Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Off To A Roaring Start

Rosemary has some good stuff up, and I just hang around for the comedy relief.

Talon, the Blog.

It's official!!!!!! The Swartouts will be on O'Reilly tonight.
Edinboro PA had best get ready for an onslaught of emails.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

The First One Is Up

Rurick has addressed the agitated moonbat syndrome at the The Talon.

Carrie Swartout (Edinboro, PA) will be interviewed by O'Reilly on Tuesday the 29th.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Paulistas Are Going To Be A Problem

First is this follow-up from Jonn at This Aint Hell about his experiences after covering a Ron Paul rally in DC.
Then we have this from Michelle, about the Neveada State GOP Convention being shut down early. Seems some folks were having trouble playing well together.

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EaglesUP Announces Launch of The Talon

On Monday 28 April, EaglesUP will launch it's new blog, The Talon.

I've been invited to join a stellar lineup of contributers. My first post is in the can and awaiting the tender hand of the editor.

I will be sharing bandwidth with the talents of Cao (Cao's Blog), Rosemary, Rurick, Jonn Lilyea, Ron Winter, Dave Jeffers (father of Eddie Jeffers "Hope Rides Alone), and as yet to be announced special contributors.

Here's the schedule for contributors:
Monday - Rurik
Tuesday - Rosemary and Concrete Bob
Wednesday - Wednesday Hero and John Lilyea
Thursday - Cao and Dave Jeffers
Friday - Ron Winter

I have only one question: WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?

UPDATE: Maggie says "Fortunately, others can see why this was a good idea even if you can't. "

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Don't look! They're naked! No, really, don't look, its against the law.

Congress has solved all the problems of the VA and the military. The equipment shortages and the strain from too many deployments have been fixed. Hallelujah!

At least that's what I have to believe. Because otherwise, I would have to think that these Congressmen, including three from Virginia are just idiots.

SFC SKI puts this perfectly:
It’s good to know that those 16 backers have taken care of all the other problems the military faces and are now taking care of this issue.

Nothing builds up my morale like some know-nothing busybody congressman checking up on conditions at military bases and being able to see the lack of adequate and affordable housing, reduction in base services like affordable childcare, or the various pawn shops, strip bars, and “E-Z credit know money down payday loan” places lining both sides of the entry to a military post, and can see it’s nudie mags in the PX that is the big threat facing “our boys and girls” in uniform. Oh for the day when 18 is considered adulthood, and not some waypoint on the prolonged childhood the nannystaters want it to be.

Co-sponsors of a bill that thinks Playboy and Penthouse are too dangerous for our military.

Rep Akin, W. Todd [MO-2] - 4/16/2008
Rep Bartlett, Roscoe G. [MD-6] - 4/16/2008
Rep Bishop, Rob [UT-1] - 4/16/2008
Rep Chabot, Steve [OH-1] - 4/16/2008
Rep Forbes, J. Randy [VA-4] - 4/16/2008
Rep Fortenberry, Jeff [NE-1] - 4/16/2008
Rep Goode, Virgil H., Jr. [VA-5] - 4/16/2008
Rep King, Steve [IA-5] - 4/16/2008
Rep Musgrave, Marilyn N. [CO-4] - 4/16/2008
Rep Pence, Mike [IN-6] - 4/16/2008
Rep Pitts, Joseph R. [PA-16] - 4/16/2008
Rep Roskam, Peter J. [IL-6] - 4/16/2008
Rep Sali, Bill [ID-1] - 4/16/2008
Rep Smith, Christopher H. [NJ-4] - 4/16/2008
Rep Souder, Mark E. [IN-3] - 4/16/2008
Rep Wittman, Robert J. [VA-1] - 4/23/2008

Rep Broun, Paul C. [GA-10] , whose district has NO military bases, has decided that because military salaries are paid by taxpayer money, he has to rid bases of what little "pornography" there is. Over at the Ace of Spades, is the money quote:

“Our troops should not see their honor sullied so that the moguls behind magazines like Playboy and Penthouse can profit,” said Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., unveiling his House bill April 16.

His Military Honor and Decency Act would amend a provision of the 1997 Defense Authorization Act that banned sales of “sexually explicit material” on military bases.

Broun said he wants to bring the Defense Department into compliance with the intent of the 1997 law “so that taxpayers will not be footing the costs of distributing pornography.”

Exchange officials noted that tax dollars are not used to procure magazines in the system’s largely self-funded operations.

But Broun’s spokesman John Kennedy contended that taxpayer dollars are involved — “used to pay military salaries, so taxpayer money is, in effect, being used to buy these materials,” he said.

What the heck? According to his reasoning, I can't buy anything that he might find offensive, because taxpayer money is involved. His argument is that anyone who draws pay from the Government has to make some sort of accounting on how that money is spent to the persons paying their salary. Would that include government retirement pay too? What's next? Smoking? That would seem more harmful to service members than pictures that might turn them on. What is he buying with his salary? Is he wasting his money on smokes? Alcohol? Big Macs? Hidden desires?

Now, before everyone jumps on me about protecting society about the evils of pornography, the good Congressmen are NOT talking about x-rated material. THAT is already banned from base.
Besides, we are talking about men and women, not children. These are adults. And the base PX's such as AAFES and the Navy Exchange, are NOT run with taxpayer dollars. This busybody needs a life.
Since 1997 AAFES has not sold most "adult magazine" because of a Congressional requirement that bars the sale of sexually explicit material. The Department of Defense has stated that it does not rate nudity in and of itself to be sexually explicit.

