Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito!

Neener Neener Neener

Dark Eyed Junko said...

I can appreciate your enthusiasm and support for the new Justice, but your comment "Neener neener neener" is more hurtful than helpful. It's become too commonplace for people to take sides, as if rooting for a football team. Unfortunately, that way of thinking only undermines the political process by impeding meaningful discussion of the issues. I see the same thing happening equally with both sides of the spectrum, and it makes me sad that people are too preoccupied with the thrill of victory to see how contemptuous it all is to our democracy.

6:03 PM

f mcdonald said...

After the sophomoric way SUPREME COURT JUSTICE ALITO was maligned, ridiculed and demeaned by certain members of the United States Senate, the leftwing blogosphere, the Deaniacs, the NAGS, etc., etc., I think Neener Neener Neener is quite appropriate and easily understood.

10:12 PM

Other said...

Life forces us to take sides and then our only choices are how to respond. There is no progress or even change without conflict. We learn how to walk because we are in conflict with gravity; sitting on the floor not being able to reach something.
It isn't like a football game because there are so many sides to choose from. This really complex game has few rules and they keep changing and then you pick whether you're going to carry the ball for awhile or be a cheerleader. Nobody gets to be a referee or stand on the sidelines, there are no bleachers just a really really big invisible playing field with no lines drawn. and there is no gaterade or Theisman trophy you just get to stay in the game

10:48 PM

f mcdonald said...

Your comment is beautifully written. After reading it, the image that came to mind was Thunderdome.

It seems to me the natural world is incredibly ordered. The more closely science examines it the more this is shown to be true. Man is part of this natural order and law. Men survive the most horrible, brutal circumstances sometimes not even wanting to do so because buried deep within their being is hope. It may be unrecognized and unacknowledged but it is there.

"We don't need another hero
We don't need to know the way home
All we want is life beyond the thunderdome "

3:07 PM

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Monday, January 30, 2006

UCV Meeting 2/01/06 - Special Guest Rob Whitney of AFP

First Wednesday of the month is coming up and the United Conservatives of Virginia will be meeting to advance our plans to save the world from the lunacy of the left.

Meetings are open to all Conservatives and Right Wing Conspiracy types. No dues but the last person there picks up the bar tab. Just kidding... sort of.

So what are we going to do about this incredible, insane tax hike behemoth that is about to swallow us up here in the Commonwealth? Rob Whitney has a plan and he'd like to let us in on it.


115 N. 18TH ST.

American Daughter said...

Since Richmond is too far for me to come to the meeting in person, I'll be looking forward to a detailed report in a post here on your blog. You have really good coverage of state politics, and I appreciate being able to keep up with the news here at UC of V.

12:24 AM

f mcdonald said...

I will do my best to post an after action report. Thank you for the kind words.

5:10 PM



Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sen. John Watkins to Hold Town Meetings

If you are a constituent of Sen. Watkins please try to make it to one of his town hall meetings. Unfortunately our Senator was one of the Republicans to vote for the last tax increase and appears ready to try again to raise our taxes. He needs to hear from his constituents via phone, fax, email, and especially in person when possible. I will be at the one in Powhatan.

The schedule for the Town Hall Meetings will be:

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 at 7:00 PM
Richmond Town Hall Meeting with:
Senator John Watkins
Delegate John O'Bannon
Delegate Katherine Waddell
Mary Munford School
211 Westmoreland Street, Richmond, VA

Thursday, February 2, 2006 at 7:00 PM
Powhatan Town Hall Meeting with:
Senator John Watkins
Delegate Lee Ware
County Seat Restaurant
3883 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan, VA

Monday, February 6, 2006 at 7:00 PM
Chesterfield Town Hall Meeting with:
Senator John Watkins
Delegate Katherine Waddell
Delegate Lee Ware
Midlothian Middle School
13501 Midlothian Turnpike
Midlothian, VA

f mcdonald said...

Thank you for posting this Nick. I'm going to try to make the one at Mary Munford School.

