Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Video Answer To MoveOn

Here is the video of Ania Egland, wife of Major Eric Egland, OIF/OEF veteran and candidate for Congress.

I forwarded the email CJ sent me with Major Eglands wife to my friend Chris over at Modern Conservative.
He has penned an article you must read to appreciate.
Chris is deeply committed to defeating the forces of the extreme left. Not just defeating, making them irrelevant.

You can read his post here.
Here's a small sampling:

Just like the sacrifice of Leonides and the 300 reverberates to this very day, in the free air we breathe, so too does a comparison between two women of today:Recently, put out an ad called "Not Alex." It features a young mother, holding her son. It is, needless to say, an "anti-war" ad.

Here is the text:"Hi, John McCain; this is Alex. He's my first. So far, his talents include trying any new food and chasing after our dog — that, and making my heart pound every time I look at him. So, John McCain, when you said you would stay in Iraq for 100 years, were you counting on Alex? Because, if you were, you can't have him."

This women says that John McCain—and by extension this great nation—cannot have her son.But this cowardly woman—who most likely mated with a cowardly wisp of a man—doesn't realize something vital: John McCain won't take her son. Neither will the military. She doesn't decide for him, at age 18 months or 18 years. When he grows, he will decide—as a free man—whether to wear the uniform of his country.

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A Message From Our Friends At Vets For Freedom

H/T Blackfive
Ben Hayden
Iowa State Captain, VFF

As America moves closer to November, we need to be informed on the issues. One issue that is very misunderstood is the war in Iraq. A number of Americans are basing their decision in the 08’ elections on this topic, which makes it extremely important to be well educated on the issue. It is also important because America has invested so much into Iraq, both financially and physically.

Typically, when we have to make an educated decision we don’t do so based on feelings alone. We do so with the aid of research and knowledge on the topic. When making an important medical decision we don’t turn to our mechanic, we turn to our doctor, and vice versa. So why, when making an important decision about whether or not to stay the course in Iraq, would we listen to someone other than the experts? Why would we make such an important decision, a decision that carries with it so many lives and so much money, without listening to the men and women that have been there? The Hero’s that have given so much, yet asked for so little in return.
Some say that we have failed in Iraq. This is detrimental to the moral of our troops. Say what you want about the President and his Administration, but don’t tell our troops that they have failed, because they haven’t. They have achieved success and are continuing to achieve more and more. In November, Iraq will hold its first provincial elections. This proves success. Iraq now has an Air Force and an Army, with their security forces numbering over 540,000 people. Over the past year they have seen enormous economic gains and will continue to grow economically in the months to come. They are now outspending the U.S. ten to one on major reconstructive projects.
As a Marine Veteran that served two tours of duty in Iraq, I know how important success there is. I know how important it is that America knows the truths about Iraq. I can assure you that the experts, the men and women that have been there fighting, know the importance of success and want our help in winning the war on terror. Help them, help us.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama's Legislative Accomplishments

From AIM via Family Security Matters:
Obama is the sponsor of a massive foreign aid spending bill that attempts to siphon off hundreds of billions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury to the rest of the world, in order to meet U.N. demands.

If the public grasped the nature of the bill and the fact that Obama was the sponsor in the Senate, they might come to some understanding of the nature of Obama's political ideology and why Frank Marshall Davis mattered so much to him.

The $845 Billion Bill

It's true that Obama has inflated or "polished" his résumé. But what about his notorious Global Poverty Act? Why doesn't Obama mention that? And why wasn't this glaring omission mentioned by Kurtz and the Annenberg Fact Check group?
On February 13, Obama issued a press release hailing the passage of this bill by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Since it has already passed the House, it awaits a full Senate vote.

So why wouldn't Obama highlight this bill in his patriotic TV ad?
The answer lies in the extreme pro-U.N. nature of the bill. The bill (S. 2433) requires the president to develop a strategy using "international organizations" to implement the Millennium Development Goal of the United Nations to reduce poverty. It still includes an official reference to the "Millennium Development Goals" established by the United Nations Millennium Declaration of the U.N. General Assembly Resolution in 2000.


