Friday, November 18, 2011

Ideas from the Tea Party

Many compare the Tea Party and the OWS crowd.

You can't. There is no comparison.

I'll start taking the OWS crowd seriously.....heck, I'll start taking the GOP and Democrats seriously when they start putting out ideas like this.


Unfortunately, the GOP is AGAIN betraying the conservative movement.

Republicans throw their Pledge to America under the Omnibus

".....the House passed Harry Reid’s first minibus appropriations bill (Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science, Transportation-HUD), which contains record levels of spending for Food Stamps, WIC, and international food aid. It also contains $2.3 billion for disaster spending, which is excluded from the budget caps. "

I am ashamed to say that there does not seem to be one, single, solitary Virginian name on the roster of those that kept their word.

When will these fools learn? If they continue to vote this way, why should conservatives support them? At all? How are they different from the Democrats?

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