4:17 PM

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The PA Ballot


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Taxopayer Ripoffii

Nickfinity has an edgy post over on Say No To Rinos. It's got all the makings of a Gothic thriller: rats, cats, parasites and State Senators.

Throw in the Queen of the DemonRats and Nick will have a blockbuster on his hands.

Image hosting by Photobucket
courtesy of AliVeritas

Pass the popcorn, please.

kilo said...

Great Pic!!
Drudge is reporting she may not be as powerful as some think

11:45 PM

f mcdonald said...

I do hope she runs. I've got so much good material stashed away that I would love to use.

If she does get the nomination, I predict a huge Republican win in '08.

9:56 AM



Tuesday, January 24, 2006



Monday, January 23, 2006

Chris Peace for Delegate in the 97th - Special Election 1-24-06

Image hosting by Photobucket

Best of luck to Republican candidate Chris Peace in the special election tomorrow to replace Ryan (now Senator) McDougle in the House of Delegates.

Neither Chris nor his opponent Dem. John Montgomery (the Game & Fish guy who charged the taxpayers for a Safari Club Trip to Reno, Nev.) have held elected office before and that has made for a bit of added interest.

At a Peace meet and greet this weekend in Caroline Coounty, Chris was energetic and on message. His down-to-earth common sense puts people at ease. They seem to be comfortable approaching him which I think is a great asset for an office holder.

More important than his personality is his strong stand on conservative issues. Keeping taxes low will always resonate with voters. I also like his take on protecting the vulnerable in our society, especially children.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Brokeback Diplomacy


Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Case for Democracy Book Review

January's UCV Book Club selection was The Case for Democracy by Natan Sharansky.

Natan Sharansky’s The Case for Democracy is just that: a defense of freedom for all people throughout the world. But he makes the case not only on a moral level—it’s the right thing to do—but also on a pragmatic level—it’s the wise thing to do. He argues successfully that democratic societies are peaceful societies and that the democratization of the world is the only route to true security. “Fear societies” are inherently unstable and the tyrants who rule them rely on demonization of internal and external enemies, and the abuse of human rights, to prop up their governments.

A fear society, Sharansky argues, cannot long endure. He testifies as an insider that the Soviet Union was rotting from within long before its seemingly stunning collapse. But, it would have survived longer, and perpetrated further abuses, had it not been for the moral clarity and leadership of Ronald Reagan and Henry "Scoop" Jackson. Herein lies Sharansky’s challenge to the leaders and the citizens of free societies: it is our duty to demand an end to fear societies and to enact policies that facilitate that end. That some people do not desire freedom, that freedom is not possible for everyone, that stability is more important than liberty are lies—and dangerous ones.

The Case for Democracy is a must-read. Sharansky elaborates on the philosophy that permeates the presidency of George W. Bush. He emphasizes the importance of differentiating between good and evil and understanding that freedom is the universal desire of mankind. “Over the years,” he writes, “I have come to understand a critical difference between the world of fear and the world of freedom. In the former, the primary challenge is finding the inner strength to confront evil. In the latter, the primary challenge is finding the moral clarity to see evil.”

American Daughter said...

Early this morning I came to the same conclusion in a post about bin Laden and Zawahri.

"They miscalculated. They tried to accomplish their goals through torture and terror. The tales of the atrocities commited by Arabs against Arabs under the Taliban in Afghanistan are horrific. Let alone any intervention by western military might, they would have failed eventually. Because people are motivated by opportunity, not by fear."

I haven't read the book you review, but now I want too!

5:32 PM

spankthatdonkey said...

Look what happened the last time the US population really feared it's leaders in Bill and Hillary Clinton... Waco, Ruby Ridge.. National Health Care (this injection won't hurt, it will just help you see more clearly :-) )

Free people do not respond well to oppressive govts... Great Post, and the book looks to be a good read

9:17 PM

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Kerfuffles Turns Over Another Rock

Kerfuffles is undoubtedly one of the best blogs I've come across. The fact that it is a Virginia blog is just icing on the cake. I have laughed, shed a tear or two, thumped the keyboard in confirmation and have always come away informed and better equipped to take on the Dark Side.