This Needs to Be Seen

Marine wife answers moveon's anti-McCain ad.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

We're not the only state with transportation woes

Tennessee, too, appears to have the same problems that we do. Matt Edens, the author, explores some of those problems.

Soaring gas prices may be the most pressing problem commuters currently face, but it is hardly the only one. There is also the nation’s deteriorating transportation infrastructure.

Interstate 40 through downtown is in the midst of a massive redo aimed to reduce a recurring bottleneck, ...("Mixing Bowl" sound familiar)

Even more interesting were the online comments, where readers lamented that they might ride the bus, if only it came closer to their house or workplace. Transit, to be viable, requires density. Unfortunately, density is what our transportation policies have spent the past six decades destroying. And not just our far-flung freeways, either: Downtown has been hollowed out for surface parking and numerous neighborhoods bulldozed down for road project... (Downtown toll road, bus routes only into the city, etc....Same old problems....)

However, some even more interesting ideas were presented in the comments, suggesting that repair of the infrastructure might not be possible unless we revamp the we do business, ie, it cost 3% of GDP to BUILD the highway system. But we can't conduct upkeep on 2% today. One commenter suggested repealing the "prevailing wage law" that mandates union wages for all contracted Public Works.....

We need to stop this continuing cycle of Tax and Spend. This is a continuing upkeep problem. If the State Government refuses to put the spending in the main budget, they are not serious. They need to stop the repeated tactic of having a separate transportation budget in order to force a "crisis" on the taxpayer. I say screw'em. Force the delegates to prioritize. The Republicans should keep saying NO!

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NOW I'm retired.

While I've been a civilian since May 2, it has not seemed real.

Yesterday was a day of endings.

I, officially, retired from the Navy. 25 years.
My wife finally received acknowledgment from the Navy for HER career as a Navy Wife. Hardest job in the Navy.
I returned my nephew's silver dollar that I earned by giving him his first salute. He received my last salute to an officer, upon my request for permission to go ashore.

Permission granted.

NOW, I'm retired.



Saturday, June 21, 2008

3/6 Marines Turning on the Water

Civil Affairs, 3/6 Marines promote Fallujah progress

FALLUJAH, Iraq (June 11, 2008) – 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines augmented by civil affairs teams are continuously working with Fallujah City Council members, local tribal leaders and local citizens to carry out projects in an effort to improve the city’s infrastructure.

Civil affairs leaders and Army Corps of Engineers met with the city council’s director generals today to talk about projects that will provide key services throughout the city, such as improving the water distribution systems.

The city is now in the planning stages of establishing a new water distribution network. 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines recently approved a project to purchase needed parts for a water treatment facility, which will service the majority of Fallujah. Right now, the facilities have inoperable pumps and other parts that are in a state of disrepair. The installation of new pumps and filters at the Azerghia water treatment-facility will bring the facility back to its previous prewar output capacity.

“The initiative to solve all water problems for Fallujah lies in the pipe network,” said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Shane Duhe, Civil Affairs Team 5 team leader. “When the pipe network works properly, the water treatment plants already established along the Euphrates River will certainly be able to support all of the city’s needs.”

Embedded Provincial Reconstruction Teams introduced reverse-engineering concepts to the directors that are currently being developed. Reverse engineering concepts that the Army Corps of Engineers use will spare the expense of rebuilding existing facilities, thus saving money and labor time.

Another high priority on the Fallujah City Council’s list is the Telecommunications Headquarters in the city. Up to 45,000 citizens will benefit from having land line telephone service at their disposal.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

It Must Be OK Then

Congressman Barney Frank has stepped up and resoundly defended Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, for his handling of the Countrywide sweetheart deal.

In other news, from his penthouse above the chicken coop, the fox has said that he has worked with the wolf for years and has never seen the wolf act in any way that was contrary to the interests of the individuals he represents.

