Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Governor ROCKS THE HOUSE!!!!

Governor McDonnell Elected Chairman of
Republican Governors Association for 2012

ORLANDO- Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell was elected Chairman of the Republican Governors Association today at the group's quarterly meetings in Orlando, Florida. With today's vote the Governor will continue his service as head of the organization. Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey was elected to continue serving as RGA Vice-Chairman. Joining McDonnell and Christie on the RGA Executive Committee will be: Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico, Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina, and Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Additionally, Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana was elected to serve as RGA Policy Chairman to lead the Republican Governors Public Policy Committee.
A portend of things to come, I believe.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

**UPDATE** Rifles and Pistols and Ammo, OH MY!!!

Well, I can't sell my BBQ Sauce outside the Showplace and there are literally no tables left and there's a waiting list. No problem. I'll pay the admission fee; walk around the hall; enjoy the day. I have plenty of CwtT brochures and pins.

Next weekend, 3-4 December, at the Showplace on Mechanicsville Turnpike, is the Gun Show.

I'll be there supporting the effort to get Herman Cain on the ballot for the primary. Come on out,

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You Didn't Really Think They Were Going To Play Fair Did You?

Outrage!… After Demanding Refund From City, Richmond Tea Party Gets Letter – “You’re Being Audited”

In late October the Richmond Tea Party sent a letter to city officials demanding a refund for the $10,000 the group spent on permits, portable toilets, police presence and emergency personnel for three rallies held at same plaza where the Occupy Richmond squatters set up their camp. Now the tea party is being audited.
Right Side News reported:

"Two weeks after the Richmond Tea Party delivered an invoice to Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones for costs incurred for previous rallies; we received a letter from the City of Richmond formally stating that the city is auditing our Tea Party.

Coincidence? This audit is an obvious attempt to intimidate and harass us for standing up against the unfair treatment and discrimination against our Tea Party.
As reported on the front page of the Richmond Times Dispatch, the Richmond Tea Party delivered an invoice for charges incurred in our previous three Tax Day rallies at Kanawha Plaza because Mayor Jones chose to allow Occupy Richmond protesters to convene in the same park for two weeks.

The Mayor not only allowed the Occupiers to break the law, but he visited them in the city-owned park. “Jones said that as a ‘child of civil rights’ and protests, he had allowed the group to remain in the park but understands his mayoral responsibility to uphold laws of the city,” reported the Richmond Times Dispatch"

Read the rest at Gateway Pundit and if you look at the right side of that image, about half-way up, that would be your humble servant, Moi.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The First Amendment DOES NOT Protect #OccupyWallStreet

The First Amendment DOES NOT Protect #OccupyWallStreet

By their own admission their goal is to occupy publicly owned companies and “hit the corporations that corrupt and control American politics where it hurts, their profits.”

What these little Marxists don’t understand is that a “publicly owned” company is a publicly traded one. Which means stocks of said company are owned by average, run of the mill moms and pops across the U.S. (either as individual stocks or in a mutual fund or in a 401K, etc.). So what these Obama-ites are really doing is not hurting Wal-Mart or AT&T as much as hurting the very hardworking Americans #OccupyWallStreet claims to represent.
The real problem is, these selfish, lazy, filthy, useful idiots don't care about anyone or anything but themselves.


Occupying Seven Deadly Sins

Occupying Seven Deadly Sins

I know I'd listen to anyone brave enough to wear THAT outfit in public; and whats'up with the Red Star? Tinkerbelle? Texaco?

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Occupy Black Friday Protesters Hand Out "CUM-sumer Whores" Fliers to Walmart Shoppers (Video)

Occupy Black Friday Protesters Hand Out "CUM-sumer Whores" Fliers to Walmart Shoppers (Video)

Now this is a fine example of how to stay classy. "This is what democracy looks like."
I wonder if the parents of these asshats are proud of the offspring they have loosed upon the general population. I wonder if these asshats HAVE parents or were just sprouted from some demon-seed.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

DC Protest Warrior: I'm Looking For Team America in 2012


On Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving

We wish all our friends a very safe and family-filled Thanksgiving. God Bless our troops and keep them safe.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Role of the Federal Government with Paul Rahe

The Role of the Federal Government with Paul Rahe
The US Constitution has been co-opted to shield government agencies from the public. As a result, we now have a consolidated government with far too much control over private institutions. The recent developments in the EPA and the new regulations set up for ObamaCare are just a few easy examples of the extreme federal overreach coming out of the Obama Administration.