Here is the new bill:

Section 2495b of title 10, United States Code, is amended--
      (1) by redesignating subsections (c) and (d) as (d) and (e), respectively;
      (2) by inserting after subsection (b) the following new subsection:
(c) Annual Review of Materials- At least annually, the Secretary of Defense shall review material that is not deemed to be sexually explicit to determine if such material should be deemed sexually explicit and thus prohibited by this section.';
      (3) in subsection (e) (as redesignated)--
        (A) by amending paragraph (1) to read as follows:
      (1) The term `sexually explicit material' means--
        (A) an audio recording, a film or video recording, or a print publication with visual depictions, produced in any medium, the principal theme of which depicts or describes nudity or sexual or excretory activities in a lascivious way; or
        (B) if the print publication is a periodical, it regularly features or gives prominence to nudity or sexual or excretory activities.'; and
        (B) by adding at the end the following new paragraphs:
      (3) The term `principal theme' means a theme that is primary in importance, influence, attraction, or degree but not necessarily dominant relative to other themes in the material.
      (4) The term `lascivious' means lewd or indecent and intended, designed, or given to elicit a sexual response.
      (5) The term `nudity' means human genitals, pubic area, anus, anal cleft, or any part of the female breast below a horizontal line across the top of the areola with less than an opaque covering but does not include the exposure of the cleavage of the female breast exhibited by a dress, blouse, bathing suit, or other apparel.'
So, R-rated movies are right out, as is any HBO show like "Sex and the City." FHM and MAXIM magazines, along with the Victoria Secrets catalog are too much for our fine military members.
Since the sexual theme does not have to be dominant, I guess movies like Basic Instinct, Heat, and that Sci-Fi great, Species, must be banned as well.

At Army Times:

“It’s not our intent to have an art magazine banned,” Kennedy said. “Our intention is to enforce the 1997 law so that magazines are banned that feature nudity in a way to develop a prurient interest in a reader.”

He said Broun has specifically named Playboy and Penthouse because those two publications “were always intended to be banned and will now be covered.”

Playboy was determined not to be sexually explicit by the Defense Department’s Resale Activities Board of Review.

Although Penthouse initially was banned, new ownership and a new editing team have revised its format, and the Defense Department board allowed it to return to exchanges after another review last year.

“Few people will contest the notion that Playboy and Penthouse and others are sexually explicit,” Kennedy said. “However, DoD officials with a wink and a nod do not find that these rise to the definition.”

Kennedy said Broun “is a medical doctor and ‘addictionologist’ who is familiar with the negative consequences associated with long-term exposure to pornography,” especially women in the military “who have to deal with this.”

So, he is saying that women in the military are in danger from men reading Playboy and Penthouse. The same women that are able to enter combat and kill the enemy? That the thoughts generated by these magazines will cause men to harm women? He's worried about men addicted to pornography and think that they read Playboy and Penthouse? Has this man heard of the internet? Does he really think that any idiot that would abuse women would get his ideas from these magazines? And why does he single out men? I've met some very aggressive women in the military. They like porn too.

And why stop there? I've seen the romance novels in the bookstore. I thought men were bad, but some of those romance novels make Penthouse Forum look tame.

And why are the restrictions limited to sex? Have you seen some of these horror movies lately? Now, those are disturbing.

None of this should be banned. These are adult men and women. Even my wife thinks this idea is stupid and she is no fan of pornography of any sort.

And besides, apparently this stuff is good for you (if you're a guy, that is). Contact these Congressional busy bodies and tell them so. I thought better of our representatives. I guess I'm just an innocent.

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F**K YOU MCCAIN! An open letter to the McCain campaign

You're damn right that we're not listening to you! How dare you put your complaints about North Carolina in those terms. Listen to you? You're damn lucky that ANY republican gives you the time of day. You need to get down on your knees and thank God that you've been given this opportunity. Which party's candidate are you?

You complain about a video that you didn't even watch, wrapping the North Carolinians in the mantle of racism. I hope you learn the lesson about to be given you. The N.C. RNC is about to raise a fortune.

You blame the federal government, of which YOU ARE PART, for the disaster in New Orleans, instead of the the local incompetents. You say that the efforts of the federal government was a disgrace! Never again, you cried! As long as there are politicians like yourself, there will ALWAYS BE A NEXT TIME!

You want to run a campaign on the issues. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THE ISSUES ARE, YOU IDIOT? You're talking about global warming and carbon taxes when the freaking economy is tanking. Get a clue. Global Warming is a scam to make money for Al Gore. You can't fight the Dems on the political issues because you seem to agree with MOST OF THEM. Personal issues are the only weapons you have. Instead of talking, put a bill into Congress. You ARE a Senator, right?

I was trying find a way to vote for you. Apparently not only do you not want my vote, you're willing to insult me and people like me. So, fu#k you.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Pie does NOT have tentacles."

Fun Run Surprise from Skippy.

Brings back memories.......which I can neither confirm nor deny.



Monday, April 21, 2008

Pigs flying, cats and dogs living together........

Libertarian Commune.


Who knew that the Paulians were communists?


