coal. Such destructive regulatory actions would jeopardize the economic future of the region and one of our most reliable and economically affordable domestic sources of energy.

It is clear that the EPA is unfairly targeting thousands of hardworking miners and coal communities across Appalachia.

The EPA must listen to those who will be most affected by this policy. We need you to make your voice heard and tell the EPA and the Obama administration that they can't take away coal jobs without hearing the voices of the people that depend on coal to provide for their families and communities across Appalachia.

The deadline to submit comments is tomorrow! Please share this link with people you know, and encourage them to write the EPA today!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Redstate Morning Briefing

Karma: SEIU Kicks Members’ Kids to the Curb
ObamaCare causes union to drop 6,000 children's health insurance coverage.
Posted by LaborUnionReport (Profile)
Saturday, November 27th at 5:45PM EST 36 Comments

You remember how ObamaCare was all about making health care more affordable and protecting the most vulnerable, right?

And, surely you remember how much money and resources (i.e., members’ dues) the purple behemoth known as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) put into the fight for ObamaCare—even going so far as (allegedly) beating Kenneth Gladney at a St. Louis town hall meeting.

Heck, it was SEIU’s then president Andy Stern who pushed for the tactic known as “demon pass” that gave us final passage of ObamaCare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act.

Well, somehow we missed this last week:
One of the largest union-administered health-insurance funds in New York is dropping coverage for the children of more than 30,000 low-wage home attendants, union officials said. The union blamed financial problems it said were caused by the state’s health department and new national health-insurance requirements.
The fund is administered by 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union. Union officials said the state compelled the fund to start buying coverage from a third party, which increased premiums by 60%. State health officials denied forcing the union fund to make the switch, saying the fund had been struggling financially even before the switch to third-party coverage.

The fund informed its members late last month that their dependents will no longer be covered as of Jan. 1, 2011. Currently about 6,000 children are covered by the benefit fund, some until age 23.

The union fund faced a “dramatic shortfall” between what employers contributed to the fund and the premiums charged by its insurance provider, Fidelis Care, according to Mitra Behroozi, executive director of benefit and pension funds for 1199SEIU. The union fund pools contributions from several home-care agencies and then buys insurance from Fidelis.

Of course, when it comes to the SEIU, it must be someone else’s fault.

Its never the fault of liberal unions.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

OMG..They Showed a Picture of Jesus in School

"Oh, the humanity"
The minds of these high school students have been irreparably scarred. They must be seperated from the general population and given immediate re-education lest they infect others with a message of hope and salvation.

Tigard High Veterans Day Assembly stirs controversy
Anonymous complainant takes offense at image of Jesus during assembly
What started as a day commemorating veterans has led to a complaint against Tigard High School Principal Mark Neffendorf.

The Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission received an anonymous complaint via fax Nov. 13, against Neffendorf after a Veterans Day assembly included videos depicting an image of Jesus and a speech which referenced soldiers’ faith.

The complaint cites Neffendorf for violating separation of church and state in two videos shown during the assembly held Nov. 5.

The Veterans Day assembly at Tigard High School is an annual event, bringing students and faculty together with local veterans from Beaverton, Tigard and King City. The videos shown at the assembly were from the popular video website Youtube.

The first video featured a speech by Fox News political commentator and Marine Oliver North. In the video, North references faith being a driving force for why soldiers go out onto the battlefield, saying, in part, “When (soldiers) gather in prayer circles and huddle up before a mission th­ey’re not going out to play football, they’re going into mortal combat and they know that some of them are liable not to come back and they do it because they have faith.”

The portion about faith lasts 33 seconds of the more than 5-minute-long video.

In the second video – a photo slide show of soldiers and families to the tune “Heaven was needing a hero” by country singer Jo Dee Messina – Jesus is seen hugging a fallen soldier in the final frames of the video
Read the rest of this disturbing story here. Its just so awful. I don't think I can make it through the rest of the day without some therapy.

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Well I Certainly Feel Safer

FoxNews is reporting that TSA has changed its policies and now only Senior TSA officials will be allowed to pat-down three-year olds. Muslim women however, will only be be subjected to a pat-down around the head and neck areas and will not be using the full-body scan method because it violates their religious beliefs. No word on who gets to fondle the nuns and your grandmother.

You know what violates MY religious beliefs? Killing innocent people in the name of pedophile prophet.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cooking with the Troops at NASDAQ


A Lot To Be Thankful For

I am thankful first and foremost to live in America. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to live anywhere else. (I can, but I won't.) I am very thankful for the dedicated men and women of the United States Armed Forces, standing the wall, walking the fence line in far away places, making sure I get to enjoy everything America stands for. Without those Warriors, we'd be lost.

One year ago today I woke up in an ICU with a breathing tube down my throat, a tube in my neck and several more exiting my body just above my bellybutton. I hurt in places I didn't think you could feel pain and all I could think about was getting that damn tube out of my mouth.

During that ordeal, I learned just how many friends I really have and I have to admit, it is humbling.

Thank you to everyone who sent prayers and good thoughts my way and Happy Birthday Tankerbabe.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Stroke of the Pen, Law of the Land, Kinda Cool" NOT

It’s Official – The FCC Will Vote to Take Over the Internet in December

Just this past Friday, we warned you that a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) December Internet power grab was probably coming.

Well, we now know that it is – and it may be even worse than we thought. Details have been sketchy, and successive reports often contradictory, but what follows is what seems to be looming over us in December. (We will know for sure on Wednesday, November 24 – if the FCCmaintains its current December 15 meeting date.)

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski appears to be preparing to dramatically increase the FCC’s regulatory role over the Internet (in TWO ways; more on that later).

He is doing so without the necessary Congressional authority – which he himself acknowledges he doesn’t have. And he is doing so by torturing and twisting the regulatory language he is drafting – so as to keep this extraordinary dictatorial seizure within the current Title I confines.

The latter is for The Chairman merely an optical effort. If he can feign the appearance of remaining within Title I, he avoids Reclassification to Title II – against which many of us have long been rightly fighting. He will then portray his fealty to Title I as testament to the alleged “moderation” of his (un)modest proposal. This will be a totally bogus assertion, but he will make it – and the media will in parrot-esque fashion repeat it. The Chairman should bring crackers to the press conference.