Film at 11.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why I'm voting Democratic

I'm done. I have to do it. Here is the reason.....

h/t Castle Arrgh

PS- I've met this blogger. Very good guy. Very smart. Go. Read. Be enlightened. He was even invited to the White House to meet the President. And he gave me many good reasons to NOT be a ranting fool in the internet. I try.....really, I do......

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Ain't Skeered

A message for Rahm Emanuel the honorable Representative from Illinois.
I heard you accuse the Bush Administration of "scaring the American people into doing something they shouldn't do" referring to the Administration's request to lift the moratorium on offshore drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).
I've heard this before. According to some of your colleagues, we were scared into supporting the War on Terror because the Administration told us we were in danger of being attacked by Muslim extremists. The fact that I already knew that because I've been paying attention apparently never occurred to you.
I pay 4.00 a gallon for gasoline. I have to, it's part of my job. I have to work. I have to drive a full-size pick-up truck to perform my job effectively and professionally. It costs me twice as much now as it did in 2006 to do my job. In two years, under your party's leadership, the retail price for the fuel we buy has doubled. DOUBLED!!!
What is it exactly that we're supposedly afraid of? We have the oppportunity to become an independent oil producing nation. The fact that we have nimrods like you standing in the way of economic prosperity doesn't scare me, it makes me furious, but it should damn sure scare you. You should be so afraid for your future as a Congressman that you put the interests of the entire country above your partisan mindset.
Do you have a vested interest in keeping oil prices high? Are you on the Saudi payroll? Do you own tankers?
If you answered "no" to the above, then I can only assume you're stupid; and you can't fix stupid. Or you're mean; and mean can be fixed.

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Dominion Power Is Making An Effort to Produce Clean Energy

Before you get your panties in a wad about the price of electricity, think about what you're getting for your money. Frozen steaks, air conditioning, hot water. It's what makes this country great.
Dominion Resources has invested $350,000,000 (yes, thats MILLION) in a system that scrubs the emissions from it's coal-fired facility at Dutch Gap to less than 5% solids and less than 2% sulfur. What is sent into the atmosphere from the power-generation process is a cloud. Thats right, a cloud. Water vapor.
I have video of the top of the stack on my vox site. Thats clean energy friends and neighbors.
We have it now, right here in the Old Dominion.
Now before you left wing tree hugging nutjob enviro-nazis start calling me a shill for the power industry, let me tell you what I do.
I'm an inspector. I am a Third Party Special Inspector to be precise. I verify compliance with approved construction documents and the 2003 International Building Code under Chapter 17. I answer to the Internationl Code Council and my Project Manager.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From Our Friends At Freedom's Watch

Rising oil prices are playing havoc with our economy. Continental Airlines just announced it's laying off 3,000 workers; Ford is considering slashing about 2,000 jobs. And now what you pay for electricity is going up as much as 29 percent. If you've had enough, please sign our petition and email your representative.
Since the new majority took control of Congress in January 2007 on a pledge to bring down gas prices, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have not sent a single bill that would lower fuel costs to the President. Just the opposite. Reid tried to get the Senate to pass a "cap and trade" bill that could have actually raised the cost of gasoline by as much as $1.10/gal.
Meanwhile, Senator Chuck Schumer's solution to skyrocketing gas prices is to bully Saudi Arabia into increasing production and lowering their price of oil.
It doesn't have to be this way. Believe it or not, America may hold more oil than Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Venezuela - but it is closed off to exploration by our own government. So why bully Saudi Arabia when, in terms of oil production, we could become Saudi Arabia?
The good news is that Congressman Mac Thornberry has introduced the No More Excuses Energy Act (H.R. 3089), which would allow for more oil drilling here at home, increase wind energy, encourage the construction of new refineries, and expand clean nuclear power. If 218 House members sign the discharge petition on the bill, it will be brought to the floor for a vote.
Freedom's Watch will tomorrow begin calling residents in selected congressional districts urging members to support H.R.3089. You can help, too.
First, sign our petition supporting this bill that we can deliver to the House leadership on your behalf. Second, click here to send your representatives an email telling them to sign the discharge petition for H.R. 3089.
Congress is all that stands in the way of energy independence and lower fuel costs for America. Let them know where you stand!