"The process is forming a co-op of people buying shares in the community and these people would be granted land use at a minimum of 1 acre per share, for as long as they homesteaded the land."

"These communities are not for the faint at heard...."

100% Paulista libertarian population? That's not a typo.....

Can you imagine the town hall meetings?
h/t Gunthing

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.

Happy Patriot's Day!

"Patriots Day may be the least known American holiday, and the day most deserving of our recognition. Observed in Massachusetts and Maine only. Don’t know it? It marks the day, April 19, 1775, on which Americans took up arms against their king, and bled, at the crack of terrible dawn. "

h/t Jules Crittenden

*The quote was by: Captain John Parker to the company assembled on Lexington Green.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

A Draft for the Volunteer Military

Be careful for what you ask. You might get it.

Jules Crittenden examines the anti-war (actually anti-military) left's call for a draft. And then puts out a wonderful idea on how to implement it and still keep an completely volunteer, modern military.

A draft for the 21st century.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Read This. Now.


Are you bitter?

Let people know just how bitter you are and why!

Bitter Americans



Wednesday, April 16, 2008


At the time of this post, over 98,000 persons are waiting to be saved.

Need outpaces availability by almost 2 to 1. Please Donate. We need them here, don't take them with you.

If you have decided to be an organ donor, please talk about it with your friends or family. If your family objects, doctors may not always honor wishes because your driver's license shows that you want to be a donor.

April, National Donate Life Month, is an opportunity to celebrate the tremendous generosity of those who have saved lives by becoming organ, tissue, marrow, and blood donors and encourage more Americans to follow their fine example.

Called upon are health care professionals, volunteers, educators, government agencies, faith-based and community groups, and private organizations to help raise awareness about the urgent need for organ and tissue donors throughout the Nation.

During this month, public and private organizations work together to educate more Americans about the importance of giving life. It is this time of the year when Americans are asked to make the decision to donate the “Gift of Life.”

Here are some links to information about donating organs:


Organ and tissue transplants offer patients a new chance at healthy, productive, normal lives and return them to their families, friends and communities. You have the power to change someone's world by being a donor. It's about living. It's about Life.

Donate Life America is a not-for-profit alliance of national organizations and local coalitions across the United States dedicated to inspiring all people to save and enhance lives through organ, eye and tissue donation

To register to be an organ and tissue donor: (if you haven't yet, why not?)


Check out the United Network for Organ Sharing for even more information.

UNOS brings together medicine, science, public policy and technology to facilitate every organ transplant performed in the United States. Every day, UNOS assists transplant doctors, patients, and members of the public by helping to ensure that organs are procured and distributed in a fair and timely manner.

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The National Debt

The Debt to the Penny and Who Holds It

( Debt Held by the Public vs. Intragovernmental Holdings )

Current Debt Held by the Public Intragovernmental Holdings Total Public Debt Outstanding

Check the debt yourself at the U. S. Treasury Department web site, it changes daily.

From federalbudget.com
and from Debt to the Penny



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Carter proves that he's a fan boy of terrorist dictators yet again.

Carter laid a wreath at that terrorist Arafat's grave. Why does one lay a wreath at a grave? To honor the dead. Yeah, I know that Arafat and Carter had a great time at Camp David. I also know that Arafat was a terrorist that killed innocent people, stole from his own countrymen, kept them in poverty, and killed all that opposed him.

And Carter is doing this in Syria. An official terror sponsor. Why is he in Syria? To meet with Hamas. The only organization that wants to kill more Israelis than Hezbollah. Hamas has publicly stated that their goal is to wipe Israel away. No peace. What does this idiot think he's going to get from them? Even Arafat's Fatah movement is not as bad as Hamas. (Which is saying that smallpox is not as bad as the airborne bubonic plague)

Is there a dictator that Carter does not like? Is there an anti-American leader with which he is NOT friends?

And the scary part is that the Democrat candidates will not denounce him. Obama states that it's none of his business. Oh, yeah, did I mention that Carter is a superdelegate that all but endorsed Obama.

And this meeting of terror dictators, without conditions, seems to be down Obama's alley...

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Hey Obama! EFF! YOU!

Thoughts from IMAO: "If bitter people are clinging to guns, don't we need a president whose smart enough not to upset them?"

And from a fellow native of New Orleans (therefore eminently qualified to recognize crooked politicians on sight) at Red Stick Rant, : "Without knowing it, Obama has clarified the real divide in this country - the "two Americas" - those who hate this country but believe government is the solution; and those who love this country but believe government is the problem."

h/t Red Stick Rant and Last of the Few

Update: Doc Russia and Domestic-6, both of whom have personal experiences with the dangers of socialism, communism and multiculturalism share their thoughts on Obama over at Bloodletting:
So, while Obama is on the teevee talking in necessarily vague terms about class warfare, and proletariat small town strife at the hands of the burgeousie rich, my lovely wife bursts out "He's a F*&king communist!." When I responded that he wasn't *really* a communist, just a very hard core socialist (which is communism lite), I was treated to a stream of Russian profanities that meant.... well, I am not sure what they meant, but the walls started to change colors. Okay, maybe he is a communist. In fact, I am sure of that.

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A Noble Endeavor

Over the past three years I have been fortunate to meet some very incredible, very talented, extremely dedicated people. Milbloggers all.
I count among my friends, CJ from A Soldiers Perspective, Major Pain from One Marines View, Taco from the Sandgram, Matt and Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive, and one in particular I met at the very first milblog conference, Chuck Zigenfuss from TCOverride.