Free Press and the Media Marxists – who have long cried for Title II Reclassification – will on cue rail against The Chairman’s “sell-out.” This will further “bolster” his claim that he has found the magical, mystical Third Way – winding a path between the leftist Open Internet absolutists and the evil telecom companies. The Chairman should also bring nuts to the press conference – in case Free Press & Co. show up.

(An aside: How are the telecom companies “evil” – when they have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in building the Internet infrastructure? Which has resulted in the free speech, free market Web Xanadu we consumers all currently enjoy. Free Press and the Media Marxists haven’t invested a dime – yet they somehow successfully lay claim to the mantle of “consumer advocates.”)

Of course, this attempted sleight of regulatory hand does not get The Chairman past one glaring problem – the D.C. Circuit Court has already unanimously ruled that the FCC doesn’t have the authority to regulate the Internet under Title I – at least as far as enforcing Network Neutrality is concerned. (Which is why Free Press & Co. have been clamoring for Title II Reclassification.) And Net Neutrality is why The Chairman has engaged in – and forced us all to endure- this one year-plus kabuki dance.

Testimonium – The Chairman now looks poised to have the FCC again attempt to enforce Net Neutrality – under his now stretched-beyond-all-recognition Title I.

What a short, selective memory he has. And most economically destructive of all – it appears The Chairman will try to impose Net Neutrality not just on wired broadband Internet service – but on wireless “smart phones” as well. This would be a titanic overreach by The Chairman – and an immense blow to the economy.

The uncertainty caused just by The Chairman’s prolonged flirtation with the Media Marxists and their ridiculous Internet notions has already cost us billions of dollars in private sector Web investment. The cost in investment dollars and jobs lost when Net Neutrality is actually imposed will be cataclysmic. These aren’t the fake “saved or created” jobs of the alleged “stimulus” – these are very real jobs denied or destroyed by the ridiculous and ridiculously damaging Net Neutrality. Imposed by an FCC and its Chairman who know in advance that they do not have the authorityto do so.

What will follow will be years of litigation forced upon us by The Chairman – to undo what he knew beforehand he didn’t have the authority to do.

What will follow will be years of diminished and diminishing Web capacity, caused by an absurd policy wrongfully jammed down our throats by a dictatorial, rogue Executive Branch Commission.

What will follow will be years of stagnant or declining job growth, as investment capital rightly flees a regulation-constricted Internet which is no longer amenable to free market success.

What will follow this essay may very well determine the free market, free speech future of the Internet – are you ready to place some calls and send some emails and faxes to protest this preposterous policy proposal and demand that it never be enacted?

Stay tuned – we will soon tell you how you can be a part of the preventative solution.

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More ACORN Nuts Fall

The voter fraud hall of shame:
Milwaukee voter fraud conviction makes ACORN’s 2010 total at least 15

Yet another former ACORN employee was convicted of voter fraud last week. This brings the total number of convictions for former workers from the embattled group to at least 15 so far this year.

Kevin L. Clancy of Milwaukee pleaded guilty last week to participating “in a scheme to submit fraudulent voter registration applications,” according to Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen. Clancy admitted to filing multiple voter registration applications for the same individuals and registering himself and other voter registration canvassers to vote multiple times while working on an ACORN voter drive.

Clancy received a 10-month prison term for his crime. Clancy’s sentence will begin when he completes another sentence he is currently serving for armed robbery.
“The integrity of elections is dependent upon citizens and officials insisting they be conducted lawfully,” Van Hollen said. “Wisconsin’s citizens should not have to wonder whether their vote has been negated or diminished by illegally cast ballots.”

So far 2010 has been a banner year for ACORN voter fraud prosecutions.
In Milwaukee, former ACORN worker Maria L. Miles, who worked with Clancy, pleaded guilty to “falsely procuring voter registration.” She will be sentenced next month.

Also in Milwaukee, Frank Edmund Walton was convicted of “falsely procuring voter registration.” According to Van Hollen, Walton solicited voter registrations while working for a group called the Community Voter Project. Court documents indicate that after committing the crime he became an ACORN employee. Walton will be sentenced in December.

In Washington state, ex-ACORN canvasser Kendra Lynn Thill was convicted of voter registration fraud and given a 12-month deferred sentence.

In Miami, Florida, former ACORN voter registration canvassers Maurice Childress, Kashawn John, Liltovia Rhodes, Carlos Torres, Evangeline Williams, Lilkevia Williams, and Richard Williams, were all convicted of “false swearing in an election.”

All were sentenced to probation, community service, and forbidden to participate in political campaigns, according to the office of Katherine Fernandez Rundle, State Attorney for Miami-Dade County. In addition, Childress and Richard Williams were ordered to serve 72 days and 125 days in jail, respectively.

Arrest warrants were issued for three other former ACORN canvassers in the Miami area who are apparently still at large.

In Pennsylvania, former ACORN workers Alexis Givner, Mario Grisom, and Eric L. Jones, were convicted of voter registration fraud-related offenses. All three were sentenced to two years probation.

ACORN, the nonprofit shell corporation that runs the ACORN network, is still facing criminal prosecution in Nevada. Although ACORN filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Election Day to escape its debts, prosecutor Conrad Hafen, who is Nevada’s chief deputy state attorney general, previously said neither bankruptcy nor dissolution would “necessarily protect (ACORN) from prosecution” in Nevada.

The trial of ACORN for conspiracy to commit felony voter registration fraud was scheduled to begin Nov. 29, but ACORN lawyer Lisa Rasmussen had a scheduling conflict and the proceeding has been postponed. The trial will likely proceed in 2011. Hafen won’t be heading the prosecution’s team because he was recently elected a justice of the peace.

Read more

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Remarks to NASDAQ by CwtT CEO C Blake Powers

Remarks to the NASDAQ Exchange by C. Blake Powers, CEO, Cooking with the Troops Inc.

Good Morning!

Cooking with the Troops is a new, small charity with a rich history of success. It is the combination of two efforts, so that we can also provide career transition, homefront support, and frontline support to U.S. and Allied troops, families, and caregivers.