You won't regret taking the time to watch this.


Commies & Marxists & Thugs Oh MY!!!

The Communist Revolution, Unions, #OWS & The Power of the 99% in 2012

Not that this should be surprising since Marxists have been behind and involved with in the #OccupyWallSt movement since Day One when the September protests began, but the Neo-Coms in the unionized #OWS movement are now getting more formal advice from their philosophical mentors, the Communist Party USA.

Of course we're told that the #OWS movement is just a "spontaneous" outpouring of anger by ordinary Americans.

There will be unicorns and lollipops in the main foyer.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

National Ammo Day

Today is National Ammo Day!

Did you do your part? My Darling Daughter did.
What are YOU waiting for??
Wal-Mart is still open!!!!

If you didn't, or can' have all week!



Friday, November 18, 2011

Ideas from the Tea Party

Many compare the Tea Party and the OWS crowd.

You can't. There is no comparison.

I'll start taking the OWS crowd seriously.....heck, I'll start taking the GOP and Democrats seriously when they start putting out ideas like this.


Unfortunately, the GOP is AGAIN betraying the conservative movement.

Republicans throw their Pledge to America under the Omnibus

".....the House passed Harry Reid’s first minibus appropriations bill (Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science, Transportation-HUD), which contains record levels of spending for Food Stamps, WIC, and international food aid. It also contains $2.3 billion for disaster spending, which is excluded from the budget caps. "

I am ashamed to say that there does not seem to be one, single, solitary Virginian name on the roster of those that kept their word.

When will these fools learn? If they continue to vote this way, why should conservatives support them? At all? How are they different from the Democrats?

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Professed Occupy Portland Members Arrested Carrying Bombs Intended for Police | Vision to America


Sunday, November 13, 2011

News Cameraman Attacked, How Will Media Handle #OWS Cognitive Dissonance?

News Cameraman Attacked, How Will Media Handle #OWS Cognitive Dissonance?

From the start of the Occupy Freak Street movement the media compared the protests to the tea party.

Based on jealousy over the movement that captured the nation prior to the November 2010 elections and since, the media wanted desperately to have protests they could relate to and promote. The tea party certainly was not that, so protecting #OWS has been their mission.

Take the Occupy Oakland protestors who attacked a KGO TV cameraman who was there to “shoot” a murder scene at one of the protests (wait–a murder scene at supposedly peaceful protests?).

Cameraman (or photojournalist, if you wish) Randy Davis was attacked by about a dozen men and he suffered a mild concussion and bumps and bruises.

It has also been reported that the protesters formed a human shield around the victim, possibly keeping the person from getting the medical help needed to possibly save his life if the occasion had been that severe. Accomplices, anyone?

99% of America is working hard to make the American Dream a reality for their families. 1% are making a fool of themselves by ridiculing and denigrating the efforts of the 99%. Keep on, idiots.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Columbia Journalism Review Slams Politico's Frenzied, Single-Minded Focus On Herman Cain

Columbia Journalism Review Slams Politico's Frenzied, Single-Minded Focus On Herman Cain

Now that we’re learning something about Cain’s accusers and how the National Restaurant Association settlements agreements were handled, Politico’s unwillingness to give us specific details in that mega-story of theirs is starting to make some sense, at least to me.

What we’re now discovering is that the facts are much less troubling than what was ginned up in our collective imaginations that were fueled only by Politico’s maddeningly vague allegations and innuendo. So now you have to wonder if the 144 story (and counting) feeding frenzy Politico ’s journOlisted up over the last ten days wasn’t all smoke and mirrors designed to cover up the fact that their original story was nowhere near worthy of the Normandy-like roll out they organized and commanded.

The there just isn’t there.
Who the hell belives Politico about anything? Oh yeah, the Left.
H/T Big Journalism


Friday, November 11, 2011

Voice stress analysis says Herman Cain truthful; accuser...not so much.

