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Benghazi-Gate: A Timeline of Government Deceit, Deception, and Outright Lies

More US soldiers and Marines killed downrange in 4 years under Dear Leader than were killed in the 8 years under Bush 43. Most transparent administration EVAH!!!!!

Benghazi-Gate: A Timeline of Government Deceit, Deception, and Outright Lies
In the immediate aftermath, there was information that led us to assess that the attack began spontaneously following protests earlier that day at our embassy in Cairo. We provided that initial assessment to Executive Branch officials and members of Congress, who used that information to discuss the attack publicly and provide updates as they became available. Throughout our investigation we continued to emphasize that information gathered was preliminary and evolving.

There's no question that what we have here is the DNI (Obama appointee James Clapper) attempting to fall on his sword and to put an end to the drumbeat of scandal coming mostly from Republicans and right-of-center media. What's been exposed, just weeks before a presidential election, is the fact that in the aftermath of the Benghazi attack, the White House and State Department knowingly misled and lied to the American people about what they knew and when they knew it.  
But what the DNI statement is really meant to do is muddy the waters.

The statement deliberately omits any information as to exactly when the determination was made that Benghazi was indeed a terrorist attack. Most importantly, nothing in the statement contradicts numerous news reports that U.S. officials were certain within 24 hours that they were dealing with a terrorist attack and not a spontaneous protest gone bad.

In other words, the DNI statement is so intentionally vague that it could read as confirmation that our government knew within 24 hours that Benghazi was a terrorist attack and still lied about it for days afterward.

And this, my friends, is how a cover up works.


Changing Story: Benghazi Attack Reveals Obama's Foreign Policy Weakness

Changing Story: Benghazi Attack Reveals Obama's Foreign Policy Weakness
The changing explanations on who was behind the September 11 Benghazi attack have pulled back the covers on Obama's foreign policy frailty.

Reports making the rounds this weekend highlight the fact that Obama has been "suddenly exposed on national security and foreign policy." This has given rise to calls for the U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice to resign and for the State Dept. to turn over all communications between the Benghazi consulate and the Obama administration.

It has also provided a unique opportunity Gov. Romney can use to juxtapose his own foreign policy plans with Obama's tepid approach. In fact, Richard S. Williamson, a top adviser to Romney, says this "opens up the opportunity to talk more broadly about Obama's foreign policy."

Romney has already begun questioning how the administration handled the warning signs in the days leading up to the attacks. Said Romney: "There are a wide array of reports about warnings, and were they heeded? We'll find out."


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Obama Urges Congress to Approve Looser Mortgage Standards

Obama Urges Congress to Approve Looser Mortgage Standards

Isn't that how they screwed up the first time?

Federal Government Was Culprit in Housing and Economic Crisis, Says Congressional Report

Washington ( –
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the chief culprits in the housing crisis because they encouraged people who could not afford payments to borrow money, according to a congressional report released Tuesday. The claims in the report have long been advanced by conservatives, who argue that the Community Reinvestment Act and other federal programs fed the housing bubble that burst in 2007 and led to the economic downfall in 2008. But the report explains in detail how Fannie and Freddie - government sponsored enterprises (GSE) that were not subject to the same oversight as other publicly traded firms -- “privatized their profits but socialized their risks.”


MSNBC Caught--Again--Twisting Video to Attack Romney

Wow, the VLWM is dishonest and manipulative. Whoda thunk it?

MSNBC Caught--Again--Twisting Video to Attack Romney


Mohammed Was A Pedophile

Islam is a cult of murder and oppression. Followers of islam are stupid and brutal thugs. Men who follow the teachings of mohammed are no better thhan sex offenders and deserve the same treatment.

Liberals who holler about people like me are dhimmis and need to move to Iran. Anyone who claims that islam is a peaceful religion is an idiot or a dhimmi. Liberals are terrified conservatives will install a theocracy, yet they embrace and support a theocracy based on brutal and savage customs. Muslim savages gang raped a female journalist in broad daylight.

Do you think for a minute they care what you believe or think? They'd do the same thing to you, given the opportunity. You're an idiot. You're worse than an idiot. You really believe the crap you're shoveling.

There, now come shut me up, you idiots.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Part 2 The Project - YouTube

If you missed it last night, here is Part 2, in two videos.
2nd Half Part 2 The Project - YouTube

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Obama's Libya Lies Collapse: Senate Democrats Demand Answers

Obama's Libya Lies Collapse: Senate Democrats Demand Answers
The behavior of Obama and Secretary of State Clinton over the past 14 days is a scandal of the highest order. Lies, cover ups, and neglect for security of American intelligence and personnel that borders on criminal.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Profit Once Again Is Insulting To Liberals

and they may even consider it a racial slur. MamaJonesey is getting her money's worth out of Jimmah Cawta the Thaird. He's scouring the interweb looking for old video clips of Romney and since Romney has been a relatively public person since he returned from his misssionary work, finding video of Romney isn't that hard to do.

So we have a video from 1987 when Romney was at Bain and he's explaining his investment protocols and he used the word "harvest" to describe reouping the original investment plus the gains.
The liberal press, ever ready to find offense where none exists, immediately inferred the word "harvest" really meant cutting down, reaping, removing from the ground and then twisted that to imply that Bain, and by extension, Romney, just goes in and mows companies down with no thought of the underlying effects this will have on the employees.

While that makes for a good case of the vapors from the propaganda arm of Dear Leader's regime, it's not what was being said. Not even close.

Here's an analogy I prefer: A financially ailing company is like a sick fruit tree. Its standing there; it's been productive in the past, but for whatever reason, it can't produce anything now. Instead of cutting the tree down, you spend the money to revive the tree. That takes time. But it pays off. After 1 or 2 years, the tree is re-invigorated and producing fruit. Thats the payoff and the harvest. Reviving ailing companies is what Bain did. They invested the capital; created jobs; increased manufacturing capability. Once the company was profitable, they took their original investment plus any profits they were entitled to and moved on to the next one. Meanwhile, people are working and a company is producing.

But this is, after all, the VLWM. They are so invested in the current occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave they have to work overtime to find anyting, ANYTHING, that makes Romney look bad, greedy, or even worse, rich and white.

"Oh the humanity!!!!!"


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The Death of the Grown-Up | Diana West Home - Coming Soon: "The Project" on Glenn Beck TV

The Death of the Grown-Up | Diana West Home - Coming Soon: "The Project" on Glenn Beck TV

Tonight at 2200, thats 8:00 PM for you civilians, Beck puts a perspective on the Muslim Brotherhood you may not be prepared to hear. You can call us conspiracy nuts or any other derogatory label you choose, but know this: Islam seeks your subjugation or extinction. Either will suit them.

The Muslim Brotherhood is already working inside our country and they have help from other radical religious groups with a history of racism and violence and calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder of White Devils.


Thank You, Obamacare: Families Pay $3000 More for Insurance; Obama Promised $2500 Decrease

Thank You, Obamacare: Families Pay $3000 More for Insurance; Obama Promised $2500 Decrease
The question “are you better off than you were four years ago” is answered with a clear “no” for American families when it comes to health insurance prices--along with rising gas prices and declining household wealth. Four more years will likely be even worse.  (Emphasis added)
The cost of health insurance today is more than 50% higher than Obama promised it would be--and the costs are expected to continue to rise as Obamacare is impemented.