Chuck has a project he needs a little help with.
Uncle Jimbo put the post up at Blackfive, and since he correctly diagnosed me as terminally crazy immediately upon our introduction, I feel like I owe him. (His actual words to Tankerbabe were, "These people are nuts".)

I'm giving this some serious consideration. A weekend bike ride in the MD/PA countryside. BICYCLES!!!
"I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike, I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it when I like" Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to put that silly Queen song in your head this morning. heheheh.

and while you're at Blackfive, take a look at Grim's post about "Letters from Home"




Via the VCDL’s new blog, The Sentinal, comes this info:

We have determined that some Ruger SR9 pistols manufactured between October 2007 and April 2008 can, under certain conditions, fire if dropped with their manual safeties in the “off” or “fire” position. The pistols will not fire if the manual safety is in the “on” or “safe” position.

We will retrofit all Ruger SR9 pistols starting with serial number prefix “330” (330-xxxxx) with these new parts at no charge to our customers.

Ruger’s link



Monday, April 14, 2008

Buying a gun at Wal-Mart will mean defacto registration

While the federal government has said that it will not register your guns and while the Commonwealth of Virginia has said that it will not register your guns, Wal-Mart has decided that anyone that purchases a gun from their stores is a possible felon and will be registered.

Wally world, which has been prevented from opening stores in NYC, wants to cooperate with Mayor Bloomberg with Bloomberg’s group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. That group, among other misguided ideas, such as interfering with law enforcement by making illegal straw purchases, advocates the closing of the (nonexistent) gun show loophole and preventing those on the "terrorist no fly list" from purchasing firearms (Ted Kennedy, give up your guns!) .

WASHINGTON - Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest seller of firearms, announced Monday it will toughen rules for gun sales, from storing video of purchases to creating an internal log of which guns they sell that are later used in crimes. (So, Wal-Mart is going to register your guns in THEIR records for later perusal by whom THEY choose is appropriate.)
  • Creating a record and alert system to record when a gun sold at Wal-Mart is later used in a crime. If the purchaser of that gun later tries to buy another gun at Wal-Mart, the system would alert the sales clerk of the prior buy and could refuse to make the sale.
  • Retaining the recorded images of gun sales in case law enforcement wants to view them later as part of an investigation.
  • Expanding background checks of employees who handle guns and expanding inventory controls.
Suarez said his company may receive some pressure from gun rights groups, but added, “This is not a signal that we’re getting out of firearms.” (He will if gun owners boycott his stores.)

So, should we boycott Wal-Mart?

h/t Gunthing

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Election Day should be April 16th.

Rachel Lucas has the world's best rant on paying taxes. She knows the meaning of "butthurt."

Remember, April 15th is B.A.G. day. Celebrate your rights on the day that GOVERNMENT loves best. Buy a Gun!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Now THIS is a Feel Good Movie

I got this in an email this morning. Not very long, but soooo satisfying.
(get your mind out of the gutter)

It's over at my other site.

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"This Is War Memories of Iraq"

From Lucky Forward Films

Deebow from Blackfive has a post up you should go see.

Coupled with "Outside the Wire 07", the National Geographic documentary with the Green Berets in the Stan, and other pro-victory films currently available, the American public has a unique opportunity to meet our Nation's Greatest Generation. I would encourage you to watch as many as you can.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Yuri's night!


Iraqi neighbours rise up against al-Qa'eda

Why don't we read this in American newspapers? Where is the reporting on the war by the major newspapers and media of the US? Why do we have to find it from blogs and foreign news sources?

"Awakening" movements across Iraq are helping to rid Sunni neighbourhoods of extremist influence, writes Colin Freeman, in the UK Telegraph.

Mr. Freeman reports from the war torn neighborhoods of Baghdad:

Khalil Mohammed Abbas, a haggard, chainsmoking ex-Iraqi army officer, has good reason to puff on every cigarette as if it were his last.

After helping his neighbours in Baghdad rise up against the al-Qa'eda thugs who have terrorised them, he lives in constant expectation that the threats text-messaged to his mobile phone may one day come real.

"They are from al-Qa'eda, and they tell me I am a mercenary," he says, reading out the latest missive to bleep into his inbox.

"They ask how I would feel if they kidnapped my wife and children and kill and rape them. But I am not worried about those bastards. I know they could kill me at any moment, but if we do not fight them we will all die anyway."

The man al-Qa'eda describe as a mercenary is indeed a hired gun of sorts, however - as a leader of the so-called Sunni Muslim "Awakening", he is one of around 500 residents in his neighbourhood paid by US forces to help drive al-Qa'eda from their midst.

Many of his comrades previously saw the Americans as their enemies, but their decision to change sides is not just for the money: after two years of al-Qa'eda violence, their hatred of the terrorist group outweighs any lingering dislike of the US "occupiers".

Mr Abbas, 42, is typical. He was one of hundreds of thousands of men left jobless after the Americans disbanded Saddam's Sunni-dominated armies five years ago, a move that drove many Sunnis into the embrace of the anti-US insurgency and its allies of convenience in al-Qa'eda.

But as the group slowly took over Mr Abbas's home neighbourhood, what first appealed to many as a movement to defend Sunni Muslims soon revealed itself as a brutal, bigoted cause.