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Battle for Oil Off Florida Caost

Economic Treason

From NY Sun via GOPUSA:
When it comes to offshore drilling, American oil companies face hurdles set by Congress and the White House. American companies are prohibited from engaging with Cuba, which is eager to sell oil and gas concessions, by law. And the eastern portion of America's section of the Gulf — the part that is closest to Cuba and presumably would prove to have the same riches as Cuba's side — is off-limits to exploration by law.
The Monroe Doctrine notwithstanding, Congress and the Bush administration have done little to keep European and Asian energy companies out of the Western Hemisphere.
"The United States has preached the market, and if Latin America is able to get better deals out of Europe, then Washington, in all good conscience, can't claim some kind of exclusive friendship, or hemispheric bond that gives it a privileged position," the director of a Washington-based think tank, the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, Larry Birns, said.
As it currently stands, in leasing rights to the Gulf of Mexico, the federal Department of the Interior sells to foreign oil companies, including state-owned ones, on equal footing with American companies. That free trade policy appears unlikely to change.
Rather, the legislative efforts have been aimed at auctioning off mineral rights to more of America's waters, although it won't only be American companies bidding.

This is tantamount to economic treason. Free-trade be damned. If we insist on playing fair with OUR petroleum reserves, we'll never get the price of gas down. Screw the rest of the world.

DRILL HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DRILL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Conservatives must act

YankeeMom has a live one over at her place. Jump over and have a go.

From American Thinker
H/T Coby GOE

Today, as in 1776, the biggest battle is once again about our courage and optimism. Conservatism is embedded deep within the American spirit. But it requires constant loving care and outright cheerleading to feel free to express ourselves. You are not alone: Sixty million conservatives can't be wrong. (And that's a lowball estimate.)
Six months before November 2008, many conservatives are down in the dumps. John McCain is behind in the money race.
George Will thinks we are doomed --- an amazing thing to say, half a year before a toss-up election. Even Rush is in a sulk about John McCain.
But the stakes are higher than they have been in the last fifty years. No major US political party has ever nominated a radical Leftist before --- and Obama can't hide his real loyalties. Even Bill Clinton was more of a 'moderate' Democrat. Obama is a True Believer in the Left, like a younger Hillary Clinton after a sex change and a major sun tan.
The last attempt by the radical Left to conquer the US presidency was defeated by Harry Truman in 1948. Well, the Dems have now allowed a true radical to win their nomination, and they seem to be thrilled by their new messiah.
Will the American people be taken in by the Left? That's the crucial question that will decide the historic election of '08.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Set Your Clocks

This Tuesday, June 17th at 5:00PM EDT, Author and Talon contributor Ronald Winter ("Masters of the Art; A Fighting Marine's Memoir of Vietnam") will be the sole guest for one hour on the top rated program at Global Talk Radio's "Calling All Authors."
Valerie Connelly is the host for this popular long running show. You can listen live and call in to ask Ron questions by visiting

I have just finished reading "Masters of the Art" and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a true account of Viet Nam by someone who was there, on the ground, voluntarily.

I'm trying to finish "House to House" by SSG David Bellavia, which I also recommend (GET THIS BOOK READ THIS BOOK) and have just received a copy of Michael Yon's "Moment of Truth in Iraq", which is next on my list.
Unless I get my copy of "Lone Survivor" by Marcus Luttrell back from my buddy Hershal in time.

I'm also deeply engrossed in this riveting piece of literature. This one will keep you on the edge of your seat. It's a real page turner, folks. Leave the lights on and make sure the phone works before you start this one.