John Merline of Investor's Business Daily notes the rising costs specifically contradict a campaign promise Obama reiterated several times, including in debates with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and at events along the 2008 campaign trail.

Furthermore, the data show that the rise in family premium costs, largely attributable to the costs of complying with Obamacare, has outpaced the rise in costs under eight years in the previous four years of George W. Bush.

Health insurance companies have already been required to provide additional coverage for so-called “children” up to age 26, among other changes. That coverage is described by Obama as “free,” but in fact the costs are borne by other patients.

Obamacare also does nothing to change the underlying incentives driving the rising costs of health care, and in fact makes them worse by adding mandates and reducing patients’ choices.

Over the next four years, if Obama is re-elected and Obamacare is not repealed, the federal government will have to apply cost controls, resulting in the rationing of health care by bureaucrats and/or hospitals.

That is why the Obama administration placed such a heavy emphasis on the Independent Payments Advisory Board--and why vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has spent so much time attacking it.

Regardless, the central promise of Obamacare--that it would “bend the cost curve down,” not just overall but on a family level--has been broken, as critics said it would be.


**Insta-Fact Check** Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

**Insta-Fact Check** Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

Because the corrupt media is so breathtakingly corrupt in its push to reelect a failed president, Big Journalism needs a running live blog. Please help us in our quest to capture the breadth and scope of this corruption by forwarding your tips to or Twitter me @NolteNC.
Newest posts are at the top.
To Help Democrats, the Media's Been Lying About Swing State Polls Since 1980
How Carter Beat Reagan:
So what do we have here?
What we have is the liberal "paper of record" systematically presenting the 1980 Reagan-Carter election in 9 "Crucial States" as somehow "close" in five of the nine -- Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Florida and Michigan. New York was in the bag for Carter. Only in his own California and New Jersey was Reagan clearly leading.
The actual results had only New York "close" -- with Reagan winning by 2. Reagan carried every other "close" state by a minimum of 6 points and as much 17 -- Florida. Florida, in fact, went for Reagan by a point more than California and about 4 more than New Jersey.
How could the New York Times -- its much ballyhooed polling data and all of its resulting stories proclaiming everything to be "close" -- been so massively, continuously wrong? In the case of its "Crucial States" -- nine out of nine times?
Remember, in order to buy today's media polling, you have to believe Romney has shored up his base and is winning Independents, but still losing because Obama's going to match or best the extraordinary party advantage he enjoyed during the perfect storm of 2008.
Poll apologists just say they believe the polls. What they're really saying, though, and can't defend, is that during a bad economy and all the Middle East unrest, Obama's going to win a record turnout advantage.

Was Politico's Roger Simon Really Attempting Satire Or Just Caught Spreading Lies?
You want to know what I think might have happened here? I think Simon might have gotten snookered by a source, and after the story fell apart, he was left with the last resort of, "Just kidding!"
There is nothing in Simon's piece that in any way screams satire, and his use of the word "reportedly" almost ensures he didn't mean for it to be taken as satire:
Though Ryan had already decided to distance himself from the floundering Romney campaign, he now feels totally uninhibited. Reportedly, he has been marching around his campaign bus, saying things like, “If Stench calls, take a message” and “Tell Stench I’m having finger sandwiches with Peggy Noonan and will text him later.”
The usual suspects all believed and ran with the story, including Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Krugman.
Ace of Spades writes:
Now, Roger Simon's piece wasn't funny, and I'm not sure what the hell an untrue thing (which also is not funny) is doing in a non-humor reportage piece. But he did tip off readers by including something which is too implausible to be true, to wit, that Ryan was planning on having "finger sandwiches with Peggy Noonan."
Yet the geniuses that would run our lives for us failed to pick up on even that, and rather than take the one minute to contact Simon (or Ryan) to find out if any of this was even remotely true, they just ran with it on television and internet "news" operations.
And if you read Ace of Spades, he knows funny.
But if all these "news" operations believed it, isn't it possible that Simon believed it if it did come from a source who lied to him?
The last thing the corrupt Politico needs these days is yet another scandal involving a high-profile member of its staff, especially a scandal like this one where a preposterous claim is accepted as fact simply because the media is desperate to believe anything negative about a Republican. Which is true of all those who ran with Simon's story as though it were gospel.
I'm not saying Simon wasn't trying satire, but I am saying that we should leave open the possibility that "just kidding" was the only way out of what could've been an embarrassing scandal.

Major TV Buy Planned For Terrific Romney Ad

This is a full sixty-second ad that the campaign plans to get out with a major TV buy. It's a terrific ad with Romney looking directly into the camera and talking about the increases in poverty, unemployment and food stamp recipients -- but he conveys this information without sounding negative. Romney even gives Obama credit for caring about the poor, something Obama would never do for any opponent.
Romney's also aiming his message squarely at the middle and working class, which is imperative in swing states like Ohio.
The key is for Romney to get these statistics out there in a way that goes over the media's head. Also, at this late stage, he has to do it in a positive way that doesn't leave an opening for the corrupt media to pivot an attack on him off of anything he says.

Best Explanation for Juiced Media Polls: Ohio's Early Voting Begins Next Tuesday
Why would the media release three Ohio polls in a row that show Ohio lost to Romney and an absurdly skewed sample that says Obama will match or best his 2008 turnout advantage?
Well, with early voting set to begin next Tuesday and Ohio ground zero for Romney, it only makes sense for the media to attempt to suppress turnout; not only with the release of these polls but with a relentless narrative that will certainly live through the Sunday shows.
You can also bet that the very fact that early voting starts in Ohio next Tuesday will offer the corrupt media the opportunity to just keep on keeping on with the Romney-is-doomed-in-Ohio push.

CNN Isolates and Hypes Economic Good News, Completely Ignores Flurry of Bad
In a segment early this morning at the top of the hour, CNN went absolutely gaga over the fact that home sales are increasing and consumer confidence increased.
CNN completely ignored, however, today's news surrounding the rise in gas prices, the startling increase in low-wage jobs, and that household incomes continue to collapse.
Unless you knew the full context surrounding our economy, CNN would have you believe we're all flush and enjoying a go-go recovery.

'Atlantic' Predicts Bored Media Will Shift Narrative To Pro-Romney -- Wrong!
At least "The Atlantic" all but admits the media's been manipulating the narrative to win Obama his second term:
If there's one thing the media won't tolerate for long, it's an unchanging media narrative. So the current story of the presidential campaign -- Obama sits on a lead that is modest but increasingly comfortable, thanks to a hapless Romney and a hapless Romney campaign -- should be yielding any moment to something fresher.
The essential property of the new narrative is that it inject new drama into the race, which means it has to be in some sense pro-Romney. This can in turn mean finding previously unappreciated assets in Romney or his campaign, previously undetected vulnerabilities in the Obama campaign, etc.
The mistake the writer makes is the assumption the media is more interested in a horse race than a Obama victory. He's certainly correct that the media grows tired of narratives, but what he fails to realize is that thus far, for months now, we've seen the media find no lack of ways to find a fresh narrative that hammers Romney.