Voice stress analysis says Herman Cain truthful; accuser...not so much.

This is worth sharing. Now, all you fairweather, goodtime conservatives who jumped ship after the first RUMOUR surfaced, can come back. Its safe.
Frankly, I don't blame you for being skittish, but you should have known better. You really think the Bamamachine is going to play fair?
"Oh ye of little faith."

Better way to address scandal, says professor (
.........a private investigator says software that analyzes the stress level in a person's voice tells him Herman Cain is telling the truth -- and that accuser Sharon Bialek is not.

WGCL-TV in Atlanta, a CBS affiliate, interviewed private investigator TJ Ward about the results he gathered from using technology that is currently employed by almost 70 law enforcement agencies nationwide to tell when someone is lying. The investigator conveyed these comments after analyzing recent sound bites using the software:

"When [Cain] directly talks about the allegations against him, [the software] tells me he is being truthful in his conversations to the public," states Ward.

As for Bialek's allegations that the GOP presidential hopeful groped her? "I don't think she is fabricating her meetings [with Cain], but she is fabricating what transpired," he remarks.

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Thank You to all Veterans.

Happy Veterans Day! Thanks to all that serve.

For Veterans always continue to serve. They never stop. Until the last shot's fired....



Thursday, November 10, 2011

President "PRESENT" Panders to the Environuts

President Obama, having already delayed his decision for months, is voting “Present” again on national security. Energy security that is.

The Keystone XL pipeline is in danger of being canceled. The company has deadlines and contracts to fulfill. President Obama is pandering to the environmentalists that want this delayed or canceled under the mistaken idea that they are helping the earth by doing so. If the pipeline does not come south to provide the US with oil, the Canadians will just route it westward and sell the oil to China, while we will have to have oil shipped in from overseas, a greater danger of pollution.

All this only to be able to get votes. And then, he will approve it. IF its still available.

Excerpt: An increasingly peeved Canada may not wait for the U.S. to remain its best customer, a promise Obama made Brazil as it pursued offshore drilling we were curtailing. “What will happen if there wasn’t approval — and we think there will be — is that we’ll simply have to intensify our efforts to sell the oil elsewhere,” Joe Oliver, Canada’s natural resource minister, told Reuters .

That elsewhere is China. As we’ve noted, Sinopec, a Chinese state-controlled oil company, has a stake in a $5.5 billion plan to build the Northern Gateway Pipeline from Alberta to the Pacific Coast province of British Columbia. Alberta’s finance minister met this month with Sinopec and CNOOC, China’s other big oil company, and representatives of China’s banks.

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Happy Birthday to my Brass Polishers.....



Proud to be your taxi driver…..

Because without you…I would have to go die on the beach...

Or worse……

Have the Army on my ship.




Monday, November 07, 2011

8th of November-We Will Not Forget


Sunday, November 06, 2011

Veteran's Day 11-11-11 Washington DC


By J.B. Williams
November 6, 2011

Veterans and service members across the country have issued a national Call-to-Action for all patriotic Americans under a document titled A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic, an ongoing strategy to be launched in Washington D.C. on Veterans Day, November 11, 2011.

Men and women who have risked life and limb to fight for freedom and liberty around the globe, now turn their attention to fighting for freedom and liberty at home. They are calling for peaceful actions, both nationally and locally, beginning on 11.11.11 in their assembly at the Washington Memorial at 0600.

The Declaration to Restore is extensive, and very clear. They are calling upon all who have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, to act now, upon those oaths. They are calling upon oath takers, both active and inactive, as well as all patriotic American citizens prepared to stand with them in pursuit of justice, a return to constitutional government and the rule of law.

Led by Col. James Harding, USAF Ret., the twentieth most decorated military officer alive today, and Col. Harry Riley, USA Ret. – via Veteran Defenders of America – the organization has had enough and will not sit idly by and watch the current destruction of their country and the daily assault on everything they hold dear.

Working against a strong head wind to get their word out, the word is getting out and many are answering the call. A partial list of supporters is posted at the organizations web site, demonstrating a clear grassroots rebellion swelling from the bottom up.