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A Conservative

“I would define a conservative, first as one who believes in the Constitution as it is written. That takes care of free speech, freedom of religion, the right to petition the government, the right to keep and bear arms and, in the words of William O. Douglas in one of his saner moments, ‘the right to be let alone.
Second, a conservative believes in small, limited government at every level. Along with this he believes strongly in individual responsibility. That is, a person or a family should take care of itself and turn for help to government only when all other means have been exhausted. It also means that society, before government, has a duty to take care of its own. Government should be a resource of last resort.
Third, a conservative believes taxes should be levied for the purpose of financing the limited responsibilities of government such as providing for the common defense, catching and incarcerating criminals, minting money and filling potholes. Taxes should not be levied for the purpose of redistributing wealth...
One other thing I think a conservative believes is that the parents, not government, are and should be responsible for the upbringing and behavior of their children.” —Lyn Nofziger

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blogging will be light

To the faithful,

Hear ye! Hear ye!

I need a break. In addition to just being too disgusted to pay attention to politics, lately, I've got a lot on my schedule for the near future. So, blogging will be light. C'mon by, scroll through the site, and leave a comment. I'll probably reply. If you think of a good topic, one of us might blog it.

But, lately, I just don't feel like it. Maybe next week.

BTW, Happy Father's Day to everybody.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If attacking our troops is not an act of war, what is?

When does a state of war exist? When one country attacks another openly? When one country seizes the embassy of another? When one country trains insurgents to attack the forces of another country? How about when the soldiers of said first country attacks the soldiers of the other country? When is this country going to realize that we have been at war with Iran since 1979? WAR DOES NOT HAVE TO BE DECLARED TO BE A WAR!

Iraqi police detain three Special Groups operative behind 2007 Karbala attack
By Bill Roggio

Iraqi police have captured three Iranian-backed Special Groups operatives behind the kidnapping and murder of five US soldiers at the Karbala Provincial Joint Coordination Center in January 2007. Meanwhile, US troops captured another Special Groups leader in the Al Kut region...

Coalition special forces teams also captured a Special Groups leader in the town of Numaniyah near Al Kut in Wasit province. The operative is described as an "Iranian-trained improvised explosive device expert" who "traveled to Iran several times for explosives training. Intelligence sources also said the suspect has numerous Iranian contacts with whom he would meet when smuggling weapons and bomb-making materials into Iraq."

US and Iraqi forces detained four other senior Special Groups leaders in Wasit province since June 3.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WHO Lied? Who is lying now?

Apparently, the Rockefeller report was supposed to be a big deal in "exposing" the President and his "motives" behind the invasion of Iraq.

Here's a round up of the blog reactions:

RedState NAILS it. The Democrats' New Political Threat to the US.
And the commenter Abu El Banat also has a good point in Where's the beef?

Bush lied? If it were only that simple.
by Fred Hiatt, Washington Post.
1405 comments. whew. You go first.....

Sister Toldjah has something to say in Bush "lied"?
Good comments, too.

Gateway Pundit, of course has a lot to say: Bush Did Not Lie!
The comments are very good.

Fred Morrisey at HOT AIR comments on the report.

And we end with the New York Sun talking about an oxymoron in The Senate's Intelligence.

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$4.00 a Gallon Who's To Blame?

Update: To all you nice people that are stopping by, click the UCV banner and have a look around! Y'all come back now, y'hear.....

UPDATE: Here's a perfect example of this obstructionism: Toying with the energy companies.

A huge hat tip to a Brother Marine in Florida for his email this morning.

Thanks to the enivironmentalist lobby and its influence on Democratic legislators in Congress, the U.S. has, for decades, been prohibited from drilling for oil in places that we know contain billions of barrells of proven reserves.
Check out this map:

All of the "NO" zones are places where the U.S., thanks to the Democratic Party, is prohibited from drilling for oil. But wait . it gets better.