ObamaMedia Completely Ignoring New Facts Surrounding Obama's Libya Cover Up
Sure, there's some dutiful reporting of the fact that the Libyan president completely contradicted Obama's shameful narrative blaming a film for the Middle East exploding. There's also some dutiful reporting surrounding the report that our government knew of al-Qaeda's involvement in the Libyan attack 24 hours afterwards. But no one in the media dares talk about it.
Instead, the ObamaMedia is hyping with glee the narrative that the Romney campaign is doomed.

Today's ObamaMedia Narrative: Romney Is DOOOOOOOOMED!
The relentless media drumbeat today is that the race is over because Ohio is completely out of reach for Mitt Romney. This, of course, suits the greater narrative the media is desperate to push that Romney is running an incompetent campaign and is therefore too incompetent to be president.
In other words, using juiced polls (unless you are a Turnout Truther who believes Obama will increase his advantage over the perfect storm of '08), the media is fabricating a doom scenario for Romney in the hopes it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
You can't imagine how hard the media is pushing this unless you are actually watching it.

Susan Page Gushes That 82% Of Political Articles In 'USA Today' Written By Women
What a revealing moment that truly gives away the media's notion of equality and diversity.
If 82% of the stories were written by men, the statistic would be presented as a problem. But because women dominate, that's somehow a good thing.
You see, it's not about equality or diversity -- it's about using those nice-sounding words to take over. And this isn't even about gender, it's about gender politics and pushing what the left's idea and noxious definition of equality.

Polls The ObamaMedia Ignore: Romney Up 48-46 With Leaners
Today's Rasmussen has the race all tied up nationally at 46 and Romney ahead 48-46 with leaners.

Mickey Kaus Asks If Media Guilt Will Eventually Help Romney -- The Answer Is No
Jumping off a Howard Fineman column, the Daily Caller's Mickey Kaus wonders if the media might turn on Obama out of feelings of guilt over their behavior these last few months:
An MSM veteran, Fineman, in essence, is agreeing with conservative critics of his profession: they’ve been cutting the President way too much slack, failing to take him to task in areas (the Woodward portrayal, Libya, the jobs numbers ) where they would have hammered another candidate. Hence the strange, empty, helium-filled trajectory of the Obama campaign so far.
Does Fineman’s analysis, from within the belly of HuffPo, suggest an impending surge of MSM Guilt? That could be what just Romney needs at this point–in any case it’s probably the best he can hope for.
No. Way. In. Hell.
One way people attempt to convince themselves that they've done nothing wrong is to just keep right on doing it or to double down on it. At the very least, the guilty party wants to convince people that they themselves believe they've done nothing wrong.
We have six weeks to go and while the media certainly doesn't believe its own polls. they do believe, as I do, that Obama is about three points ahead of Romney. Therefore, there's just no way the media is going to do anything to blow it for Obama at this point.
To the corrupt media, 2012 isn't just about getting a Democrat reelected, it's also about affirming that the media was right to sell its soul for Obama in 2008. And a nationwide rejection of Obama will feel like personal rejection. If you remember the media's long faces when Bush won reelection, you know how VERY personal the media takes this.
My prediction is that AFTER the election, only when Obama has nothing to lose, the corrupt media will attempt to resurrect its credibility by holding Obama accountable.
This means that should Obama win, our job is to make damn sure the media is never allowed to resurrect its credibility.

CNN 'Early Start' Panel Gush Over Ben of 'Ben & Jerry' Promoting Lawbreaking
Using their sizable corporation and fortune, the two men behind Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream have started a campaign to, uhm, get money out of politics. Not only did the CNN "Early Start" panel fail to see the irony in this, they also had no problem with the fact that Ben & Jerry promote lawbreaking.
The Ben portion of the duo, Ben Cohen, was a "Early Start" guest this morning and he brought with him the tools of this "grassroots" campaign: ink-stamps that deface American currency with slogans demanding campaign finance reform.
The "Early Start" panel was good enough to mention the fact that defacing American currency is illegal, but pretty much laughed it off, because, as you know, the corrupt media is desperate to kill super PACs.
It's just a fact that the only corporations the media believes should have unlimited money to affect politics are media corporations.

BREAKING: Democrat Voters Turnout Advantage Over Republicans Will Break All-Time Records
If you're going to believe the polls released from CBS/New York Times this morning -- you know, the polls the media's currently using to beat Romney senseless and to depress Republican enthusiasm, you have to believe that the turnout advantage for Democrats over Republicans will blow away every previous record...
Full piece here.


Clean Coal Works-I've Helped Build It

Nothing but water vapor
No smoke
No sulfur
No particulants
Stop the assault on America's economy. Stop the killing of Virginia jobs. The EPA is senselessly murdering Virginia's economy. The EPA is a job killing monster whose existence has exceeded its usefuleness by 30 years. Its time to rid our country of this blood-sucking parasite.

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Chicago Tribune - Bacon, pork shortage 'now unavoidable,' industry group says

Chicago Tribune - Bacon, pork shortage 'now unavoidable,' industry group says

Now just hold on a cotton picking minute there, Sparky. The use of the words "bacon" and "pork" in conjunction with the word "shortage", could lead to unintended consequences.


BLACKFIVE: At least one group has it figured out

BLACKFIVE: At least one group has it figured out

Warriors can sense leadership. Its like second nature to them. They know which ones are more likely to be the screwer of pooches and which ones can be counted on to be the hard chargers.

McQ is paying attention.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

H.R. 3409 - Virginia (and America) Needs This Legislation

House to Vote on Measure to Halt Overregulation of Coal
By: Ross Eisenberg under Energy on September 18, 2012 @ 4:36 pm
[One week ago]Alpha Natural Resources, one of the world’s leading producers of coal, announced plans to idle eight mines and lay off 1,200 workers in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania....  It’s another unfortunate chapter in what has been a very difficult few years for the American coal industry.
It is against this grim backdrop that the House of Representatives will take up H.R. 3409, the “Stop the War on Coal Act.” The bill was scheduled for Rules Committee debate [last] Wednesday and the House floor shortly thereafter. H.R. 3409 takes aim at several federal regulations that, if allowed to go forward, would effectively kick the coal industry while it’s down. Regulations like EPA’s recently-proposed greenhouse gas New Source Performance Standards, which effectively ban the construction of new conventional coal-fired power plants. Or the “Utility MACT” regulation, a $10 billion annual hit to the economy that costs 40 percent more than all of EPA’s power plant-sector air regulations combined.

Coal is one of the nation’s most abundant energy resources and a vital part of our efforts to meet our energy and transportation needs. Coal generates a significant percentage of our nation’s electricity, and maintaining coal in a diverse national energy portfolio is in the national economic interest. The NAM strongly supports H.R. 3409, which would protect a reliable, affordable and available part of our nation’s energy mix from overregulation.

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Ahmadinejad To Meet With Occupy on US Soil

Monkeyboy Imeanajihad gets to hang with the OWS crowd.
Where's the Predator drone when you really need one?