We are proud to stand with other small charities, such as Pin-Ups for Vets, our partner on Operation Fight Post Holiday Blues; with Standing for the Fallen, started by Mark Dolfini to raise money and supplies for Soldiers’ Angels Germany; with small companies such as Baen Books who have donated thousands of books to our troops with little fanfare; and, with projects such as Soldiers’ Angels Valour-IT.
Working together, we accomplish much.

If everyone hearing this today donates $5, we would most likely have Operation Fight Post Holiday Blues fully funded, have money to do our barbecues for the wounded next year, and possibly even more. But I hope you will do something much more important. With your donations, we can do good things. With your investment and partnership, we can do great things.

We can create the entrepreneurial bootcamps and mentoring programs that will help start the new successful small businesses essential for continued economic growth, as well as help people start new careers.

With it, we can create the programs that will teach new generations the joy of cooking and how to do good food fast, and help tight family budgets do more.
Working together, we can leverage what is done to create success on many levels beyond the immediate and obvious good.

Yes, we do want and urgently need your donations, but we want and need your partnership and investment even more. With that, we can provide comfort to many; nutrition of body, spirit, and economy; and, hope for a brighter future for all.

Thank you.

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Hot Link to NASDAQ Webcam

For those wanting to see Cooking with the Troops ring the opening bell, along with some other things, check out the NASDAQ webcam. It will carry some or all of the festivities live.

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Whats Up With Texas?

Joe Straus Stands Against Free Speech

Freedom of speech is under attack courtesy of Texas House Speaker Joe Straus. He is effectively trying to stuff as much speech as possible into the definition of “political advertising,” hassling average Texans out of the conversation. In his interim charge to the General Investigating & Ethics Committee Straus commanded the following:

“Review the definition of “political advertising” and determine whether the definition should be expanded to include content contained in blogs and other types of Internet communications.”

By changing the definition of “political advertising” in this way, Straus would effectively quash the ability of ordinary citizens to discuss politics online. All of a sudden your tweet about supporting a candidate would be a political advertisement instead of free speech and you’d have to file an ethics report with the State of Texas. There would have to be monetary values tied to blog posts, tweets, facebook statuses, etc. and the burden of that reporting would be on you!

Please click here for the rest of the post.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cooking with the Troops and NASDAQ

Tuesday NASDAQ Opening Bell

Were it not for the neccessity of working I would be there, hammer (and The Hammer) in hand. But someone has to help fund this operation. Besides, I'd much rather watch The Hammer swing the hammer, than watch me swing the hammer. (Although, I would swing The Hammer anytime she asked.)

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


Oklahoma Sharia Ban in Court
by Connie Hair
A federal court judge is slated to hear arguments today on an injunction blocking Oklahoma's new constitutional amendment prohibiting the use of foreign systems of law in reaching legal decisions. On November 2, Oklahoma voters passed a ballot initiative banning the use of Sharia and international law in Oklahoma courts by a whopping 70%. The new law explicitly reaffirms the supremacy of the federal and the Oklahoma state constitutions. Just days after the vote, Muneer Awad, a member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), filed suit to block the law's implementation, claiming that it violated his constitutional rights.

CAIR, members of whom are muslim and desire to follow Sharia Law, which is antithetical to Constituttional law, files suit to block the implementation of a law which would uphold the supremacy of US Constitutional Law, on the grounds that it violates CAIR's 1st Amendment rights.

The mind reels.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three Times As Many Claims As Actual Claimants

Congress Should Investigate Pigford Before Funding It
by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)

Too many elected officials are far too comfortable spending taxpayer dollars without knowing where that money will actually end up. This was proven once again by the Senate’s vote to fund the Pigford Settlements, even though serious claims of fraud exist.

In September, I joined my colleagues Congressmen Steve King (IA-05) and Bob Goodlatte (VA-06) to call for a full investigation into the Pigford Settlement Case. As a constant advocate for careful use of taxpayer dollars, I was concerned when I learned that this Settlement has 94,000 claims of discrimination, even though only approximately 33,000 black farmers exist in the United States.

I’m disappointed in the Senate’s decision to disregard these serious allegations and instead vote to spend away billions of taxpayer dollars.

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From Eric Erickson at Redstate

Erick has an update to this article that basically verifies that YES the story is true and YES Erick knows this individual.

Another TSA Outrage

As the Chalk Leader for my flight home from Afghanistan, I witnessed the following:

When we were on our way back from Afghanistan, we flew out of Baghram Air Field. We went through customs at BAF, full body scanners (no groping), had all of our bags searched, the whole nine yards.

Our first stop was Shannon, Ireland to refuel. After that, we had to stop at Indianapolis, Indiana to drop off about 100 folks from the Indiana National Guard. That’s where the stupid started.

First, everyone was forced to get off the plane–even though the plane wasn’t refueling again. All 330 people got off that plane, rather than let the 100 people from the ING get off. We were filed from the plane to a holding area. No vending machines, no means of escape. Only a male/female latrine.

It’s probably important to mention that we were ALL carrying weapons. Everyone was carrying an M4 Carbine (rifle) and some, like me, were also carrying an M9 pistol. Oh, and our gunners had M-240B machine guns. Of course, the weapons weren’t loaded. And we had been cleared of all ammo well before we even got to customs at Baghram, then AGAIN at customs.

The TSA personnel at the airport seriously considered making us unload all of the baggage from the SECURE cargo hold to have it reinspected. Keep in mind, this cargo had been unpacked, inspected piece by piece by U.S. Customs officials, resealed and had bomb-sniffing dogs give it a one-hour run through. After two hours of sitting in this holding area, the TSA decided not to reinspect our Cargo–just to inspect us again: Soldiers on the way home from war, who had already been inspected, reinspected and kept in a SECURE holding area for 2 hours. Ok, whatever. So we lined up to go through security AGAIN.

This is probably another good time to remind you all that all of us were carrying actual assault rifles, and some of us were also carrying pistols.

So we’re in line, going through one at a time. One of our Soldiers had his Gerber multi-tool. TSA confiscated it. Kind of ridiculous, but it gets better. A few minutes later, a guy empties his pockets and has a pair of nail clippers. Nail clippers. TSA informs the Soldier that they’re going to confiscate his nail clippers. The conversation went something like this:

TSA Guy: You can’t take those on the plane.

Soldier: What? I’ve had them since we left country.

TSA Guy: You’re not suppose to have them.

Soldier: Why?