***China, Cuba, Canada and others continue to drill off our shores where US companies are not allowed to drill because of Democratic policies!
Yes, that's right . China and Cuba are actively exploring oil fields 50 miles from Key West, Florida while U.S. companies are barred from working in this area because of U.S. policy ... So, instead of allowing the most environmentally responsible companies to operate there and increase our domestic supply, China, who has a dismal environmental record, is preparing to suck our close, lucrative oil reserves dry.


Investor's Business Daily recently explained how irresponsible the Democrats have been on the energy crisis. They lay into what they consider to be the worst Congress ever for .....

~ Failing to allow drilling in ANWR. We have, as President Bush noted, estimated capacity of a million barrels of oil a day from this source alone -- enough for 27 million gallons of gas and diesel. But Congress won't touch it, fearful of the clout of the environmental lobby. As a result, you pay through the nose at the pump so your representative can raise campaign cash.

~ Refusing to build new refineries. The U.S. hasn't built one since 1976, yet the EPA requires at least 15 unique 'boutique' fuel blends that can be sold in different areas around the nation. This means that U.S. refinery capacity is stretched so tight that even the slightest problem at a refinery causes enormous supply problems and price spikes. Congress has done nothing about this.

~ Turning its back on nuclear power. It's safe and, with advances in nuclear reprocessing technology, waste problems have been minimized. Still, we have just 104 nuclear plants -- the same as a decade ago -- producing just 19% of our total energy. (Many European nations produce 40% or more of their power with nuclear.) Granted, nuclear power plants are expensive -- about $3 billion each. But they produce energy at $1.72/kilowatt-hour vs. $2.37 for coal and $6.35 for natural gas.

~ Raising taxes on energy producers. This is where a basic understanding of economics would help: Higher taxes and needless regulation lead to less production of a commodity. So by proposing 'windfall' and other taxes on energy companies plus tough new rules, Congress only makes our energy situation worse.

These are just a few of Congress' sins of omission -- all while India, China, Eastern Europe and the Middle East are adding more than a million barrels of new demand each and every year. New Energy Department forecasts see world oil demand growing 40% by 2030, including a 28% increase in the U.S.Americans who are worried about the direction of their country, including runaway energy and food prices, should keep in mind the upcoming election isn't just about choosing a new president. We'll also pick a new Congress.

If you agree with the need to let the American people know who's REALLY responsible for the sky-high gasoline prices we're seeing today, please forward this e-mail to everyone you know.

If we elect a liberal Democrat as president in the Fall and keep the same Democrat-controlled Congress, nothing will change .. except gasoline prices, which will keep going up.

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Marines come in all shapes, shades, weights, sizes and states of sobriety, misery, and confusion.
A Marine is as sly as a fox, has the nerve of a dope addict, the stories of an old sailor, the sincerity of a politician and the subtly of Mt. Saint Helens.
They are extremely irresistible, totally irrational and completely indestructible.
A Marine is a Marine all their life. They're a magical creature.
You can kick a Marine out of your house, but not out of your heart.
You can take them off your mailing list, but not off your mind.
They are found everywhere. In love, in battle, in lust, in trouble, in debt, in bars... and behind them.
No one can write so seldom and yet think so much of you.
No one else can get so much enjoyment out of a letter or clean clothes or a six pack.
A Marine is a genius with a deck of cards.
A millionaire without a cent and brave without a grain of sense.
They are the PROTECTORS OF AMERICA, with the latest copy of Playboy/Playgirl in their back pocket.
When they want something it's usually 30 days leave, music that hurts the ears, a five dollar bill or someone they can count on.
The other branches envy them, mothers tolerate them, fathers brag about them, the government pays them, the police watch out for them and somehow they all work together.
You can beat their bodies but not their minds.
You can tame their hearts but not their souls.
They love the opposite sex!
A Marine dislikes small checks, working weekends, answering letters, missing chow, waking up, maintaining a uniform and the day before payday.
You may as well give in. They are your long distance lover.
They are your steel eyed, warm smiling, blank minded, hyperactive, over reacting, curious, passive, talented, spontaneous, physically fit, good for nothing bundle of worry... and will always be there for you regardless of how long it's been since you've last talked. -Unknown