Ahmadinejad To Meet With Occupy on US Soil
Iranian Fars News reports, “Ahmadinejad is also set to meet American university students, artists, intellectuals and elites, including Occupy Wall Street anti-capitalist protestors, despite the ongoing efforts made by the pro-Zionist lobbies to prevent direct link between American people and the Iranian president.”

As the new documentary Occupy Unmasked demonstrates, the Occupy movement has always been a top-down phenomenon organized to pursue exactly these sorts of ends. By mobilizing vast numbers of gullible and ideologically driven anarchists, Marxists, and nihilists, then mainstreaming their amalgam anti-American ideology into the public discourse, Occupy legitimizes figures like Ahmadinejad. They treat him as mainstream, even as he seeks to develop weapons with which to pursue a second Holocaust. No wonder Ahmadinejad wants to get together with Occupy, even as Occupy fan Barack Obama snubs Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Occupy movement now helps define the international left, and the anti-Israel left.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Top Ten Obama Campaign Disasters--So Far

Top Ten Obama Campaign Disasters--So Far
1. AttackWatch The sequel to Obama’s “Fight the Smears” website from 2008, and his “” rat-out-your-neighbors effort during the Obamacare debate, #AttackWatch was part of a larger effort to target Obama’s opponents for confrontation. Conservatives quickly defused AttackWatch by spoofing it--and even the mainstream media was forced to acknowledge (briefly) Obama’s thin-skinned and vindictive tactics.

2. Charlotte Democrats hoped to expand on their gains in 2008 by hosting their 2008 convention in North Carolina. But unions balked at North Carolina’s right-to-work laws, and Democrats--having demonized banks--were embarrassed that Obama was to hold his acceptance speech in the outdoor Bank of America Stadium. In the end, the Obama campaign couldn’t even fill enough seats, and had to move the speech back indoors.

3. Joe Soptic’s Wife How desperate do you have to be to accuse your opponent of killing an innocent woman? That’s what the Obama camp did when Obama’s super PAC aired a commercial featuring untrue claims by Joe Soptic, a man laid off at a company once owned by Bain Capital. The Obama campaign claimed they had no knowledge of Soptic’s crazy story--until it was revealed that they had touted it on a conference call.

4. “Felon” In another sign of desperation, the Obama campaign alleged that Romney may have committed a felony in signing Bain Capital’s reports to the SEC after Romney was no longer actively running the company. Even the Obama-friendly fact-checkers at mainstream news outlets weren’t buying that one. Given the chance to back away from his campaign’s outrageously false accusation, President Obama doubled down on it.

5. “You Didn’t Build That” When Obama decided to mock small business owners and the idea of individual achievement, he gave Romney a much-needed opportunity to clarify his differences with the president, and rally support around his economic policy. “You Didn’t Build That” became the main knock on Obama at the Republican National Convention, and was a consistent punching bag in ads targeted at swing states.

6. Won’t Say if America is Better Off Than Four Years Ago Every single Obama surrogate--even head guru David Axelrod himself--failed to answer the most basic question a president running for re-election must face: are we better off than we were four years ago? In their defense, Obama himself had already acknowledged that we aren’t, so the responsibility for that particular bungle goes straight to the man on top.

7. Biden “Back in Chains” Vice President effectively conceded to newly-nominated Romney running mate Paul Ryan when he embarrassed the Obama campaign in August by warning a largely black audience that Romney would “put y’all back in chains.” The campaign, typically, refused to denounce Biden’s racial scare-mongering. But Biden sealed impressions of him as incompetent--even in the mainstream media.

8. Jerusalem Floor Fight Obama broke his 2008 campaign promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital--and Democrats changed their platform to conform to his new policy. When outrage erupted over the omission of pro-Israel language, and any mention of God, in the party platform, Obama forced through amendments--but not before a noisy floor fight made it clear where many in the party actually stood.

9. 9/11 Embassy Attacks Not only did Obama fail to protect the ambassador in Libya and the embassy in Cairo, but he also kowtowed to the attackers over any offense caused by an anti-Muslim film, propagating the lie that the film provoked the attacks, and giving Romney an opening on foreign policy. Obama--campaigning rather than governing--compounded the damage with a gaffe claiming that Egypt was no longer an ally.

10. Giving Up on “Change” Facing tough questions for virtually the first time on the campaign trail, Obama told a Univision audience that, after four years in office, he did not believe he could change Washington “from inside.” Romney immediately pounced--and left-wing critics of Obama agreed--on what became a metaphor for Obama’s failure to fulfill the ambitious, messianic hopes of his 2008 campaign--or even basic promises.


Lying is The New Normal

Actually, lying has been the norm for the VLWM since 1991 when Billy-Boy decided America needed a mysognistic, coke-snorting, no morals to speak of, President.

Lying is The New Normal
This president just goes out there and says whatever sounds good at the moment, and the Activist Old Media watches from the sidelines, or often, encourages the deception.
Or, I could use the harsh word and call them all what they really are----lies.
Libya leads the list right now. Barack Obama and his volunteer super PAC, the media, continue to blame a movie for attacks that clearly were premeditated. What the White House is saying about the attacks in Benghazi do not add up and the media chooses to not connect the dots. How about "Obama lied, people died?" The Obama Administration has given so many dishonest statements about that attack that it's hard to keep track anymore.
The Middle East is blowing up right now and the media go after Romney for wanting fewer Americans dependent on government. Bizarro land.


Harry's Source Lied, Media Complied

So how about it, Prince Harry of the Pomegrantes? You gonna show us yours now? Oh, I see, you don't have to. You're a SENATOR, for God's sake. How dare we ask the people we elect to live by thr same standards they impose on others. All men are equal, you know. Some are more equal than others.
That your story, Prince Harry? Your Highness?

Harry's Source Lied, Media Complied
This new information contradicts a malicious claim about Romney's taxes made by Harry Reid during an interview with the Huffington Post. In the interview, Reid claimed someone with close connections to Bain Capital had told him "Harry, he didn't pay any taxes for 10 years." Reid doubled down on the claim a few days later, saying his source was "extremely credible." Reid also repeated the claim on the Senate floor, saying, "The word is out that he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. Let him prove that he has paid taxes because he hasn't." Nancy Pelosi jumped on the Reid bandwagon a week after the story got started,saying, "Harry Reid made a statement that is true. Somebody told him. It is a fact."

Reid's audacious claims were eagerly repeated by left-leaning outlets. Talking Points Memo reported it with a "grain of salt." But outlets like the Washington Post and ABC news also joined in (ABC labeled it an "unsubstantiated rumor"). About a week later the Post's fact-checker finally gave the claim four Pinocchios, but by that point it had made the rounds.

Reid's initial claim about Romney's non-payment of taxes capped a stretch in July when the Obama administration put Romney's tax returns front and center. The campaign released an ad mid-month which was run in four swing states. The ad suggested that, perhaps, Romney hadn't paid any taxes at all during preceding years. Two weeks later, Reid claimed a credible source had confirmed Democrats' darkest fears in a way that ensured the story would continue for another week.