TSA Guy: They can be used as a weapon.

Soldier: [touches butt stock of the rifle] But this actually is a weapon. And I’m allowed to take it on.

TSA Guy: Yeah but you can’t use it to take over the plane. You don’t have bullets.

Soldier: And I can take over the plane with nail clippers?

TSA Guy: [awkward silence]

Me: Dude, just give him your damn nail clippers so we can get the f**k out of here. I’ll buy you a new set.

Soldier: [hands nail clippers to TSA guy, makes it through security]

This might be a good time to remind everyone that approximately 233 people re-boarded that plane with assault rifles, pistols, and machine guns–but nothing that could have been used as a weapon.

Where does TSA get their applicants? Is there a test for determnining extra-stupid?
Do these people need to be told to get dressed before they leave their house?

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

We'd Be Better Served With A Constitutional Review of the Legislation Before It Passes

Constitutional Amendment proposal to streamline legislative repeals to hit Congress soon

Conservatives are planning to propose an amendment to the Constitution at some time in the next few weeks aimed at allowing states to repeal legislation without the approval of Washington.

The proposal, dubbed the “Repeal Amendment,” if approved and ratified, would be only the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution in more than 220 years, out of only 33 amendments approved by Congress for ratification. More than 10,000 amendments have been proposed to Congress since the Constitution itself was ratified, but barely any actually hit the floor for a vote.

The Repeal Amendment calls for allowing states to band together to repeal, or overturn, federal legislation. As it is written now, if approved and ratified, two-thirds of states’ legislatures would need to vote in favor of a repeal.

The proposed amendment reads: “Any provision of law or regulation of the United States may be repealed by the several states, and such repeal shall be effective when the legislatures of two-thirds of the several states approve resolutions for this purpose that particularly describe the same provision or provisions of law or regulation to be repealed.”
And our very own House Majority Leader-elect is on board with this.

According to The Repeal Amendment, a nonprofit pushing the idea forward, those in favor of the Constitutional change at the federal level include House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, R-Va., and Congressman Rob Bishop, R-Utah, while many more state-level government officials are on board.

Cantor says he’s behind it because it will limit the power of the federal government.

“It’s time to return America to the common sense conservative principles of limited government, free enterprise, and individual responsibility. The Repeal Amendment would provide a check on the ever-expanding federal government, protect against Congressional overreach, and get the government working for the people again, not the other way around,” Cantor said in a statement. “In order to return America to opportunity, responsibility, and success, we must reverse course and the Repeal Amendment is a step in that direction.”

Marianne Moran, a spokesperson for The Repeal Amendment, told The Daily Caller she expects the amendment to make it through and get approved in the 112th Congress.
Read more:

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ACORN Is Like A Zombie

ACORN’s ‘Texas for Obama’ Labor Ally Could Provide Cover to Rebuild Discredited Organization
by Kevin Mooney

Political operatives connected with renamed ACORN affiliates are in position to help swing close, competitive races for left-leaning candidates in the 2012 elections, according to former insiders and policy analysts who are familiar with the network’s operations.

An ambitious rebranding scheme that began earlier this year has now accelerated to include affiliates in at least 12 states. The bankruptcy filing the organization slyly submitted on Election Day is properly viewed as “a head fake” and a “public relations gimmick” arranged to distract attention away from the partisan political activities of renamed affiliates, sources say.

It is worth recalling that the organization known in full as the Association of Community Activists for Reform Now had initially denied reports that it would be dropping its tarnished name in press statements released in the summer of 2009.

Wade Rathke, who founded ACORN in 1970, had announced on his blog that ACORN International, one of many affiliate organizations, had officially changed its name to “Community Organizations International.” Former board members who came together under the banner of ACORN 8 in response to an embezzlement scandal saw the move as a possible opener to a larger rebranding effort.

Scott Levenson, a spokesman for organization’s national leadership, issued a statement claiming that the name has not been dropped and that Rathke is no longer connected with ACORN.

“ACORN is not changing its name,” he declared. “ACORN International, is a five-year old organization from which ACORN withdrew a year ago as part of an overall restructuring process and requested that they stop using the ACORN name, which they have now done. Wade Rathke was fired as Chief Organizer of ACORN in June 2008.”

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FCC and Net Neutrality

FCC may regulate Internet lines days before Christmas
By Sara Jerome - 11/19/10 04:50 PM ET

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a Christmas gift in store for the phone and cable industry: it may move ahead on its controversial net-neutrality regulations three days before Christmas.

An FCC source confirmed on Friday that the commission plans to push its December meeting back by a week, meaning it will fall on the 22nd of the month. That's the same meeting in which analysts say the agency may move forward on its controversial net-neutrality proposal.

Though the FCC has not confirmed that it will vote on net neutrality this year, rumors are swirling that it will.

The timing of the meeting is already raising eyebrows. Some see it as a way to move the matter along before the GOP assumes the majority and while Congress is not in session to criticize the effort.

Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), ranking member of the telecom subcommittee, questioned the schedule on Friday.

He said "it appears that Chairman [Julius] Genachowski is trying to slip it under the radar and hope no one notices."

Industry sources also suggested that political calculus is involved with the change of date for the meeting.

"While many Americans will be enjoying their eggnog on that day, I'm sure the broadband providers won't be pleased to find this piece of coal in their stockings," an industry source jibed.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

I Wonder If This Includes Blogs

Web censorship bill sails through Senate committee
On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved a bill that would give the Attorney General the right to shut down websites with a court order if copyright infringement is deemed “central to the activity” of the site — regardless if the website has actually committed a crime. The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) is among the most draconian laws ever considered to combat digital piracy, and contains what some have called the “nuclear option,” which would essentially allow the Attorney General to turn suspected websites “off.”

Read more:

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CwtT 2011 Calendar Cooking with the Troops



Cooking with the Troops will be ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ on Tuesday 23 November! More info soon

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Buy 100 rounds of your favorite ammo.

P!$$ off the gun control crowd.

Smile about it.

The shelves are full of ammo. Support the economy!

h/t SayUncle and Traction Control

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

There's A Little Bug Inside Me, Too

Well, actually its a stent that was put in one year ago, but I digress.