At the end of the article is a telling comment:

The patrol heads back to base, where, the night before, one of Mr Abbas's informants had rung the incident room with reports of two men robbing people at gunpoint.

It was the first recorded robbery Capt Battjes could recall since arriving here back in June, and the fact that the muggers now felt safe to come out brought a wry smile to his face.

"It sounds terrible, but maybe this is a sign that things are getting back to normal," he said. "That's not terrorism, that's just Detroit-style crime."

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Michael Yon reports: Let's 'Surge' Some More

This makes so much sense! So, of course he will be ignored by the press (other than the WSJ), the administration (whichever one comes to power) and the military.

Over at the Wall Street Journal, Michael Yon reports on the status of the Iraqi theater.

It is said that generals always fight the last war. But when David Petraeus came to town it was senators – on both sides of the aisle – who battled over the Iraq war of 2004-2006. That war has little in common with the war we are fighting today.

I may well have spent more time embedded with combat units in Iraq than any other journalist alive. I have seen this war – and our part in it – at its brutal worst. And I say the transformation over the last 14 months is little short of miraculous.

The change goes far beyond the statistical decline in casualties or incidents of violence. A young Iraqi translator, wounded in battle and fearing death, asked an American commander to bury his heart in America. Iraqi special forces units took to the streets to track down terrorists who killed American soldiers. The U.S. military is the most respected institution in Iraq, and many Iraqi boys dream of becoming American soldiers. Yes, young Iraqi boys know about "GoArmy.com."

As the outrages of Abu Ghraib faded in memory – and paled in comparison to al Qaeda's brutalities – and our soldiers under the Petraeus strategy got off their big bases and out of their tanks and deeper into the neighborhoods, American values began to win the war.

He leads into this(my emphasis):

...This leads us to the most out-of-date aspect of the Senate debate: the argument about the pace of troop withdrawals. Precisely because we have made so much political progress in the past year, rather than talking about force reduction, Congress should be figuring ways and means to increase troop levels. For all our successes, we still do not have enough troops. This makes the fight longer and more lethal for the troops who are fighting.



Obama: I was for bigoted elitism before I was against..., well, I'm still for it....

That Senator Obama! Such an articulate, well spoken man! Never slips up! Always means what he says! You're never confused as to his meaning.....

Well, then. Apparently he has allowed his true feelings to come out. Let's see if this gets as much airplay as the infamous "maccaca" event by a conservative that we all know.

Make sure that you read the comments at these posts. Well, maybe not all of them...TalkLeft has hundreds. But, if you have nothing else to do.......

Obama Round up:

Everybody's favorite blogger (at least around here....), Michelle Malkin has a great set of...links. (Get your minds out of the gutter.....) Bitter, religious xenophobes

Michael Goldfarb over at The Weekly Standard points out that Senator Obama believes all of the other issues are just attempts to distract the public from seeing how he is just trying to help those in need. I think they are distractions....from Obama's campaign strategy of vapid empty rhetoric. Oops, reality!

Marc Ambinder's article at The Atlantic has generated a great set of comments that show the how the people of this country can read the exact same words and get a 180 degree separation in meaning.

Talk Left has it all at Obama's Gaffe, Obama's Response, and Late Night: Small Town. Their comments are running into the hundreds......

And Jennifer Rubin has a comment at Commentary.com in the blog: Contentions
John Podhoretz also weighs in on the kerfuffle at Contentions.

Jonathan Martin at Politico mentions John McCain's response.

Gateway Pundit has all sorts of blogging goodies about Obama's outreach to Pennsylvania's poor, downtrodden, religious, gun-toting, bigots, including video of Obama's "non-apology."

The Ace has a great post (And a flaming skull!) on this issue. Of course he has a link to a great authority on race AND small towns, the Sheriff from Blazing Saddles.....

And there are great links over at Just One Minute.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

A Candidate Speaks

SSgt David Bellavia, Medal of Honor Nominee, an honest to God American hero, and candidate for Congress from upstate New York. (Tom Reynolds district) Rochester

"Our patriotism demands the just defense of our nation and the promotion of freedom and liberty in places where there is none," he said. "As a soldier it often appears that our civilian leadership in Congress gravely misunderstand the consequence of victory or defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan today. Their will to win has been replaced by political maneuvering and partisan politics."

From Bob Loonsbury ya gotta go read the whole thing.

H/T to my buddy RV in Rochester.

....we’re in real danger of entering a Twilight Zone of leftist anti-Americanism and Democratic scorched-earth partisanship. When the Democrats hold all the reins of power, they’re going to bring out the long knives.
And it’s going to take somebody with a pair of brass ones to stand up to them.
No Republican in the House is going to have any legislative power, but David Bellavia can have rhetorical power. He can take his few minutes a day in the well of the House and let freedom ring. He can be a guest on the talk shows, he can be in the debates, he can call a spade a spade.
His demeanor, his verbal skills, his shiny medal, his cockiness will all give him a platform, and he will make sure that platform gets used. No mealy-mouthed go-along to get-along, he’ll go toe-to-toe with anybody of a matter of patriotic principle.
He’s a fighter and a patriot.
And that’s what the Congress needs. That’s what the 26th needs. That’s what America needs.
The problem is, there’s a little bit of foot dragging. It sounds a little bit like some in the Republican Party leadership through the 26th District aren’t that keen on David Bellavia.
Part of the problem is that he hasn’t paid any dues or kissed any backsides. Order is maintained in a political organization by doling out perqs and positions to sycophants. That’s not the way David Bellavia operates.
Some Republican leaders are worried that, at his young age, if they accept him as their candidate, they are possibly giving out a very valuable position that he may hold for decades.
It’s no fun being a king maker if you don’t get to make a king. David Bellavia isn’t beholden to the party’s leaders, and he has skipped the entire process the party uses to groom and produce senior politicians.
And that’s too bad – for them. For people outside the small rooms of the Republican leadership, however, it means nothing.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Medal of Honor Ceremony- MA2 (SEAL) Monsoor