But it wasn't true. What we now know is true is that Sen. Reid's source was lying, Reid himself was a willing dupe who spread the malicious claim without any proof, and the credulous left-wing press was all too eager to give the stunt more attention than it merited. Reid should receive a mark on his credibility for repeatedly touting this false claim. It would be nice to see a few reporters confront him about it directly.


Taliban Attack Results In Worst American Airpower Loss Since Vietnam

Taliban Attack Results In Worst American Airpower Loss Since Vietnam
What we have had for four years now is a corrupt media working hand-in-hand with the Obama White House to cover up and downplay every kind of bad news. The media's behavior in his regard has only gotten impossibly worse since Obama's reelection campaign began. But over the last few weeks, the media's shilling has devolved into nothing less than dereliction of duty.
We can't even sing that old refrain, What would the media do if Bush… because Bush never scapegoated an American citizen in order to take the focus and blame off of his own security failures. Bush never told the American people that the successful assassination of an American ambassador by al-Qaeda was a spontaneous protest over a film gone haywire.
But it's probably is safe to say that in final days of Bush's reelection bid, had America suffered its worst airpower loss since Vietnam and an ambassador been assassinated due to unforgivable U.S. security failures, the media would've made damn sure the American people knew exactly what happened.
With results that are tragic in both the global and personal sense, an American president's foreign policy is collapsing all around us, and the only stories the American media will tell are those that will help drag him over the November finish line.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Passion of Andrew Breitbart: 'Occupy Unmasked' Hits Theaters

The Passion of Andrew Breitbart: 'Occupy Unmasked' Hits Theaters
Just two weeks before his tragic death, Andrew took a few moments out from the Conservative Political Action Conference to confront the Occupy protesters staking out the event. “Stop raping people!” he shouted at them. “You filthy, filthy, filthy raping, murdering freaks!”

He wasn’t kidding. As Occupy Unmasked shows, the top-down coordination of the Occupy Wall Street movement relied on a leftist leadership willing to mold a conglomeration of the naïve and the criminal into a potent political force. Occupy Unmasked features Andrew delving into the roots of the Occupy movement, and uncovering the coordination between the Obama administration, its allies in the media, and Occupy.

And more than anything else, Occupy Unmasked shows what the Occupy movement was and is, in all of its true horror. And it deserves horror. It morphed from a ridiculous camp-out movement into a dangerous political force, wielded by the Obama administration and the media as the counter-Tea Party, even as it smashed windows, burned property, and assaulted police.
Greg Gutfeld calls it the "most chilling movie I've seen in years"


BLACKFIVE: The free speech test

BLACKFIVE: The free speech test
Written by someone who has actually gone out and protected the Bill of Rights.


New Obama Admin Claim: Marines Couldn't Have Stopped Consulate Assault

New Obama Admin Claim: Marines Couldn't Have Stopped Consulate Assault
You may notice the pattern here: It's always about what somebody else did or couldn't have done.

It's insulting and dismissive to suggest US Marines couldn't have made a difference. Reports suggest that as few as 20 and no more than 50 peoplewere involved in the consulate attack. The problem was that we had 4-8 Libyan guards and just 5 US security people in a compound with no interior gate and no guard towers. And when we did send in a security detachment from Tripoli by helicopter that night reports suggest that they were able to fight off the attack and rescue remaining staff. It would not have taken many Marines to balance the scales and perhaps result in a very different outcome.

Yesterday, Jay Carney announced "It is, I think, self-evident that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack." This is just the latest shift in a series that seem designed at deflecting blame. What is truly self-evident is that the administration has been trying very hard to avoid taking responsibility for the security failure that led to the first killing of a US Ambassador in 30 years. The administration was happy to let the press obsess over Romney's comments for the first couple days. Then they claimed it was a protest gone wrong and blamed a You Tube clip. Now they're claiming no amount of security, not even the Marines, couldn't have stopped what happened.


WaPo: Romney 'Had the Worst Week'

WaPo: Romney 'Had the Worst Week'
If Mitt Romney lost the last week, there is one reason and one reason only: people like (WAPO reporter Chris) Cillizza, who flack for the president at every possible opportunity. This president had the worst foreign and domestic policy week since the American embassy in Iran was stormed some three decades ago. But Romney said some stuff that was factually correct. Clearly Romney has to start living by Chris Cillizza’s standards: govern like a nincompoop, and lie to the country routinely, as President Obama does, and you’ll get off scot-free. Cillizza has to lie about Romney’s actions this week in order to achieve the “Mitt Lost The Week” result


Friday, September 21, 2012

Madison Rising: Why the conservative rock band believes in the right to bear arms | The Daily Caller

Madison Rising: Why the conservative rock band believes in the right to bear arms | The Daily Caller
Their latest single, “Right to Bear,” was a response to the lack of an anthem for gun enthusiasts.

“There was no great pro-gun rock song so we collectively decided we’re gonna write one,” the band said, “because we all believe in the right to bear [arms] and we want people to know it and crank it up in their car.”

The “Right to Bear” music video features a “pistol-packin mama” who uses a gun to protect herself and her child.

Madison Rising explained why: “If you take the guns away legally from people who are using them properly … all you’re doing is giving power to a criminal.”

Lead singer Dave Bray said, “When people can’t defend themselves, society will fall, tyrants rise.”

That’s a common theme in conservative politics — one that the band wishes more Americans were exposed to.
Read more:


Thursday, September 20, 2012

SAME Philadelphia Post Helps Travis Mannion Foundation

The signature event of the year is here! The 4th Annual Monte Carlo Charity Night will be held at the prestigious Union League on Friday, October 26, 2012.

Please join the Philadelphia Post of SAME (Society of American Military Engineers) along with a hundred or so of your friends, acquaintances and colleagues for a spectacular evening of food, casino gaming, and raffle prizes all benefiting a worthy cause.
  This year, through the Travis Manion Foundation, the net proceeds will be donated to a local family who has to endure a future with a family member who became permanently disabled while fighting to protect our freedom.

Please support this cause by:

Sponsoring the event

Purchasing an ad in the program book

Donating a raffle item

Finding a friend/business owner that would like to donate a raffle item (think electronics, restaurant gift cards, a round of golf, etc.)

Making a monetary donation

And of course… attending the event!

Details are outlined at the event website MonteCarlo2012

A special thank you to the sponsors that have already registered (you can see who under the Sponsors tab)!

Register today MonteCarlo2012 and invite as many as you like – all are welcome at this special event.

A limited number of rooms have been reserved at the Courtyard Marriott for $149/night. Please call (215) 496-3200 and mention SAME Philadelphia Post when reserving your room. These rooms will be released on September 26, so please reserve as soon as possible.

Valet parking is available at the Courtyard Marriott

Daily $21.60

Overnight $45.60


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**Insta-Fact Check** Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

**Insta-Fact Check** Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia
Because the corrupt media is so breathtakingly corrupt in its push to reelect a failed president, Big Journalism needs a running live blog. Please help us in our quest to capture the breadth and scope of this corruption by forwarding your tips to or Twitter me @NolteNC.