Jay Rockefeller (Asshat-WVA), thinks the reason Americans are so confused and scared is because FoxNews and MSNBC are broadcasting news 24/7/365 and the only way to return the universe to harmony and balance is to make them go away. H'mm. An elected official, who supposedly took an oath to defend the Constiutution, (all of it, not just the parts he likes), wants to stop publicly owned companies from conducting legal and Constitutionally protected business.

Does anyone else find this particularly disturbing or am I just being my normal, cynical paranoid self?

West Virginia's Sen. Jay Rockefeller wishes the Bill of Rights didn't include the first one -- If his brief appearance during a hearing on retransmission yesterday is any indication, the coal dust is starting to cloud Sen. Jay Rockefeller's mind. “We need new catalysts for quality news and entertainment programming,” Rockefeller said during a subcommittee meeting led by Sen. John Kerry. "There’s a little bug inside of me which wants the FCC to say to Fox and to MSNBC, ‘Out. Off. End. Good-bye.’ It’d be a big favor to political discourse, our ability to do our work here in Congress and to the American people to be able to talk with each other and have some faith in their government and more importantly in their future."

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It Wasn't This Marine's Fault

It was the ROE's that got those Marines and their Corpsman killed. It's time to bring them home or let them fight to win.

Military Times is reporting that a Marine is up for the MoH.

Meyer's team was operating with Afghan security forces in Kunar province when three of his Marines and a Navy corpsman at the lead of the column became pinned down in an ambush, a McClatchy News Service reporter embedded with the unit reported at the time.

Without regard for his own safety, Meyer ran forward through continued enemy fire to reach the trapped Marines, who he found already dead. He continued to put himself under fire as he retrieved the bodies of the Marines and Sailor, according to the Marine Corps. Killed that day were Lt. Michael Johnson, of Virginia Beach, Va.; Staff Sgt. Aaron Kenefick, of Roswell, Ga.; Gunnery Sgt. Edwin Johnson Jr. of Columbus, Ga.; and Navy Corpsman 3rd Class James Layton of Riverback, Calif.

The McClatchy reporter revealed in his stories that the ambushed Marines' calls for artillery support was denied by Army commanders, who said new rules of engagement didn't permit them to open fire for fear of causing civilian casualties. The calls for support were rejected even though the Marines repeatedly radioed the Army that they were not near the village.

Following an investigation, three officers from the 10th Mountain Division, based at Fort Drum, N.Y., were given official reprimands. The officers were not identified.
As for Meyer, where others see valor in what he did that day, he sees failure. "I was a failure," he told CNN. "My guys died. That was my whole team." The combat is not something he wants to discuss, saying it is still too difficult.
"I sleep on it every night," he said.

I hope this young Marine can put this behind him. He did his job. He did it well. He is a good Marine.


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Israel is a Rogue State

Words have actual definitions. Today, however, too many people ascribe meanings to words because of ignorance or emotional content.

One DC councilman, in years past, was reprimanded because he used the word "niggardly," meaning cheap, miserly. Of course, the overly sensitive ignoramus that objected to that word thought he was using another similar word. AND DID NOT CARE when the difference was explained. "He should have known better" was the response.

Discrimination is another favorite word of the permanently offended. "One should never discriminate," we are told. Of course, it only means "to choose." One cannot help but discriminate based upon many reasons.

And now the word Rogue is being used. As in "Israel is a ROGUE state." Well, yes it is. And this gentleman, Gabriel Latner, proves it in a brilliant argument in a Cambridge Union Society Debate.

I'm going to try and convince the die-hard Zionists and Israel supporters here tonight, to vote for the proposition. By the end of my speech – I will have presented 5 pro-Israel arguments that show Israel is, if not a 'rogue state' than at least 'rogueish'.

Let me be clear. I will not be arguing that Israel is 'bad'. I will not be arguing that it doesn't deserve to exist. I won't be arguing that it behaves worse than every other country. I will only be arguing that Israel is 'rogue'.

The word 'rogue' has come to have exceptionally damning connotations. But the word itself is value-neutral. The OED defines rogue as 'Aberrant, anomalous; misplaced, occurring (esp. in isolation) at an unexpected place or time ', while a dictionary from a far greater institution gives this definition 'behaving in ways that are not expected or not normal, often in a destructive way '. These definitions, and others, centre on the idea of anomaly – the unexpected or uncommon. Using this definition, a rogue state is one that acts in an unexpected, uncommon or aberrant manner. A state that behaves exactly like Israel.

Read the whole brilliant thing.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Arlington National Cemetary 11 November 2010

The DC Freepers and assorted Patriots gathered last Thursday to honor our Fallen and bitch-slap the Phelps clan. AGAIN!!!!

Bravo Zulu and OOOOOOOOOOORAHHHHHHHH!!! to the Legion Riders who made the trip.

AAR after the jump. GREAT pictures!!!

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Conservative leaders threaten critics of Sen. Jim DeMint

Conservative leaders threaten critics of Sen. Jim DeMint
Led by Richard Viguerie, who heads the Web site ConservativeHQ.com, a group of three dozen high-profile DeMint backers, say they will respond to the senator’s detractors “in word and deed.”

“Conservatives will not only challenge and beat more Republican senators in Republican primaries, but conservatives will stop funding and volunteering for the NRSC and the RNC,” Viguerie wrote in a letter addressed to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. “Instead, conservatives will send their money to, and volunteer for, Senator DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund and the candidates Senator DeMint supports.”

And Viguerie and his counterparts didn’t stop there:

“It would be our goal for the Senate Conservatives Fund to raise more money than the NRSC,” the letter continues. “Conservatives will also work to defeat in Republican primaries those Republicans who retain consultants who criticize or try to undermine Senator DeMint.”

What he said....

Conservative HQ

Not only have we stopped sending money to the cajone-less NRSC, we will continue to not send money until someone in charge grows a pair.

I will donate no more forever.
Why is Jim DeMint not in charge anyway?

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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Money Man Behind the Far-Left Media

Leftwing Sugar Daddy

Modern day Cecil Rhodes
"We must control or own portions of the press, for the press controls the minds of the people."