For instance: Neddy has dug up a disturbing Flash presentation created by the Council For Secular Humanism denouncing Bush's America as a fascist regime. Immediately after a few still shots of Hitler and minions they display what they consider to be the #1 sign of fascism illustrated by a photo of Jim Robinson in his wheel chair holding a "God Bless America" sign.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Jim Robinson is a veteran and the founder of FreeRepublic.com. As a proud FReeper myself, I have nothing but admiration for Mr. Robinson and all that he does to protect and preserve our Freedoms and especially for his vigorous support of our Military.

To see him portrayed as a fascist is ludicrous and a truly pathetic stretch if there ever was one.

Neddy said...

Yes Flora, but Jim Robinson can be proud of the company he was in. There was Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales, the U.S. Armed Forces, Senator Bill Frist, the saintly Pope John Paul, the entire Supreme Court, Fox News, President George Bush, and ... Jesus! And did you notice that almost every image to prove our nation is a Fascist state portrayed "Old Glory" in all her glory!

Isn't it amazing how our flag really gets under their skin so?

12:08 PM

f mcdonald said...

You are right - Jim Robinson is in good company! More power to him.

The narrator's voice was too weird. In fact he sounded so funny (Rampant Sexism!) I thought at first it might be a parody.

Unless it is flying upside down or defaced in some manner, our flag is a HUGE irritant to lefties. I was pleased to find a red, white & blue antenna topper today. Long may she wave!

BTW I apologize if the trackback thing isn't working. I'm still trying to figure it out.

3:22 PM

spankthatdonkey said...

Liberalism is a social disease :-)

9:22 PM

f mcdonald said...

...of epic proportions!

12:44 AM

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Viva La Nina!

Bouddicca, Jeanne d'Arc, Isabella of Spain: Warrior Women whose names and stories come to us from times long past. La Nina Del Escambray, Cuban guerilla fighter, is from our time, our place in history. Why have we not heard her story before?
Humberto Fontova in an article posted on Che Guevera Lies tells how Fidel and Che with the help of their Russian comrades decimated the villages and people of Escambray in 1962 .

One of these Cuban redneck wives refused to be relocated. After her husband, sons, and a few nephews were murdered by the Gallant Che and his minions, she grabbed a tommy gun herself, rammed in a clip and took to the hills. She became a rebel herself. Cubans know her as La Niña Del Escambray.

For a year she ran rings around the Communist armies sweeping the hills in her pursuit. Finally she ran out of ammo and supplies and the reds rounded her up. Amazingly, she wasn't executed (Che must have taken that day off.) For years La Niña suffered horribly in Castro’s dungeons, but she lives in Miami today. Seems to me her tragic story makes ideal fodder for Oprah, for all those women’s magazines, for all those butch professorettes of "Women’s Studies," for a Susan Sarandon role, for a little whooping up by Gloria Steinem, Dianne Feinstein and Hillary herself.

From the archives:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Che with Mascot
insanehippie said...

Which one was Che? All I see is some jackass and a horse on the left.

12:37 AM

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UCV Book Club Selections

At the February 8th, 2006 UCV Book Club meeting we will be reviewing two of Bernard Goldberg's bestsellers: Bias and Arrogance.

These are fast reads, thus the choice of two books this month.

Given Goldberg's media background, the books are full of firsthand anecdotes and insights into the inner workings of the MSM, something many of us have puzzled over or fumed about.

BTW Mr. Goldberg's website has an awesome Flash presentation as you enter so crank up the volume.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Impressive Victory for Staton

Via Commonwealth Conservative and Leesburg Today it looks like Mick Staton handily won the primary yesterday.
Staton paced the halls of the Loudoun County School Administration building during the 30-minute vote count this evening, only to find out at about 8:45 p.m. that he garnered 1,539 votes. Second place went to Randy Minchew, who received 837 votes. Lynn Chapman had345 votes and Scott Smith had 34 votes.
Staton was endorsed by VCAP and VCDL. I was happy to see Minchew giving his support to Staton after he learned of his defeat.