Newest posts are at the top.
Media Narrative Tide Is Finally Turning
Only because they've run out of fresh angles to hit it with, the "47 percent" obsession is ebbing some and the discussion is actually turning towards Libya and that Romney is climbing out of a hole. The undercover video won't really work itself out until after the Sunday shows, but the end is in sight. By Wednesday next week, we'll know the full effect of the 47 percent remarks as far as the polls go.
Earlier today, President Obama made an epic gaffe on Univision when he said, and I'm quoting, “The most important lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t change Washington from the inside. You can only change it from the outside.”

On the stump in Florida, Romney showed an unexpected nimbleness and already hit Obama hard over it.

It's a potential game changer when a sitting president running for reelection says that the most important thing he's learned is that he can't change Washington. Why vote for him?
Let's see if the Romney campaign can capitalize.

Politico Uses Deceptively Edited Video From Left-wing Source to Falsely Trash GOP Congressman
Congressman Bobby Schilling spoke to Breitbart News today and is demanding Politico retract and correct a story that falsely claims he walked out on a constituent townhall meeting. Which begs a question... What is it with the corrupt media uncritically buying into and reporting on every video that comes their way?
Well, I should say, every video that comes their way not from someone named James O'Keefe.  
My full story is here.

Media Spins Fast & Furious Report As Holder/White House Win
Though there was plenty to slam the White House with after the release of yesterday's Fast and Furious report resulted in the resignations of two DOJ officials and declarative condemnations of judgement and management failures, the media is holding tight to Eric Holder surviving the report in order to paint this as an overall win for Obama.
CNN, Politico, NBC's Chuck Todd... The talking points are written in stone.

CNN's Soledad O'Brien Attempts to Smear Christianity as Anti-Gay
You can see the video here as Soledad and her panel gang up on televangelist Joel Osteen. It's really borderline bullying and yet another move on the media's part to declare Christianity itself as bigoted and intolerant -- which has always been the endgame.
The way I see it, being gay is not a sin. Who you are is not a sin. Soledad is just lying when she tries to state that the Bible or Christians declare homosexuals as sinners. We're all sinners. It's behavior practiced by gays and straights alike that the Bible deems sinful. This has nothing to do with who you are, gay or straight.

CBS News: We Won't Know Truth About Libya Attack Until After the Election
Breitbart TV has the video, but the most dispiriting part of the CBS News report is the admission that we will not know what really happened until after the presidential election.
This isn't just due just to the Administration's timetable, but also to a media that will only dutifully report the lies told by the White House as they focus unceasingly on a narrative about Romney losing the election -- in order to make this a self-fulfilling prophecy.
We could know the truth sooner if the media would push the matter and put pressure on the White House to answer questions, but they just aren't going to do that until after he's safely reelected.
The media and the Obama campaign believe, and I don't think they're wrong, that given the choice between a president who lies and a candidate too incompetent to run a presidential campaign, that the public will choose the competent liar over the bumbler every time.
I've always believed the over-arching goal of the media and Team Obama was to keep Romney constantly on his heels so he looks weak, defensive, and caught off guard. That's how you disqualify a candidate.

Above all, people want competence and if a presidential candidate doesn't look competent he can't win, no matter how bad the other guy is.

Media's Latest: Cell Phones Are Why We Can't Kill Romney
Something crushing the media's celebratory mood are those polls chewing at the back of their subconscious -- Gallup and Rasmussen -- which show Obama's bounce gone, the race tied, and the media's month-long crusade to take Romney down for good -- from Clint to Cairo apology to 47 percent -- having no effect whatsoever. Infact, these polls show Romney gaining ground while under this withering assault.

Nate Silver, the New York Times' poll cruncher who got 2010 exactly wrong, thinks he might have the answer:
Although there are exceptions on either side, like the Gallup national tracking poll, for the most part Mr. Obama seems to be getting stronger results in polls that use live interviewers and that include cellphones in their samples — enough to suggest that he has a clear advantage in the race.
In the polls that use an automated dialing method (“robopolls”) or which exclude cellphones, Mr. Obama’s bounce has been much harder to discern, and the race looks considerably closer.
It's a long piece of analysis, but who knows? I'm as confused as anyone by these numbers but have believed for over a decade that Gallup and Rasmussen are about as good as it gets.

What I can't believe, though, is that a poll with a D+11 sample coming out of a R+1 state like Virginia is worth the paper its printed on.

Moreover, both Gallup and Rasmussen have to get it right. Their reputations demand it. If they don't get it right, they go the way of John Zogby -- who spent the last couple of elections chasing headlines instead of accuracy and has since disappeared and become a punchline. Media pollsters, however, need not get it right because they're attached to the media.


Open Season


In honor of the recent "protests" from the followers of the religion of "peace" 

 To those people....truth hurts, doesn't it?  If the Innocence of Muslims video insulted you, why don't you riot over all the OTHER videos that tell the truth about your religion.

Oh...maybe all these protests aren't about some idiotic video.... just wanted another excuse to rant and rave and riot.

Abuse of women and children gets boring for you after a while and you have to attack someone ELSE that won't kill you where you stand?

Keep it up. 

That might change.

Embassies are sovereign territory. 



9/11 is the anniversary of the day that Islamic jihadists attacked us.  9/11 is a day of remembrance and a day of honoring those that we have lost.

9/11 is also a day that Muslims a day of victory and protest.  Muslims across the world DANCED when they learned about the attacks.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Months ago, some fool, apparently a criminal prohibited from using computers, uploaded an idiotic, sophomoric video, claiming it to be a "trailer" to a larger movie.  It was disrespectful of  Islam.  Quite disrespectful. 

Oh, my.  Whatever shall we do?  Well, other than point and laugh?

On 9/11, our brave State Department, our embassy in Cairo, apologized for certain people who "showed disrespect" to the religion of "tolerance."  This apology was, as per the State Department, NOT authorized.  The Cairo embassy was attacked during a protest about said video.  The protesters breached the wall around the embassy, took down our flag, and replaced with black flag of Islam, similar to the flag of our enemy, Al Qaeda. And then, the State Department offered apologies AGAIN, basically the same as that offered by the Cairo Embassy.

At the same time, our embassy/consulate in Libya was attacked and burned.  Our ambassador and three others, were killed.  Our ambassador's body was dragged through the city.

Governor Romney, seeing the response of the administration, that of decrying the exercise of offensive speech, implying that the Muslims were in the right to violently protest,  declared that response to be disgraceful.  His timing was off, but his description of the response dead on.

Obama and his minions sympathized with the reactions of the protesters.  They blamed the Libyan attack on protests about the video, calling Romney's comments inappropriate.  The press, Obama supporters all, turned ALL of their attention on Romney's comments instead of the fact that our embassy was burned and ambassador murdered.

Well, Obama is lying.  And the press is worse than incompetent. They are WILLFULLY blind and partisan.

This is my shocked face.

The attack in Libya, which many thought to be a terrorist revenge attack, has been shown to be so.  Carney, Obama's lying spokesman, stated that none of the attacks were in response to US policy.
Apparently, that's not so.  The ATTACKERS state that the attack was in response to drone attacks.  Foreign governments, such as LIBYA, and foreign press notified the State Department that the Ambassador was in danger, days in advance.