George Soros is a New York hedge-fund manager who has amassed a personal fortune estimated at about $13 billion. Since 1979, Soros’ foundation network — whose flagship is the Open Society Institute — has dispensed billions of dollars to many hundreds of organizations whose objectives are politically far-left. A devoted supporter of President Obama, Soros was also the prime mover behind the creation of the so-called “Shadow Party” — a nationwide network of leftist labor unions, activist groups, and think tanks engaged in campaigning for the Democrats. Understand the Soros agenda, and you will understand where the Left seeks to take the United States.

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Re-Posted FWIW

Pentagon and its embedded media covering up Chinese show of force off LA
China flexed its military muscle Monday evening in the skies west of Los Angeles when a Chinese Navy Jin class ballistic missile nuclear submarine, deployed secretly from its underground home base on the south coast of Hainan island, launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from international waters off the southern California coast. WMR’s intelligence sources in Asia, including Japan, say the belief by the military commands in Asia and the intelligence services is that the Chinese decided to demonstrate to the United States its capabilities on the eve of the G-20 Summit in Seoul and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Tokyo, where President Obama is scheduled to attend during his ten-day trip to Asia.
You can read the rest after the jump.

If true, we have a serious problem.

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The Difference Between Pride and Arrogance

Arrogance is pride without humility.

Most liberals are arrogant. All Marxists are arrogant.

All veterans are proud. Most conservatives are proud.

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New TSA Screening Procedures


Thursday, November 11, 2010

To my brothers and sisters

From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember’d;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:

Henry V, Act 4, Scene 3

Happy Veterans Day



To Those That Are Thanking Veterans

You Are Very Welcome.

It was our honor and privilege to serve this great country and its citizens. While every Vet welcomes your thanks, make sure that, if you know one, thank a combat vet. Personally, I was never in combat. THEY are the heroes.

And thank YOU for your support.

And to the Code Pink terrorist sympathizers, communists, and their fellow travelers......Go Die.



To Veterans Everywhere

Welcome Home
Thank You

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jon David Kahn’s ‘I Honor Back’


Happy Birthday, Ya Jarheads!!

Happy Birthday to the United State Marine Corps!

Pretty good job for a bunch a drunks that got together in a tavern.......

From Tam: On this date in 1775, the first guy to sign on the dotted line in Tun Tavern in Philadelphia turned, looked at the second guy in line, and said "Things were different in the old Corps!"

And from HallsandShores, of "'RAQSTAR" fame, another birthday video

Eleanor Roosevelt:

“The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!”

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Happy 235 Devil Dogs

"Faithful Always [we] shall remain,
Dogs to loose when war is waged"

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Why (or How) Is This Legal?

ChiComs buy GM subsidiary.

A GM unit in China’s hands

You don’t need to understand exchange rates and trade wars to grasp the economic change that has come to Saginaw, Mich. Remarkably, the largest private employer there will soon be the city government of Beijing.

In the weeks ahead, a 104-year-old unit of General Motors will be sold to new owners from China. The unit made steering equipment for decades under the name Saginaw Steering Gear. Now known as Nexteer, it employs 8,300 people around the world. Its new Beijing owners call themselves Pacific Century Motors.

You and the rest of the world probably missed this $450 million deal. General Motors, still controlled by the U.S. government, gave it little attention this summer as it readied its own high-profile return to the stock market.
Read more:

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Time for Sec Def Gates to Hit the Bricks


Better Nip This One In the Bud

Two senators eye gas tax hike to pay for highways and bridges
By Alexander Bolton - 11/08/10 06:31 PM ET

A bipartisan pair of senators has urged President Obama’s debt commission to consider raising the gas tax to pay for infrastructure projects.

Sens. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and George Voinovich (R-Ohio) have written to the chairmen of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform advocating for a 25-cent per gallon tax increase.

“We suggest that the commission include an increase in the federal tax on gasoline and diesel as part of your report to the president,” they wrote. “We suggest that the taxes be increased by one cent per month for 25 months — a total of 25 cents over a three-year period.”

Bipartisan or not, we don't need higher gasoline prices.

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Monday, November 08, 2010

Driscoll Middle School Trick Play




"The TEA Party Will Not Stop!"

This is spot on. He even looks like Pelosi.....

h/t Sean Linnane

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8th of November 173DABN


Redstate on Michelle and Jeb


I think having Jeb Hensarling as Conference Chair and Michelle Bachmann as Vice Chair would be a powerful duo. Hensarling is a very substantive policy guy. Michelle Bachmann gave up campaigning for herself to go all over the country for Republicans this year. She deserves a seat at the table.

Tom Price, a doctor, at Policy would be huge. I know him well. Having a doctor there would send a strong signal that the GOP is serious.

Also, Fred Upton as Chairman of Energy & Commerce is unacceptable to every single conservative I know. He is a union lackey and bad on virtually every fiscal issue. Shimkus, Stearns, or Pitts would be far better.

On Appropriations, not only do we need a guy like Jack Kingston who, by the way, was the only Appropriations Cardinal to turn in budgets balanced or in surplus. But that's not all. There need to be a sizable number of fiscal conservatives put on the committee. Start with Jeff Flake, but don't stop there. Tom Graves or Lynn Westmoreland from Georgia, other solid folks, etc. We need new blood on Appropriations.

Last, but absolutely not least, the Rules Committee absolutely must stop being a proxy for the Speaker. NO WAIVERS and load up Rules with good conservatives who are not tokens or proxies.

Please click here for the rest of the post.

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Friday, November 05, 2010

Thank You Washington Times and Gina Elise

POWERS: Keep troops in mind year round
The holidays are nice, but the new year could be bleak

The election is over, and even as politicians and pundits prepare for the battle ahead, two small organizations are already gearing up for a January fight. While the political fights ahead have the potential to influence millions in future generations, this fight will impact hundreds, though in a more profound way.

The field is being set between now and January. While politics will continue, many will set aside partisanship for the holidays. One area that will see this more than any other is service to our wounded troops. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's, they will receive a torrent of celebrity visits, holiday parties, special events and more. It can be overwhelming, but it shows the care and compassion that is America.

However, on Jan. 2, that torrent abruptly cuts off. As overwhelming as it may have been, the sudden silence can take ordinary post-holiday blues and make them something much worse. Gina Elise, who founded the charity Pin-Ups for Vets, decided something needed to be done. She has joined with another small charity, Cooking With the Troops, to fight those blues for the U.S. and Allied troops, families and caregivers at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.
More after the jump

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Steele says GOP has been transformed during his tenure, defends rocky tenure

Steele says GOP has been transformed during his tenure, defends rocky tenure

He can defend all he wants. They can do better. They have to do better. I know half a dozen people I'd rather see running the RNC. The time to work this from the inside has come.