Why the price of gasoline is so high

And you wonder why the price of oil is so high?

By the way, still drinking bottled water? And you think gas is high?

And don't forget the gas taxes! Combined state and federal taxes in Virginia equals 37.7 cents on the gallon.

Just think, ten years ago, the Dems in Congress said that it would "take 10 years to make drilling in ANWR worthwhile."

Cartoon by Michael Ramirez via Powerline

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A Gentlemen's Duel

Stolen, uh, borrowed from Theo Spark at The Last of the Few

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Virginia Tech tells the Brady Bunch - NO!

Update: According to The Sentinel, VCDL's new blog (everyone go visit!), VT's admin AND student body are against any sort of "protest" by the anti-2nd Amendment groups on the 16th. So, of course, the Brady bunch INSISTS that the protest will go on, regardless. Contrast that attitude to the Students for Concealed Carry:

We may be a new organization on campus, but early on we declared that April 16, 2008 would be off-limits for discussing our movement or conducting any activities.

Students for Concealed Carry on Campus at Virginia Tech consists of Virginia Tech students and alumni who respect the right to carry a firearm responsibly as a means of self-defense.

One of our biggest goals is to share the facts and reasoning that brought us to support this, as many of us were against firearms previously. It takes some time to see this, so we encourage anyone who opposes concealed carry or is undecided about it to take some time researching the matter and make a well-informed decision. As such, it is imperative that our activities be respectful and educational.

To this end, it is clear that holding a protest on a day of remembrance would be quite inappropriate, and we have never considered it.

April 8, 2008

According to InRich.com, the anti-2nd amendment group, the Brady Campaign, had thought to turn a memorial into political farce. They had planned to stage a demonstration, including a "lie in", thereby missing the irony of the description of their entire propaganda machine....

Well, anyway, the Hokies reminded these idiots of the proper and civilized thing to do and told them in no uncertain terms to f**k off. But more politely.....

"We expect that the ceremony will likely cross the noon hour, and we will not be allowing other groups to interfere with the remembrance event."

Apparently, its inconceivable to the Brady bunch that they could ever be in the wrong...

Tech's position threw the Brady Campaign's plans into disarray yesterday: The noon demonstration at Tech was supposed to be the centerpiece of a nationwide series of events on April 16 in more than 70 cities and towns.

"I think we'll have to figure out what's going on," said Brady Campaign spokesman Doug Pennington. He added that students and friends of last year's shooting victims are among those who want to participate in the demonstration, "so, I'm sure where there's a will, there's a way without breaking any rules."

So, according to the Brady Campaign, THEIR need to stage a political demonstration is more important than the wants of the VT students......


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For accurate information about Iraq

Everything you always wanted to know about the Iraq theater of operations.




Vets for Freedom on Glenn Beck Tonight

Vets for Freedom winds up it's National Heroes Tour tonight in New York with an appereance on the Glenn Beck TV Show on CNN Headline News.
Should be fun.

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Second-503rd, GoE on the Hill, Vets for Freedom

Well, as they say, "the best laid plans of mice and men...etc".
The flu I had been beating back with a stick all week, finally took the stick away from me and started beating me with it on Friday afternoon, right in the middle of a brake job I was performing on my Dodge Ram. I spent the next 28 hours in bed, so Saturday's trip to Fayetteville was a bust. I managed to recover in time to make my DC trip.

I had the distinct privilege of spending Sunday 6 April with some of the finest young men and women this country has ever produced.
I joined TankerBabe, YankeeMom, Gunnutt, and Ma Bell, Taco's Mom, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for a day of lunch and games with members of the Second-503rd BCT from the 173DABN. We were also graced by YankeeMom's daughter, who looks just absolutely gorgeous in ACU's. I'm a sucker for a woman in ACU's. My heart is still beating a bit faster than normal. She's a vet tech. Veteranarian's Technician for the Army.

Most of these young men were from Chosen Company, but I was thrilled when I found out that one of them was from Destined Company, my adopted unit. Chris is a very squared away young man of 26, who was leader of Dragon Platoon until an RPG bounced off his turret shield and exploded a few feet away. The explosion caused some memory loss. He hates not being back. On our way to Dave & Busters I had the opportunity to express my respect and gratitude for his service and explain to him that in my world, he's paid his dues. I see a long-term freindship on the horizon with this young man. He has all the makings of a good designated driver.

We took them to Dave & Busters. It was my first time at this resturant/gaming establishment.
Kinda like Chuckie Cheese with alcohol and grown-ups.
Well, let me clarify. TB took them to Dave & Busters. The rest of us were just along for the ride. TB was very adamant about this. We had a great time. The men of the Second-503rd are perfect examples of what is right with this Nation.