The press is still ignoring Obama's failings in the Mid East, and especially Libya.  They succeeded in deflecting attention to Romney.

Why was there no security with the ambassador, who, HIMSELF, said that he was in danger?

Why was there no Marine Detachment in a war zone?

Why were two of the three others misidentified as Marines, but were actually former SEALs in the employ of the State Department?  Their jobs were to seek out and destroy MANPADS that were supplied to the "rebels" BY THE STATE DEPARTMENT.  The "rebels" were later identified to by elements of AL QAEDA.

Why was there no security response at the Cairo Embassy? Or any other Embassy under siege?  Were the Marines allowed to carry ammo?  What's the truth?

Why is the President and Secretary Clinton STILL blaming "protesters" for the attack when the truth is known?  Why are they STILL touting how "horrible" that 14 minute horribly amateurish film is while asking Muslims to not blame them?  All this in the face of continued insults, attacks, and outright violence by Muslims across the world?

Where is the defense of our 1st Amendment by this President and his administration?  Where are his demands for the violence to stop and for the foreign governments to live up to the treaties that host countries defend embassies?

While all this is going on, other Islamic threats exist.  Obama refuses to meet with Israel's Prime Minister, stating that he's too busy.  But he's meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood. He's partying.  He's on TV.  But he's too busy to meet with an ally that is in danger from Iran, to discuss that threat.

Romney was right.

Obama IS disgraceful.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Undeniable Truths Make Liberals Squirm

47% of Americans pay no taxes. Thats a fact stated by our own government.

The Palestinians do not want peace with Israel. They want Israel gone.

Islam is not a religion, it's a cult of murder and brutality based on the lies of a pedophile. Mohammdead was a pedophile. He screwed little boys and girls. Muslim men prefer boys for pleasure. Muslim men raped and sodomized our ambassador to Libya before they killed him.

Obama is a muppet.  His foreign policy is at best naive; at worst, deliberate and dangerous. I doubt he's that stupid, so I can only surmise what he and his State Department are doing in the Middle East is intentional and designed to create conditions which will justify the suspension of the November elections.

On the other hand, I'm just an ignorant peasant who can barely spell my own name.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Patriot Post-Brief Its Consitution Day

Constitution Day 2012

Today, Sept. 17, 2012, marks the 225th anniversary of the signing of our Constitution at the Philadelphia (Constitution) Convention in 1787. The best way to honor the day might be to read it.

It's up to "We the People" to hold our elected representatives accountable for failing to honor their oaths.

Mark Alexander has an extensive archive of columns on the Constitution as it relates to various subjects over the years. Don't miss it!

Essential Liberty

"Monday, Sept. 17, marks the 225th anniversary of the signing of the nation's second great founding document, the Constitution that provides Americans with limited government. ... The Constitution was drafted more than 11 years after the Declaration. The United States had won independence but was struggling under the weak Articles of Confederation. The Founding Fathers wanted to draft a document that would provide an effective but carefully limited federal government. Through a series of compromises, they did just that. They designed three branches of government -- legislative, executive and judicial -- that would check each other. If one tried to usurp too much power, the others would have an interest in bringing it back into line. Just as competition brings down prices in economics, competition would tend to keep any particular branch of government from acquiring too much power. ... The Constitution has held up well for more than two centuries, with only occasional modifications (the 27 amendments) through the years. Of course, people used to be a bit more serious about the idea that the Constitution said what it meant and meant what it said. Any 21st-century celebration of the Constitution should take note that the country is no longer keeping faith with its constitutional principles. Today, most 'laws' actually are rules and regulations enacted by bureaucrats in government agencies, not statutes passed by elected lawmakers. Even when Congress does pass legislation, such as the Dodd-Frank financial reform law or Obamacare, lawmakers leave many blanks and expect rule-makers to fill them in. That means the bureaucracy, peopled with federal 'experts,' essentially exists as an unelected fourth branch of government. ... Our constitutional framework of limited government requires a president who will actively use his granted powers but also recognize the strict limits on those powers. After the Constitution was complete, Benjamin Franklin noted that it made the country 'a republic, if you can keep it.' This Constitution Day, let's honor the framers and respect their work by changing America's course -- and returning to our constitutional roots." --Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner
Read Heritage's 10 Steps to Save the Constitution.

Opinion in Brief

"An incendiary video about the prophet Muhammad, 'Innocence of Muslims,' was blamed for the mob attacks on our embassies in Libya and Egypt (and later, Yemen). ... One of the things we've learned all too well is that the 'Muslim street' ... have a near-limitless capacity to take offense at slights to their religion, honor, history or feelings. ... Are we really going to hold what we can say or do in our own country hostage to the passions of foreign lynch mobs? If your answer is some of form of 'yes,' than you might want to explain why U.S. citizens aren't justified in attacking Egyptian or Libyan embassies here in America. After all, I get pretty mad when I see goons burning the American flag, and I become downright livid when a U.S. ambassador is murdered. Maybe me and some of my like-minded friends should burn down some embassies here in Washington, D.C., or maybe a consulate in New York City? Of course we shouldn't do that. To argue that Americans shouldn't resort to mayhem, while suggesting it's understandable when Muslims do, is to create a double standard that either renders Muslims unaccountable savages ... or casts Americans as somehow less passionate about what we hold dear, be it our flag, our diplomats or our religions." --columnist Jonah Goldberg

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Turley: White House position on YouTube review request ‘perfectly incoherent’ | The Daily Caller

If you actually take the time to watch the video, you'll see a bad video with worse audio dubbing of the critical issue. Someone inserted the words "islam" and  "mohammed" into the audio, creating the anti-islam meme. If the video offends you, you need to seek professional counseling.

Warning: The time you spend watching the video can never be recovered.

Turley: White House position on YouTube review request ‘perfectly incoherent’ | The Daily Caller
Law professor and media commentator Jonathan Turley believes the Obama administration handed a victory to religious extremists when it requested YouTube reconsider its decision to host a film trailer critical of Islam.

Google, the parent company of YouTube, on Friday denied the administration’s request to censor the movie “Innocence of Muslims,” which has sparked violent protests and riots across the Middle East.

“This is the latest triumph of politics over principle by the Obama administration,” Turley told The Daily Caller in a phone interview. “The position of the White House is rather transparent. It does not want to be seen as limiting free speech. This request was couched as a review.”

“The film was simply an act of free speech. The position of the United States should be clear. Violence was not caused by any film,” said Turley. “Free speech is not a characteristic of America. It defines being an American.”

Turley added that the administration has done “unprecedented harm” to principles of free speech.