Upon hearing he lost, Minchew, a local land use attorney and chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, shook Staton’s hand and told him he had hissupport.

“Now let’s beat Mark Herring,” he told Staton.

The race between Staton and Herring should be an interesting one. A victory by Staton will hopefully quiet down some of the moderate Republicans who claim a conservative cannot win.

f mcdonald said...

Mr. Minchew handled the loss like a gentleman and I wish him the best.

Thank you for reporting this.

7:16 PM

nickfinity said...

I wish all politicians would act with the class shown by Mr. Minchew. It's kind of refreshing after all the bitterness from last year.

10:26 PM

f mcdonald said...

The guy definitely has class.

This race should be interesting. I think Mick Station can pull it off especially since Herring is "new" to the district.

But I am notoriously bad at making predictions. I thought Bob Dole would crush Bill Clinton.

11:00 PM

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

VCAP Endorses Mick Staton - Primary 1/16/06

Virginia Conservative Action PAC has endorsed Mick Staton in the 33rd Senate District Republican Primary to be held Monday, January 16, 2006.

The thought of an energetic, young, conservative in the Virginia Senate is something to get excited about. Rumor has it he has never owned or much less tried on a pair of plaid polyester pants.

Mick has a solid, principled, core set of beliefs that will serve him and Virginia well in the days ahead.

Here's to a successful outcome in the Primary! Go Mick!

spankthatdonkey said...

I hate missing every chance I get to vote for a good Conservative. Luckily my Delegate is Chris Saxman, who will rarely let you down... My Senator is Emmett Hanger... I'll leave it at that.

10:38 PM

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Plaid Pants & Brown Shoes: The Virginia Senate '06

Floyd the Barber spent a good part of his life wearing modest white dusters never venturing far afield except in the late 60's when he spiced things up with a neru collar. All that changed when he entered the political arena.

Now, thanks to a little spit and polish he is the fashion icon to emulate in the State Senate. His esteemed Colleagues have legislative aides combing the racks at Goodwill for vintage polyester.

A few of them have privately complained that the fabric is scratchy and doesn't breathe but they bravely put personal comfort aside to keep up with the Barber Emeritus. It is a sight to behold as the Senators walk briskly through the halls of the General Assembly building, pantlegs clinging closely to their calves, sparks crackling between their thighs, zapping anyone they happen to touch.

One Senator was heard to exclaim as he entered a crowded elevator, "I feel the Powah!" He got on, the elevator went down and the lights in the building flickered several times. When they disembarked on the ground floor with their hair standing on end, ears and nostrils smokin', one of the security guards nearby muttered something about politics being better than sex or socks (my source wasn't close enough to be sure which).

Unfortunately for the Fashion Police, there are always a few who buck the trend. The Bad Boys are stubbornly refusing to adapt and just as stubbornly continue to wear blue jeans.

Yes, it's true. Senators Cuccinelli, Martin, Obenshain, and O’Brien each still have a pair.

Kerfuffles said...

Great comparison and a great new blog for Virginia bloggers!

10:47 AM

f mcdonald said...

Thanks Kerfuffles. If we can be half as good as your blog and perservere I'll be satisfied.

3:45 PM

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Biden Bitter Bruised & Broken

Courtesy of End_Clintonism_Now

Senator Joe Biden of Delaware was frustrated enough in an appearance on the Today show Thursday to suggest scrapping hearings altogether. "The system's kind of broken," Biden said. Time Online

American Daughter said...

I love your new weblog. It is a valuable addition to the Virginia blogosphere.

3:58 PM

f mcdonald said...

Thank you, American Daughter. You've got some awesome stuff on your website and we're going to put your link in the sidebar if that's ok with you.

9:46 PM

spankthatdonkey said...