Monday, TB spent her time with Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive, while YankeeMom and I joined Gathering of Eagles for our Day on the Hill.
30 hardy souls broke up into teams of 5 and started walking the halls of the Cannon Building, Longworth Building and Rayburn Building, delivering our message of support for the troops, victory in Iraq, and our unwavering support for and confidence in the current CMNF-Iraq, General David Petraeous.
Together, we visited the offices of 437 Congresspeople, spoke our minds, left our position paper, and reinforced the sentiment that we represent thousands of like-minded Americans who could not be there. I have a boxful of business cards from these offices and I will pester these people unmercifully until our victory in Iraq is secured and the Iraqi people are free to make their own decisions.

With all of this accomplished, TB, YM and myself paid another call to Chris at Walter Reed Monday afternoon. TB insisted we stop by Safeway and we made sure this young Warrior was well-supplied for what appears to be an extended stay at WRAMC.

I have to go to work for a few minutes..more later


Prayers for TankerBabe's Family

A very good friend of mine lost her father on Sunday 6 April. He left quietly, slipping the bonds of Earth and entering Heaven's Fields in the manner he desired; peacefully in his own bed, in his own house.

A farmer his entire life, he rasied a family of 4 by his own hand on his own land.

I never knew this man, but I know his daughter. She is my friend.

She is quite possibly, aside from my wife of 30 years, my BEST friend. She told me about her Dad.

If the character of the daughter is indicative of the character of the father, Heaven is now richer by his presence.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

And just what the hell would you tell Iran, Senator Obama?

From Drudgereport:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Tuesday called for a "diplomatic surge" including talks with US foe Iran, to help stabilize the situation in Iraq.

The Illinois Senator called for more pressure on the Iraqi Government to embrace political reconciliation and a regional "diplomatic surge that includes Iran."

"We should be talking to them as well," Obama told the top US General in Iraq David Petraeus and US Ambassador to Baghdad Ryan Crocker.

"I do not believe we are going to be able to stabilize the situation without that" said Obama, adding that a plan for US troop withdrawals was needed to force Iraqi factions to work together.

"I think that increased pressure in a measured way, in my mind, and this is where we disagree, includes a timetable for withdrawal. Nobody is asking for a precipitous withdrawal."

This idiot CANNOT believe what he is saying. If he thinks that we ARE NOT "talking" with Iran now, what does he imagine is going on?

And what is HE going to say that's any different? He wants Iraq to talk to the country that is supplying bombs that kills Iraqis. He wants them to reconcile with a country that wants more influence in Iraq. What is Obama going to offer the Iranians to stop attacking Iraqis and Americans? What could he possibly offer them that would make them shut up, stop killing people and go home?

And if that question doesn't keep you up at night, you have not been paying attention.



The new Petraeus hearings - why do we bother?

I was going to blog about the new, ever so important, Petraeus hearings. But, after seeing the news throughout the web, I thought, "Why bother?" All of it is so predictable. All of it is so meaningless.

Congress will continue to bitch and do nothing, either in support or against.

The assorted persons attempting to be "presidential" will establish their positions:
Obama - its was all a mistake! We must a) leave now! b) leave later! c) talk with our enemies and negotiate! Negotiate what, he never says..... I think its a surrender. On our part.

Clinton - We must leave - whenever we can that won't make me look bad. We need to be in there until just before I become President! Don't you know I was for the war before I was against...oops, wrong candidate.

McCain - Did you know I was in Viet...oops, did it again. We must stay the course....damn, wrong man again.... We must continue the fight! Close Gitmo!....

And I won't even get into the crap the rest of the Senators are doing. Schumer and Levin are doing everything they can to call the General a liar..... and hear themselves talk...

General Petraeus: We need to stay until we need to come home. I support a troop drawdown....as long as we can keep the troop levels up where we need them. What the f**k are you talking about Senator Kennedy? Oops, no, that's just wishful thinking....

See, did it without subjecting myself to the hearings.....



If it ain't broke, don't fix it! 3RD ID - The Rock of the Marne

A constant refrain heard throughout the Left and their supporters, is that there is NO support for this war; that the Army is broken. If any branch misses a recruitment goal by even fractions of a percentage, that is trumpeted from the roof tops.

Have you heard that re-enlistments in one of the MOST deployed Army Divisions are not only up, but the quota has been met? Ahead of time? The 3rd ID shows the world that it is still The Rock on which we depend.

This is the division’s third deployment to Iraq since 2003, but its high operational tempo did not stop 4,000 Soldiers from re-enlisting. Even more troops will follow their lead, and by the end of March one battalion with the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, out of Fort Benning, Ga., will have met its retention goal twice.

I had the honor with serving with these men and women during my deployments in 2003 and in 2006-07. HOOOAAH!

The Mudville Gazette has more. Make sure you watch the videos. OUTSTANDING!

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$100 Oil = Liquid Coal = ?

Hey Carl! Spark this up! Wise County = Virginia's Saudi Arabia? Coal to Gasoline!

David Adam of The Guardian reported over the weekend on the first international conference on “coal to liquids,” in Paris, at which a host of officials from around the world excitedly described a host of new coal-to-liquids initiatives aimed at securing flows of transportation fuel in a world facing high oil prices for a long time to come.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Have a cold one!

