Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ryan, Republicans Aim Big with Obamacare Replacement

Ryan, Republicans Aim Big with Obamacare Replacement:
House speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday that the House GOP's new Obamacare replacement is focused more on quality than quantity.
That's true, as far as the substance goes. But as far as the number of proposals in the health care package is concerned, quantity doesn't take second place to anything.
The comprehensive platform released as part of Ryan's A Better Way agenda unifies several Republican priorities from recent years with a couple of popular Affordable Care Act carryovers. It counters a central Democratic critique of the GOP—that its only health-care idea has been to eliminate the president's health-care law—and aims to encourage a competitive insurance market that suppresses costs and ups the quality of care.
And that starts with giving you a choice. Instead of forcing you to buy a plan that Washington bureaucrats have mass-produced, we're going to repeal those mandates and let you pick a plan that works for you, Ryan said at the American Enterprise Institute. We're saying, don't force people to buy insurance

I'll believe this when my health care premiums return to pre-2008 levels with the same coverage.