Love the Photo!!!! Keep Spanking them Donkeys!!! :D

10:47 PM

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006



There are as many movie reviewers out there as there are movies but I felt that this movie called for one more review. My review is different in that the Christian perspective is as important as the technical aspects and I offer it with no apologies.

The battle scenes, though hand-to-hand, are not nearly as brutal as Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart” because there are not many instances of blood and gore. Those wounds that do exist are minimized. One of the main characters receives a potentially mortal blow but as dramatic as that is - it is still just a red spot on the character’s vestments. It is a brutal battle because the setting is beautiful, even pastoral and these are the creatures of our childhood fantasies. The creatures are truly fantastic; griffins and gargoyles as well as lions, tigers and bears. This war between good and evil is presented simply with stark stereotypical contrasts; you wonder how that stupid child could NOT know that the Snow Queen is evil. She isn’t pale and cold just because she hasn’t been to the beach lately. The wolves with their snarling and hateful muttering and threats are scary because they are cunning. Aslan, the Lord of Narnia, is beautiful and perfect. The events before the big battle draw on the characters and pull out of them the qualities that you suspect. The duplicity of the greedy little liar and the nobility of the beaver couple as they show their concern for each other as they go into hiding, running for their lives. You see strengths come into play in unexpected ways and the individuals are surprised at themselves sometimes (even Santa Claus has his part to play). The adult actors chosen to portray our child-heroes in the final scenes seem unreal in their perfection but are natural and un-self-conscious in their movements and interactions. We rebel at the final choice at the end of the story because it is unthinkable from an adult’s perspective. But it makes sense.

The allegorical aspects that will appeal to a believer are so obvious that I hesitate to discuss them because they would spoil the suspense for anyone who happens to be the one in a millionth person who hasn’t read the book. Entire books have been written on the allegory found in the fictions of C S Lewis. I can only add that this work is true to the author. Mr. Lewis’s grandson held tightly to this property waiting for the right moment.

The detail of the computer-generated image has reached new levels and will stand up to inspection if Disney maintains their standard in the reproduction of the DVD. I, for one, am pleased at the continued collaboration of Disney and Pixar. The visuals in this movie are child-like but not cartoon-ish. This is destined to be an instant DVD “must-have”. I give this movie two thumbs up and a "go get the refill popcorn yourself!" yodi-va

pp-edit: Disney and Pixar have not signed a contract renewal as yet. I hope no one bought Disney stock due to this review. :) Actually, I don't recommend buying stock in Disney anyway.
f mcdonald said...

We rebel at the final choice at the end of the story because it is unthinkable from an adult’s perspective. But it makes sense.

I am intrigued by that statement. I don't remember the Narnia stories well at all and was not inclined to see the movie but your enthusiasm is contagious.

Looks like the McDonalds will be going to the movies together for the first time since The Passion of the Christ was released!

8:52 PM

Polycarp said...

Sounds like a good movie!

9:11 PM

spankthatdonkey said...

Thanks for the Link, I will do the same!!

10:28 AM

f mcdonald said...

Saw the movie tonight and it was even better than I expected. I was so touched by Edmond's betrayal and redemption.

One little boy walked into the theatre clutching his Narnia books. As we were leaving another boy could hardly contain himself, "That was the best movie ever! Ever! Ever!"

Thank you C. S. Lewis for this timeless gift and Disney for translating it into film.

9:59 PM



Sunday, January 08, 2006

Americans For Prosperity: Someone called in the Cavalry

Nickfinity over at Say No to RINOs has posted a great summary of the Americans For Prosperity Virginia Grassroots meeting held on January 7. Speakers included AFP's Rob Whitney, Delegate Chris Saxman, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (that guy is showing up in all the Right places!), The Honorable Paul Harris, Dr. Jim Miller, Speaker of the House William Howell, Steve Horton and Phil Cox.

After reading his detailed report there seems to be hope this group may be THE great anti-tax coagulator Virginia needs and platelet donations will most likely be in order before all is said and done.