Today is the anniversary of the end of the Grand Experiment as regards to beer.

Per CNN, (At least THIS time they are reporting something worth reading...)

New Beer's Eve

Breweries and beer lovers around the country are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the return of beer on April 7, 1933, as the Prohibition era was drawing to a close.

Have a cold one for history's sake! Remember, Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to have a good time.

H/t Gunthing


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Progress in Iraq;Water Treatment Plant Opens

More news stories of U.S. armed forces making great strides in Iraq (via: CENTCOM):

On March 26, 2008 a a ribbon-cutting ceramony marked the opening of a newly improved water treatment plant. The Mushada water treatment plant (north of Mahmudiyah, Iraq) went online to provide fresh potable water, and non-potable water, for over 60,000 Iraqis in that area.

The project was funded by the "Commander's Emergency Response Program" and was overseen by the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, of the 101st Airborne (Air Assault.)

Some statistics on the completed 5 week project:

*can produce 2.7 millions gallons of potable water.
*3.5 million galons of non-potable water.
*has built-in fuel capacity to run the station for 6 months.

There's lots more about the facility at the link above, including a surprising comparison of the water produced at Mushada as compared to the water produced in Bagdad.

I know I have said before that the main mission IS and SHOULD BE to kill the enemy and break the enemies toys, but I am also glad that we can bring some relief to a group of people who, after years of oppression from Saddam and embargos on needed supplies, surely deserves it.
May they use it in peace and good health.

Things like this make me proud of our Armed Forces, proud to be a veteran of those same forces, and angry at the people who derride and decry our young people in uniform as baby killers and murderers.

Army Proud!




Hi Everyone!
I hope you had a great weekend. For those here in VA, it's been a wet weekend.

Tonight is technology night. I am working with a couple of new programs to see which ones work the best. My goal is to get a good software package to create an audio and video "town hall" for UCV on Sunday nights.

Tonight I am experimenting with Yahoo Messenger. I have both audio and video hooked up and will try and create a conference with all participants that call. Soooo...

If you have Yahoo Messenger or any compatible one (not usre if AOL and MSN) can connect with each other now) come by and check me out. I should be up till midnight.

My messenger ID is f22strike. Send me a request to join, and I will plug you in!



The Warriors, in their own words

Take a few minutes and go see this video.

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decay and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight; nothing he cares about more than his own personal safety; is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

John Stuart Mill

With this documentary, photo exhibit and book our aim is to raise funding for and awareness of the men and women warriors that have given so much to protect our freedoms. Freedom is not free.



John McCain Video

A Uniter, not a Divider



Charlton Heston -1924-2008 Another great one gone

Charlton Heston was one of my favorite actors. His range was extraordinary, from Marc Anthony to Soylent Green. His roles tended to become classics or cult movies. His principles guided him to conservative politics, making his role in the NRA, also, an impossible one to follow.

Many others, better writers than myself, will post the appropriate accolades for Mr. Heston. All that I will say is, Rest in Peace. We will not see his like again in this lifetime.

Thank you for entertaining me.



Friday, April 04, 2008

Lol Cats teh funny....

Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics



Million-dollar Clintons

Banner Headline on Drudge:
Clintons Show $109M in Income Since Leaving the White House

From the article:
"Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and former President Clinton report nearly $109.2 million in income for seven years in newly released tax data.

The Democratic presidential candidate and her husband paid $33.8 million in taxes from 2000 through 2007. They listed $10.25 million in charitable contributions during that period."

I think that amount of money classifies her as one of "the rich" that they keep complaining about. She and her husband complain about people who make millions in a year, and they make that same amount over 100-times over? When are Bill and Hillary going to give away all that excess that they have to "the poor" and live like the rest of us? This proves one thing: over the years -- even through the Clinton presidential co-partnership -- the "rich" got richer and still are! They, themselves are now the best living evidence.

Taking the money out of politics my a$$!

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Our favorite ZOMBIE has a new blog. Go visit.

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This Should Be Fun

According to WRVA Radio, Del Bill Janis, 56th District of VA, will be subbing for the Lee Brothers Saturday morning.
If my plans work, I'll be calling in from Fayetteville, NC with the Vets for Freedom Heroes Tour.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Pledge


Hillary Clinton for President

The political structure of America is in turmoil. Both political parties are disturbed. The Democratic party is fighting a bitter battle over whom will become their nominee. The Republican party is no less split over philosophical differences concerning its nominee.

The past few months have brought out the the respective strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. The evidence is before us as to which candidate has the intestinal fortitude to be President. No one candidate actually has ANY experience in holding an executive position.

I have been critical of all three candidates. Each of them have their respective problems. But I've finally decided on which candidate I'm going to choose. Only one of these candidates has shown the fighting spirit necessary for the position. Only one has demonstrated the mindset necessary for dealing with our enemies. Today, of all days, is appropriate for me to choose Hillary Clinton as my candidate. Only she has shown the patience and the fortitude necessary to deal with unpleasent people and difficult situations. Even when she is down, she continues to fight for what she believes in. Against all odds, she struggles to win.

Yes, I know this is a shock to all that know me. But, I have struggled with this for months. I could not decide on how best to tell everyone. I believe, however, that once you see this evidence, you too will support my decision.

Thank you for your support.