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A Tribute to SFC Matthew Blaskowski KIA 23 Sept 2007 - Afghanistan

H/T Tankerbabe
The above link is to a story and video about the bike that Terry and Cheryl Blaskowski had painted in tribute to their son Matt.
The original plan wasto have it painted a bit differently to give to Matt after this deployment.
After Matt was killed by the Taliban, Terry and Cheryl decided to continue having the bike painted but with a different "theme.
"This coming Thursday the bike will be unveiled at a festival prior to the NASCAR race at Michigan International Speedway. Terry and Cheryl along with Uncle Jimbo and Kev from (and hopefully Blackfive himself) and Tankerbabe will be there. The Blaskowski's are so excited about unveiling the bike. The got it put together post haste and took it out for a spin.
Everyone they encountered where ever they had it parked came over to take alook and comment about how beautiful it is. I can't wait to see it!

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Monday, June 09, 2008

But it's a DRY heat.......

Since we seem to be experiencing global warming (summer) these past few days, I thought that I would try to get to the truth. It seems that NASA has been "Painting by numbers."

I notice that this was not in a US news source. I wonder why.

Its hard to believe that I feel hotter here, then I did in Kuwait, during the same time period. And I used to be able to ignore humidity. Being from New Orleans, makes one immune. At least I was....

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Beccy Cole - Poster Girl on the Wrong Side of the World

Back in 2006, F Mcdonald, our blog mistress, aka She who must be obeyed, became an Aussie. I happened to track this down while looking at our Stat Counter. I wanted to know why someone linked from Blackfive to little ol' us....and found the link back to 2006.

This video was in response to fans that disagreed with her stance on the war. In honor of our staunchest allies: Beccy Cole.

Absolutely Beautiful.....

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D-Day by "CNN"..

If D-Day had been covered by "CNN"......

"Crisis on Omaha. How will this affect the Roosevelt Administration? After taking Rome, we had a perfect opportunity to negotiate......Germany never attacked us.......Roosevelt is acting as if this is a personal vendetta...."

h/t Michelle Malkin

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Lest We Forget

The waves broke,
On the beach,
Knowing their fates

Surging up the beach
Over the cliffs
Past the walls
Fate denied

Washing away evil
Cleansing the land
Leaving behind

6th Of June

author: M. Walker



Oil at 132.00 and climbing

This has got to stop. If the price of gas is not busting your budget, then you are independently wealthy, or you're part of the problem.

As the defacto Freedom Works contact for this region of our Commonwealth, I would be remiss if I did not post this link.


Sign this petition please.

Drill Here, Drill Now, shoot the speculators, stop the ChiComs drilling off our coast.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Feast- Pinch Me, Peel Me, Suck Me, Eat Me

Last month I was called by someone in Gilmore's team. He was wondering if I would like to volunteer as a delegate for Mr. Gilmore. Of course I said, "YES!", uh yes....

Well, anyway, I started to get into the registration process when I discovered that the convention was on the same weekend as my sister's internationally famous annual crawfish boil in Annapolis.

This is what I enjoyed instead of the convention. And boy, was it worth it. (Real Louisianans don't mind the rain; it just reminded me of home.....)

And with the proper prayers and sacrifices....the Cajun rain gods were appeased and had mercy on us.

After a celebratory beer(celebrating the fact that I had finished the previous one....) and conducting a quality assurance taste test of the first batch of crawfish, (which is why I needed the beer, HOT) we commenced the FEAST.

First, you fill a big container and wash them (the crawfish, not the children). This allows the children to become more acquainted with their lunch. Playing with their food IS allowed.....

So is trying to scare your little sister. She was SO not impressed.

Once the entertainment value has diminished and the desperate cries of the hungry become strident, the crawfish are placed into the sacred vessel for sacrifice.