Great effort went into the Veterans Declaration, but what is the end game? A call for Obama and others to resign is not likely to result in any resignations. Even the call for impeachment is unlikely to cause members of congress to begin impeachment proceedings, after congress has ignored their honor-bound duty to have stopped Obama & Co. long before now.

Another rally in D.C. is likely to end with the same results as all previous rallies in D.C., no change in the anti-American national direction, if there is no clear strategy for carrying out the demands.
So, what is the real strategy?

When asked what the Veterans and Patriots hope to achieve, U.S. Patriots Union Co-Founder Tim Harrington said it right – “We have to start somewhere...” – Patriots Union is the parent organization for Veteran Defenders. The two organizations joined forces back in May 2011, with Veteran Defenders becoming the “oath takers” division of Patriots Union.

Explaining further – “The 11.11.11 Event in D.C. is not intended to be the end-all be-all solution for our nation’s woes, in one afternoon. It marks the beginning, a launching pad for an ongoing strategy to confront anti-American and unconstitutional activities in our government from the ground up, fighting local corruption as well as national corruption, one day at a time, one incident at a time.” – said Harrington, a former Marine Sergeant. “The idea is to no longer be silent or complacent...”

11.11.11 will not mark the end of the march to socialism in the U.S., but it will mark the beginning of the end, according to Harrington and Harding.

“We don’t expect criminals in the federal government to give up easily, after working so hard for so long to entrench themselves in positions of power,” said Col. Harding, explaining further, “We anticipate serious resistance from those who mean harm to America, but we are up to the task.”

“It is apparent, based on many indisputable facts, that individual liberty, possession of property, national sovereignty, national security, and freedom will not survive if the present political power base prevails. Therefore a course change is now required as determined by millions of Americans, and spelled out in A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic.” – Said retired USAF Brigadier General Charles Jones III.

Veteran Defender Major General Paul Vallely (USA Ret.) was even more succinct in his statement – “President Obama, his appointees and czars must be replaced immediately.” But nobody is operating under the illusion that the massive problems in our country can be solved in a single afternoon or event...

Col. Harry Riley puts a fine point on the matter at hand – “Consider the millions that have sacrificed to their death, blood spilled and families destroyed...most from our warriors and families...just one example of the price paid for our freedom and liberty. And now, Obama is exercising a free rein to destroy our nation as slowly and methodically as a creeping undetected cancer. – It must stop!”

An increasing number of veterans and patriots are joining the veterans Call-to-Action, and it marks the first time in recent history when veterans stepped up to take a firm stand against a runaway government, calling upon all patriotic citizens to stand with them.

For the veterans, they seem to understand the long road ahead, the challenges involved, and the need for a sustained strategy which relies not on politicians, but rather on the people, who will not allow the destruction of the American Dream to continue.

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin lost his honorable military career and went to prison for simply doing the right thing, what his oath required him to do, made a political prisoner by his illegitimate Commander-in-Chief and a corrupt UCMJ... Lt. Commander Walter F. Fitzpatrick, III sits in a Monroe County jail today for attempting repeatedly to keep his oath to protect and defend.

Meanwhile, our federal government continues to drive the nation deeper into chaos and calamity.

Sitting in military prison today, are numerous honorable soldiers who kept their promise, only to be charged, tried and incarcerated for doing so, by an anti-military administration that continues to place soldiers in harm’s way without the consent of congress, the support of the people, and under insane rules of engagement, making them political prisoners upon their return from combat, the truth that would exonerate these soldiers, withheld from the public. This insanity must end and these political prisoners must be set free.

The time for real American change has arrived, and the veterans are the right people to lead that initiative. I will being standing with those veterans in D.C. on 11.11.11 and invite YOU to stand with us too, on Veterans Day and every day after, until true justice is achieved and freedom rings once again in America.

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Friday, November 04, 2011

Democrat Socialists, Marxists Neck Deep in “Occupy” Movement

Democrat Socialists, Marxists Neck Deep in "Occupy" Movement

From baking brownies to providing legal, medical and organizational support, the US’s largest Marxist group Democratic Socialists of America, and its youth wing Young Democratic Socialists, is heavily involved in “Occupation” actions across the country.
No, really? I never saw this coming. You gotta love the 1st Amendment.