Here is a bit of what nickfinity had to report:

Delegate Saxman is a member of the Cost Cutting Caucus and is a big proponent of school choice. I believe he has a bill this year that would give tax credits to corporations who offer scholarships to private schools. I hope it passes.

Delegate Saxman also supports a more transparent budget. I have only glanced at this year's budget, but it appears to be an improvement over previous years. I hope it is something he continues to work on.

As an aside, during the tax hike debate I talked to Senator Stosch and asked him where I could look at the budget. He said it was available online and made it sound like any schmuck could look at it and figure everything out. I did look, but it was difficult to navigate and understand. The following year on a survey he asked if the budget document should be easier to view and understand.

Following Delegate Saxman was Rob Whitney. Rob discussed the victory AFP had in Kansas. At the same time Virginia was passing a $1.4 billion tax increase Kansas was defeating a $1 billion increase. Part of a problem in Virginia is that the anti-tax crowd is not as organized as it should be. AFP will hopefully be the answer.

Dontcha just love the new media?



Updates on VA Laws on Concealed Carry

Delegate Carrico (R-Independence) has introduced HB 370 for VCDL.
This bill fixes 15.2-1209.1. The current law says that counties may require someone carrying a loaded firearm who is on a public highway, but not in a moving vehicle, to have permission to hunt on both sides of the road.This law has created much confusion as it could be misinterpreted to ban open carry or even concealed carry for someone just walking down the road.The fix clarifies that it only applies to someone who is actually hunting.

--Senator Reynolds has submitted a new bill to repeal fingerprint requirements for CHPs. The bill is SB 58 and it will replace SB 36, which had a technical problem and will be withdrawn.

--Other pro-gun bills that have been submitted:

HB 146, Delegate Mark Cole, repeals the restaurant ban.

HB 162, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, prohibits the banning of firearms locked in vehicles in parking lots.
This bill is great for gun owners whose employer currently has such a ban. The bill also indemnifies the property owner from responsibility if the gun gets taken from the vehicle and used in a crime.

HB 167, Delete Scott Lingamfelter, eliminates expiration of CHPs (lifetime permit).

Anti-gun bills:

SB 15, Senator Henry Marsh III, restricts private sales at gun shows by requiring background checks.
Same old baloney as the last several years.

f mcdonald said...

To track these bills and keep on eye on the 2006 Session of the General Assembly try this link for Legislative Information Sytems:

2006 Session

7:54 PM

insanehippie said...

Another great resource from last year was the "Virginia Citizens Defense League" website http://www.vcdl.org they had a Bill Tracker website that kept track of all pro-gun rights and anti-gun bills in 2005.

Hopefully it will be working for 2006. It was a great asset for me as a then-college student who had some time to visit the folks at the Virginia General Assembly Building and give them credit or criticism. :-)


7:17 PM

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

AlitoBlog.com: Are You Ready For Some Hardball?

As Washington braces for Alito's Armageddon, Human Events has created AlitoBlog.com as a one stop source of updated information for activists and news junkies with blow by blow accounts of the struggle to put Judge Samuel Alito on the bench of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Be armed with facts. Contact your representatives. Never forget what the media and democrats did to this good and decent man:

Mr. Chairman, in my 43 years on this earth, I have been able, with the help of others and with the help of God, to defy poverty, avoid prison, overcome segregation, bigotry, racism, and obtain one of the finest educations available in this country. But I have not been able to overcome this process. This is worse than any obstacle or anything that I have ever faced...

I will not provide the rope for my own lynching or for further humiliation.

Clarence Thomas, Friday, October 11, 1991 Morning Session

Prayers up for Sam Alito.

nickfinity said...

The confirmation should be interesting. I hope Alito can turn in a performance similar to Roberts.

10:35 AM

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Friday, January 06, 2006

UCV Book Club 01/11/06 7:00 pm

Please join us for the January meeting of the

United Conservatives of Virginia
Book Club

We will be discussing
The Case for Democracy
by Natan Sharansky

Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2006 at 7 pm

Tyler Haines Commons
(sunken area by the windows overlooking the lake)
at the University of Richmond

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