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Bill Whittle on Gun Rights

A nice companion piece to the idiocy reported in the previous post.

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Guns found in truck parked along National Mall

WASHINGTON U.S. Park Police say an Arizona man has been arrested after guns and ammunition were found inside a truck hauling a camper parked along the National Mall.

The truck was parked along the National Mall near the National Air and Space Museum Wednesday afternoon, when an officer noticed something suspicious inside. A bomb disposal unit was called in. Sgt. David Schlosser says no explosives were found, but a handgun and more than one rifle were found inside.

Schlosser says the unidentified man would be charged with unregistered ammunition and firearms offenses.

Part of the Mall and some nearby roads were closed while police investigated. Museum visitors were evacuated shortly before the 5:30 p.m. closing time, TBD reported.
Really, folks? Unregistered ammunition? UNREGISTERED AMMUNITION!!!!!!??????

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Go Sarah


Oklahoma is OK

Oklahoma Voters Overwhelmingly Answer 'NO' to Sharia Law on State Question 755
Guy Rodgers

ActForAmerica.org, November 04, 2010

Largely unnoticed amidst the Republicans winning back the U.S. House and making significant gains in the Senate was the Oklahoma vote on State Question 755. SQ 755 was a state constitutional amendment that will prohibit Oklahoma courts from using sharia law in deciding cases. It passed overwhelmingly last night with 70% support!

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So Where Ya Wanna Start?

I say we get the tax cuts resolved first. You saw what the stock market did just because someone mentioned extending the 2001-2003 tax cuts. My 401K jumped considerably yesterday and I am a hap hap happy boy. Feels good to make money, kiddies. Trust me. It can't buy love, and it might not be the key to happiness but I garontee its part of the combination.

Second, healthcare legislation: Be gone!!!!! Scrap it and give every health insurance provider full access to the whole market. You want premiums low and service high? Open the competition.
"Let the games begin!!!!!!" Loose the dogs of customer service and profit margins. Who cares how much money a company makes if the service it provides is the best at the lowest price? I'll tell you who cares, shareholders. Especially if the stock is part of your retirement plan. Holy Shiite people. This is Econ-101. And let the people decide what is quality, not the government.

Third: We start working on a tax system that is fair and equitable. We live in the best country in the known universe. We have to pay for the upkeep. But if everyone paid exactly the same percentage, we would have it covered.

I don't know about anyone else, but I feel pretty stellar today. I can actually see the brakeman's hand on the switch, slowing the Bambi Train to a Socialist Utopia.

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Glenn's not crying now.....

If you haven't smiled, much less laughed, in the last two years....

Happy Days Are Here Again

as only Glenn Beck can do it.

(I heard this originally on his radio show. Just remember, tell the Democrats, "Nice game.")

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Maybe He Really Does FINALLY Get It

Virginia Republican Eric Cantor’s official announcement of his run for House majority leader came with a twist: a 22-page game plan on how to change Congress.

Cantor, currently the GOP whip, began calling colleagues to shore up his support and wrote a letter promising to change Congress – saying he wants to “drain the swamp rather than learning to swim with the alligators.”

The document is entitled “Delivering on Our Commitment” and promises a broad range of sweeping initiatives ranging from spending cuts to to bringing each item of the Pledge to America to the floor for a vote. It’s a bold plan that shows Cantor wants to be taken as a serious House reformer and policy leader as he ascends to the no. 2 slot in the new GOP hierarchy.

Cantor is not expected to face serious challenge from fellow Republicans for majority leader.

One major reform he’s facing is scheduling the House floor, which POLITICO reported last week. Cantor is proposing committee hearings be uninterrupted by votes, and is also urging committee reports to be brought to the floor for debate.

Cantor says he wants to do away with legislation recognizing “individuals, groups, events and institutions.” In the past, Congresses in the past have passed legislation that honors entities such as baseball teams and universities. Republicans, the Virginian thinks, should only name post offices once a month.

He’s also taking aim at oversight, urging individual members to conduct oversight on their own, asking committees to write quarterly oversight reports and boosting field hearings.

Spending, a major priority of Republicans’, also gets top billing from Cantor. He says he will try to ensure that all new spending has “explicitly” listed how it will be paid for and how the legislation fits into the Constitution. He’s likely going to upset some appropriators, because Cantor re-iterated his plan to end earmarking, promising to “not consider House legislation that includes” the member directed spending.

He is also vowing to defund piece by piece Democratic health care overhaul.

(Emphasis mine)

On jobs, Cantor is planning to “conduct an immediate and comprehensive review of existing and proposed government rules and regulations” – echoing a major complaint of Republicans over the last year.

In a throwback to the past, Cantor is aiming to bring rescission bills to the floor under an open rule so members could cut federal spending they deem as wasteful. In addition, he plans to continue the YouCut program – a plan much maligned by Democrats which put spending cuts in the hands of online users. In the beginning of the last Republican majority in 1995, the GOP had internal clashes over spending cuts, especially when members sought to slash items in other Republicans’ districts.

Entitlement reform is also in the crosshairs of the Virginia Republican. President Barack Obama, Cantor says, wont work with Republicans to “enact real entitlement reform unless it includes major tax increases.” But Republicans, he said, should lay out their plan and encourage Democrats to do the same.

Read more:

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Its All His Fault

H/T FreeRepublic

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Congratulations to the Tea Party

Outstanding! Congratulations to all of the Tea Party and Conservative Republicans that won their seats! Hallelujah! To the others......2012 is coming.

Heh...remember when the "smart people" said that the Tea Party was a non-entity and a flash in the pan? Its a good thing that the Tea Party dragged the Republicans kicking and screaming to the fight.

To the rest of you politicians..........Watch it.
And here's a message to the mainstream Republicans. Yes, I'm talking about you, Eric Cantor....

Grow a spine, stop doing something for the sake of "doing something, anything," and work to defeat Obama's agenda. DON'T TRY TO FIX IT AND MAKE IT WORK.