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*UPDATED* #OccupyWallStreet: The Rap Sheet, So Far

*UPDATED* #OccupyWallStreet: The Rap Sheet, So Far

***Updated 11/4/2011– Today we hit incident 142.

One of the secret weapons the corrupt mainstream media uses in their never-ending quest to Palace Guard for the left is context. For example, when it came to the Tea Party, the MSM was notorious for amplifying a single incident (that was usually a lie) and using it to attempt to smear and define an entire movement. This is what you do when you want to quickly take out a political enemy.

The MSM’s contextual game changes, however, when their desire is to strengthen a movement and give it credibility and room to grow. By dutifully reporting individual incidents but not reporting on the growing scope and size of Occupy Wall Street lawlessness, the MSM is willfully covering up the violence, vandalism, and anti-Semitism that truly does define this movement.

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

DOJ Max Black Plan

The Voting Rights Act of 1965

Everyone has heard about it. Republicans wrote it and forced President Johnson to sign it.

During the debate over the 2006 extension, some Republican members of Congress objected to renewing the preclearance requirement (the Act's primary enforcement provision), arguing that it represents an overreach of federal power and places unwarranted bureaucratic demands on Southern states that have long since abandoned the discriminatory practices the Act was meant to eradicate.

It was renewed for 25 years.

Section Five requires that the Commonwealth of Virginia get permission from the federal government to change district boundaries. The Dept. of Justice has to approve those changes. At one time, racial gerrymandering was used extensively as to "protect the rights of minorities" because only those of that race could be a viable candidate. That process was declared unconstitutional. From Wikipedia:
Some judges and proponents of racially drawn congressional districts have interpreted Section 5 of the Act as requiring racial gerrymandering in order to ensure minority representation.[32][33] The United States Supreme Court in Miller v. Johnson, 515 U.S. 900 (1995), overturned a 1992 Congressional redistricting plan which had created minority majority districts in Georgia as unconstitutional gerrymander. In Bush v. Vera, the Supreme Court, in a plurality opinion, rejected Texas's contention that Section 5 required racially-gerrymandered districts.
Of course, Obama's Department of Justice, as we have seen in the dropping of charges against the New Black Panthers, moratoriums on drilling, and the Fast and Furious operation, doesn't feel constrained by court rulings or legalities. As long as it meets their agenda, all is kosher.

DOJ's Secret Internal Redistricting Plan
The Holder Justice Department has been using secret internal redistricting plans to try to force states, counties and cities to maximize the number of black elected officials resulting from redistricting. In the 1990′s the Department of Justice Voting Section engaged in illegal activity that was commonly referred to as “Max-Black” when reviewing redistricting plans in 16 states covered by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.
Any submitting authority will recognize the signs of the secret plans. DOJ staff have been instructed that they cannot ever give the illustrative plans to the submitting authority. They, instead, are to suggest moving a district line in a certain direction, or to grab new territory. The instructions to DOJ staff to create, but not disclose the secret plans, are explicit. These instructions are yet another reason why jurisdictions should go straight to federal court for approval of redistricting plans instead of dealing with the illegal imposition of Max-Black solutions by Eric Holder’s DOJ.

So, the question is, ...... is this happening in Virginia and should AG Cuccinelli look into it?

h/t PJ Tatler


Skeptical about Climate Change

Are you tired of feeling alone?
Are you tired of being called names?
Are you sick and tired of people scamming you?

Take heart.

Here is an incredible speech by Matt Ridley at the Royal Society. READ THE WHOLE FRICKIN' THING!

Scientific heresy

Some excerpts:
So what’s the problem? The problem is that you can accept all the basic tenets of greenhouse physics and still conclude that the threat of a dangerously large warming is so improbable as to be negligible, while the threat of real harm from climate-mitigation policies is already so high as to be worrying, that the cure is proving far worse than the disease is ever likely to be. Or as I put it once, we may be putting a tourniquet round our necks to stop a nosebleed.
And then, there's this masterful smack down after wiping out the "hockey stick."