As you can see in the bag on the table in the rear, the holy cayenne powder is abundant and plentiful. Added to the crawfish, are sausage, lemons, onions, potatoes, and corn and some secret seasonings...... And then there is the best garlic in the world.....The garlic that comes out of the pot is sweet, tasty, and goes with everything.

Adult libations were abundant. The God-given gift of beer flowed, refreshing our palates and quenching our thirsts. The children were given the treat of sugary soft drinks and juices. The rain mattered not.

With the presentation of the sacrifice, and its acceptance by the multitude, the Cajun rain gods, after realizing that the rain was dropping on the faithful, stopped the rain and the sun appeared. The faithful rejoiced and the feast commenced.

Many hours of feasting and playing and water fights were enjoyed. The Water of Life (12 year old single malt) appeared in the Holy Plastic Chalice. Rapture!

As the feast wound down, the faithful began the 2nd Annual Flip Cup Championship. Women vs the Men. Here is your fearless blogger defending his championship. (I noticed that the men's team kept losing to the girls after I stepped away.....not enough sailors....)
Concentrate................. Flip! Success! First try! And the team goes wild!!!!

And the Cajun rain gods looked down...and saw that it was good.

Remember, the secret to a long happy life is: Suck da Head and Eat da Tail.

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A Dhimmicrat In the Headlights

I said Maxine Waters wanted to nationalize the petroleum industry in a previous post. Well, friends and neighbors, here it is from her lips to Gods' ear.
Watch the people just to her right, as she realizes what she has just said OUT LOUD, and attempts to correct herself.
Almost makes you feel sorry for her. ALMOST!!!

Watch the video here.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

We Still Need A Little Help

With the homecoming for the Second 503 173DABCT in Italy. Just a gentle reminder.

Kit Lange of Euphoric Reality set up a website for donations.

173rd Sky Angels Fund.

Please help out if you can.

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ChiComs Drilling Off the Coast of Fla

Anyone who thinks the dhimmicrats have a plan to solve high gas prices has a house next door to Cleopatra; they're living in denial. All the dhimmis want to do is tax the oil companies. Maxine Waters threatens to nationalize the petroleum industry. Durbin the Turbin claims there is no way we can drill our way out of this problem.

Meanwhile, China and India are 50 miles off the coast of Florida, drilling in Castro's fields, using technology which could allow them to drill laterally and tap OUR reserves, and there ain't a freaking thing we're doing about it. What is wrong with these people? Have they lost their minds? Did they have a mind to begin with?

The dhimmis tout environmental concerns when they restrict drilling and prohibit new refineries. Does anyone here really think the ChiComs are concerned about the environment? Do you really think they give a furry rats ass about some pelicans or fish?

If the dhimmis really want to solve this energy crisis, they need to get their collective (yes, pun intended) asses in gear and pass Rep Sue Myrick's (R-NC) bill to allow drilling off our coast. Its HR 6108, the Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act of 2008 and will suspend the moratorium on offshore drilling. We can do this safely, cleanly, with minimal environmental impact, and it will go a long way towards solving the problem.

Rep Myrick is a frequent guest on the syndicated morning radio show John Boy and Billy out of Charlotte, NC and was on this morning talking about her bill. She supports drilling in ANWR and she also called for the State Department to revoke Jimmah Carter's passport.

It's time to put the economic interests of the American people at the front of the line. The enviro-nazis and the tree-hugging whack-job special interests that are controlling the dhimmicrat politicians have managed to once again step on my last nerve. It's time to tell these twits to STFD and STFU while the grown-ups deal with the problem.

Call your representatives and tell them to pass this bill, and tell them if they really want to help, move some battle cruisers down to the Straits of Florida and monitor the ChiCom operations 50 miles off our coast.
One drop of oil spilled and the operation is toast. I have it on good authority that some of those vessels carry big toasters.
Cross posted at The Talon and DCPW.

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