And if you don't have the votes to beat a veto, DEFUND IT. Don't put ANY money into anything that does not meet our needs and principles. Make THEM cross the aisle to get something from us.

Personally, I'm just glad that I won't be receiving any more robo-calls asking me to vote for candidate "X."

Well, celebrate. Because we start on the 2012 campaigns tomorrow.



Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Welcome To the Massacre UPDATE

Looks like a blowout for conservatives. Grayson (Die Quickly) is gone; Col West has a good lead.

Virginia may have a majority conservative delegation to Congress. Rigell is pounding Nye. Boucher is gone. One Term Tom is gone gone gone, Connally's is to close to call right now.

Waiting to see if former Marine Chuck Smith can put Bobby out to pasture in the 3rd.
UPDATE--Unfortunately, Bobby Scott has managed to hold on.
Thats OK. Chuck Smith will make a good replacement for the EX-Marine Jim (I Don't Know Where My Pistol Is) Webb in 2012.

I just received a note that the hippies in Reston have re-elected the Moron in the 8th District. Another Senator-in-waiting to replace Markie-Mark in 4 years, or maybe we ask the Colonel to hook up with Chuck Smith and decide between them who does what.

Thank you to both of these veterans for fighting the good fight.
Neither of you is a loser tonight. Everything happens for a reason.
Apparently, God has other plans for you and needed you free to do whatever it is He needs.

Its STILL a great day to be an American and a Virginian.

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The GOP’s new identity politics | The Daily Caller

The GOP’s new identity politics

It ain't just old white guys anymore.

Thank you, Jesus, Thank You.
It’s one of the most remarkable and under-reported stories of the current campaign season. The Republican Party, the presumed bastion of insensitive white males, has managed to field one of the most impressive arrays of women and minority candidates in US history. And to the chagrin of Democrats, most of these die-hard conservative candidates are expected to win on November 2. Their victory could well turn liberal “identity politics” on its head.

In New Mexico, Susana Martinez, a tough-talking district attorney and confirmed Palinista, is about to become the nation’s first Hispanic female governor. But you’d hardly know it from the dearth of media attention she’s received, compared, for example, to the extraordinary outpouring that accompanied President Obama’s appointment of Sonia Sotomayor as the nation’s first Hispanic female Supreme Court justice.
Read more:


Awww..Thats Soooooo Sad!!!!

ACORN files for chapter 7 bankruptcy — and blames (or credits?) ‘right-wing media’ for downfall


Basically, Chapter 7 is telling the people you owe money, "screw you, I ain't paying and you can't make me."

Typical socialist liberal.


Dig this, Kiddies:

In his book, “Seeds of Change: The Story of ACORN, America’s Most Controversial Antipoverty Community Organizing Group,” published months ago by Vanderbilt University Press, ACORN historian John Atlas said ACORN plans to resurface under a new name after the 2010 elections.

One new institution tentatively called the Community Action Support Center will be created “to provide a range of training, technical assistance, and oversight services to the new community organizations.” ACORN’s Brian Kettenring will be interim executive director. Lewis plans to create a Black Leadership Institute. ACORN executive director Steve Kest, who recently joined Van Jones as a “senior fellow” at the left-wing Center for American Progress, quit ACORN “but will work with the new community groups in a consulting and voluntary capacity.”
Read more:

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Mary Katharine Ham presents: Self-Deception

Mary Katharine Ham presents: Self-Deception

The Hammer does it again, and they never saw it coming.

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I Have A Question and The Sniper Has An AAR

First, here's the link to the AAR from Sniper. We had a great time and I drank Belgian Ale all night, except when I was drinking the Russian rubbing alcohol. Don't believe everything you read. I did not have the life force sucked out of me, and I will not take that any further.

Second, the Question:
How well will a solar generator work in a hurricane? or a snowstorm? Just asking.

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Monday, November 01, 2010

VA-08 Needs a Man Not A Moron

No apologies are needed and 10 years is more than enough; although Col Murray could have just moved there and he'd still be more qualified than Jim Moron.

Throughout this campaign Jim Moran has consistently disparaged Patrick's military service even telling the Arlington Democrat Committee that after 24 years serving his country in the Army, Patrick had no "public service" experience.

Today we get word that Moran is running a radio ad again disparaging Patrick's military service, dismissing him as someone who has just moved to the area. Let's set the record straight:
1) Patrick has lived in this district for 10 years, and
2) Patrick will NOT apologize for his military service.

When Jim Moran was pleading nolo contendere to public corruption in Alexandria District Court, Patrick was serving on the front lines of the cold war as a tank officer in the US Army.

While Jim Moran was cozying up to Washington lobbyists and taking a "congressional rate sweetheart mortgage" from MBNA, Patrick was on the front line of freedom in Bosnia.

And while Jim Moran was exchanging budget earmarks for campaign cash with convicted lobbyist Paul Maggliocchetti, Patrick was serving honorably in Baghdad during the surge.

Patrick will stack his record of public service up against Jim Moran's any day of the week.

As you go to the polls tomorrow, please remember we have the opportunity to restore honor and dignity to the representation of the 8th Congressional District in Virginia. Vote for Patrick Murray.

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The Daily Caller Gives Us Some Insight Into the Folks Who Attended the Restore Sanity Rally

and I wish I could get the links to work this morning.
So if you would like to try, here are three links for this past weekends Restore Fear Rally.

OK this one finally loaded, and its from Jim Treacher. I have not met Jim, but since he works for Tucker Carlson, who had the good sense and presence of mind to hire two of the most smokin' hot conservative Lady writers in the known universe, (The Hammer and S E Cupp), I have to assume he's a good guy. Besides, he wouldn't last 5 seconds with the Hammer.

and this one, too.

and this one.

If I could make them work, I'm sure I'd have some witty reptoire to add.

While Uncle Jimbo and I were off galavanting through Virginia horse country, stealing election signs, and sampling some very fine homemade hooch, er beer, The Hammer was off doing what she does best, making the left look even more stupid than they are, or making them look as stupid as we know they are. The Hammer is doing the work while we play. Thank goodness someone is dedicated to the cause.

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The Mr Wolf for Congress

Uncle Jimbo has gone political.

Now get out there and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!

PS I was forced to wear that silly bib or be denied the right to drink Belgian Ale.

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