For, apart from the hockey stick, there is no evidence that climate is changing dangerously or faster than in the past, when it changed naturally.

It was warmer in the Middle ages* and medieval climate change in Greenland was much faster.

Stalagmites*, tree lines and ice cores all confirm that it was significantly warmer 7000 years ago. Evidence from Greenland suggests that the Arctic ocean was probably ice free for part of the late summer at that time.

Sea level* is rising at the unthreatening rate about a foot per century and decelerating.

Greenland is losing ice at the rate of about 150 gigatonnes a year, which is 0.6% per century.

There has been no significant warming in Antarctica*, with the exception of the peninsula.

Methane* has largely stopped increasing.

Tropical storm* intensity and frequency have gone down, not up, in the last 20 years.

Your probability* of dying as a result of a drought, a flood or a storm is 98% lower globally than it was in the 1920s.

Malaria* has retreated not expanded as the world has warmed.

And so on. I’ve looked and looked but I cannot find one piece of data – as opposed to a model – that shows either unprecedented change or change is that is anywhere close to causing real harm.

And finally, a bit about why many, even those that believe the earth is warming, cannot stand the global warming hoaxers. Bolding is mine.

Does it matter? Suppose I am right that much of what passes for mainstream climate science is now infested with pseudoscience, buttressed by a bad case of confirmation bias, reliant on wishful thinking, given a free pass by biased reporting and dogmatically intolerant of dissent. So what?

After all there’s pseudoscience and confirmation bias among the climate heretics too.

Well here’s why it matters. The alarmists have been handed power over our lives; the heretics have not.
Read it. Spread it.

h/t Bishop Hill blog

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The Climate Code is Solved.....maybe.

Apparently Al Gore DOES NOT cause global warming or climate change. Another round body does:


The plutinos Quaoar and Pluto and its tide like heliocentric aspects have obvious the main impact on the climate amplitudes, but minor impacts can be related to most of the planets including Jupiter and the planets beyond.

In other words, the planets affect the sun's output somehow and our climate changes in correlation to the geometry of the planetary alignments. And this scientist is seeing ....wait for it.... cooling.

Another scientist shows that our climate changes in cycles controlled by the position of the sun in
this pdf.

Hmmmmm.... is the world warming? Not really....well....maybe. Depends on how far back you start to measure. But its definitely NOT man-made.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Shop SEARS for Christmas

Our troops depend upon us to support them.

And SEARS does wholeheartedly. I plan to go out of my way to shop there because they are supporting employees that are also military members.

How do they do it?

From Michael Ledeen, at PJ Tatler:

I know I needed this reminder, since Sears isn’t always my first choice.
It’s amazing when you think of how long the war has lasted and Sears hasn’t withdrawn from their commitment. Could we each buy at least one thing at Sears this year?

What commitment you say?

How does Sears treat its employees who are serving in our military?
By law, they are required to hold their jobs open and available, but nothing more. Usually, people take a big pay cut and lose benefits as a result of being in active duty.

Sears is voluntarily paying the difference in salaries and maintaining all benefits, including medical insurance and bonus programs, for all employees who are serving.

I submit that Sears is an exemplary corporate citizen and should be recognized for its contribution. I suggest we all shop at Sears at least once.

Be sure to find a manager to tell them why we are there so the
company gets the positive reinforcement & feedback it well deserves.

Pass it on.

Buy something from Sears. Make sure you tell them why.

EDIT: Found another corporation that supports the troops: HOME DEPOT.

Serving Those Who Served Us All

Celebration of Service is a partnership between The Home Depot Foundation and The Mission Continues to work side-by-side with military veterans across the country. Together, we will complete more than 200 service projects between September 11 and Veterans Day (November 11) that will improve the homes and lives of veterans and their families.

Projects will include work such as renovating and repairing homes of disabled veterans; improving Fisher House locations where loved ones stay while wounded veterans undergo treatment at VA and military hospitals; and landscaping apartments for formerly homeless veterans and their families.

And military members, Active and Vets, with proof...get discounts at their stores.

Hey, OCCUPY! Tell me again how corporations are the problem?