White House press secretary Jay Carney has denied that the White House asked YouTube to censor the video, a position Turley called “perfectly incoherent.” (RELATED: ACLU ‘concerned’ about White House request that YouTube ‘review’ anti-Muslim video)
Read more:


Susan Katz Keating: If Only Ronald Reagan Were in Charge Again: "We Must Fight"


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Five Facts the Media Are Distorting About Romney's Response to Embassy Attacks

Five Facts the Media Are Distorting About Romney's Response to Embassy Attacks
Do not expect the mainstream media to correct these mistakes. Do not expect them to hold the Obama administration accountable. Do not expect them to correct themselves once they have some disgruntled Republicans to affirm their overall narrative. Do not expect them to remember this is an election, in which the opposition has the right--the obligation--to state its views. Do not expect them to stand up for free speech--or truth.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Came; We Cooked; We Fed (About 150 Soldiers & Family Members) - Cooking With The Troops


White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Obama Announces Letterman Appearance on Day He Snubbed Netanyahu

Israel doesn't vote. Why should Dear Leader spend any time with the Prime Minister?

Re-annoint Dear Leader. He needs another 15 years to fix the problems he didn't know about when you idiots annointed him the first time.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

8:46 It was at this moment that Flight 11 crashed into the World Trade Center.

9:03 I watched on CNN, the crash of Flight 175, while on duty at the Richmond Navy Reserve Center. Within seconds, The Marines had opened the armory and locked everything down. We now know that we are under attack.

9:37 Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon.

9:57 Flight 93 - "Let's Roll."
10:03 The passengers of Flight 93 prevent the use of their aircraft as a weapon.

74 minutes. The world changed.

God Bless the victims of 9/11.
God Bless the heroes of 9/11, too many to name.

Bow your head and say a prayer.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Obama Admin Cuts Military Participation With Israel, Increases Participation with Muslim Brotherhood


Sunday, September 09, 2012

Axelrod Won't Discuss, God, Jerusalem Issues in Dem Platform

 the Democratic Party is now the home of militant secularists who are uncomfortable with public expressions of religiosity, and Arab supporters of Islamism who dream of eradicating the state of Israel. (Emphasis added)

Axelrod Won't Discuss, God, Jerusalem Issues in Dem Platform
This constant parroting of the lie that Obama knew nothing about the original version of the platform has been debunked, incredibly enough, by Politico itself. As John Nolte has written, Politico inadvertently revealed that Obama had vetted the platform, and then, with no trace of morals or conscience, actually erased the passage and republished the column.

When confronted with the news that Axelrod didn’t want to discuss the matter, Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt told Politico, "We've been on the record on this all week. Happy to go on again."

 Enough is enough. Everyone knows by now, or should know, that Obama is lying through his teeth. The only reason there was a change made is because they were caught red-handed, and then they had to frantically cover their tracks by claiming Obama was ignorant of the matter.


Obama: No Bipartisanship Without Tax Increases

Obama: No Bipartisanship Without Tax Increases
This morning on CBS’ Face the Nation, President Obama made clear that the centerpiece of his entire presidential campaign will be his Ahab-like quest to raise Americans’ taxes. Last year, Republicans signaled they were willing to raise some taxes in order to cut the deficit, so long as Obama agreed to spending cuts; Obama sunk that deal at the last minute by insisting in hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxes to which Republicans had not agreed.
Scott Pelley of CBS called Obama on his nonsense:

OBAMA: What I’ve said in reducing our deficits – we can make sure that we cut 2.5 dollars for every dollar of increased revenue.

PELLEY: That’s the deal they turned down.

OBAMA: That’s part of what this election is about. Gov. Romney said he wouldn’t take a deal for $10 in spending cuts for $1 of revenue increases.

But the same day that Obama cited Romney’s unwillingness to raise taxes in a deal to cut spending, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan told ABC’s This Week that he’d consider at $10 to $1 spending cut to tax increases deal. “It depends on the quality f the policy,” he said. “Our negotiators in the supercommittee offered higher revenues through tax reform. John Boehner did as well. So George, what really matters to me is not ratios but what matters is the quality of the policy.”

Ryan didn’t endorse such a deal, because it hadn’t been offered. “There’s no deal to walk away from,” he said. “The point is, you’re not giving me a deal to look at. You’re giving me ratios … Our problem is not that we are overtaxed. We are overtaxed. Our problem is we spend too much money.” (Emphasis added)


Obama Owns Today's Gas Prices

Obama Owns Today's Gas Prices
When Obama took office in 2009, the average price for gas was $1.84 a gallon. Today, it's well over twice that, and in many parts of the country it's more than $4 a gallon.
Taken on top of the 43 straight months of unemployment at higher than 8%, this is terrible news for the Obama administration. Yet Obama should have seen them coming, because his policies have largely caused them.

These are Obama's gas prices.

Early in his presidency, Obama's Interior Secretary Ken Salazar began making it more difficult for oil and gas companies to get permits to drill for oil domestically. This effectively froze oil and gas procurement without freezing demand for oil and gas products.

Following this, the BP oil spill took place and Obama ordered a moratorium on the expansion of oil and gas procurement in the Gulf. A District Judge ruled the moratorium unconstitutional, but Obama has maintained part of it anyway.
Then there was the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would have transported nearly 1.1 million barrels of crude a day into the U.S. from Canada had it been approved. But Obama nixed the construction of that pipeline, so China is now working with Canada to find a way to send all that oil to the communist paradise instead.
Moreover, offshore drilling is a no-go for the Obama administration, as is oil and gas procurement in ANWR or Alaska's Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). And between ANWR and the OSC alone, there are billions of barrels oil and more than one hundred trillion cubic feet of natural gas left untapped.

Under pressure in an election cycle, Obama is starting to rethink some offshore drilling opportunities in Alaska, but it's too little too late at this point. We have spent nearly four years suffering high energy prices under his governance and are now paying an excruciatingly high price at the pump.
Every time I fill up the tank on my Jeep I say to myself, "These are Obama's gas prices."


Media Charges Romney With Implying Obama Wants God Off Coins

The fact is, there have been attempts, movements, whatever, to remove "In God We Trust" from our currency, just as there have been movements and attempts to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance".

I have a question for Democrats. Do the actions of what appeared to be the majority of delegates at the DNC Convention regarding the inclusion of God in the Democrat platform reflect your views? Are you willing to admit, out loud, that God has no place in America?

Media Charges Romney With Implying Obama Wants God Off Coins
...Romney never...implied that Obama wanted to remove God from the pledge or the coinage. He simply stated his deep support for the role of God in our public discourse – a position at odds with large swaths of the Democratic Party base, and at odds with President Obama. The fact remains that President Obama is significantly more uncomfortable with the invocation of God in public life than Romney is. That’s why back in November 2011, Obama singled out a House vote to reaffirm the nation’s motto, “In God We Trust.” And just the year before, Obama mistakenly said our national motto is “E pluribus unum.”

After saying that the House shouldn’t spend time reaffirming “In God We Trust,” Obama added, “the phrase from the Bible is, ‘The lord helps those who helps themselves.’” Except that phrase isn’t from the Bible.

Does Obama have a God problem? Absolutely. And it’s that broader issue that Romney was seeking to highlight.


They're Just Charts, People

The Tax Plan we all want.

People gotta eat right?
Job Gains & Losses
 Welfare Spending or
Just give them money and they'll shut up.
I'm sure Nancy, Princess of Pineapples could explain this.
Right Your Highness?

We won't deny that Obama has set several records in the past 4 years:
US Unemployment rates
 And in case you're wondering why gas is at 3.75 a gallon:

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