Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekly Standard/The Hammer

Power of Congress basically UNLIMITED!!!!


Creepy Statist Quote of the Day From the Folks Who Object to Being Called Creepy Statists Nancy Pelosi:

In a recent press release, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., argues that constitutional objections to the individual mandate are "nonsensical," because "the power of Congress to regulate health care is essentially unlimited."

Here's the fact check release, in full, from September.

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"Purity" Test

The only thing missing is restoring the Constitution and Bill of Rights. As long as candidates will pledge to serve no more than 3 terms and place Constitutional requirements on legislation, they will get elected.

I really could care less what the party machine thinks or does. The grassroots will place into nomination the people we think will uphold our Founding Principles.

GOP purity test proposed
The vice chairman of the Republican National Committee is promoting a proposed resolution that would warn 2010 GOP candidates that if they do not respect the party's "conservative values," they will not receive the financial backing or endorsement of the RNC.

The ten conservative principles, as distributed by the RNC, are as follows:

(1) We support smaller government, smaller national debt, lower deficits and lower taxes by opposing bills like Obama's "stimulus" bill.

(2) We support market-based healthcare reform and oppose Obama-style government-run healthcare.

(3) We support market-based energy reforms by opposing cap-and-trade legislation.

(4) We support workers' right to secret ballot by opposing card check.

(5) We support legal immigration and assimilation into American society by opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants.

(6) We support victory in Iraq and Afghanistan by supporting military-recommended troop surges.

(7) We support containment of Iran and North Korea, particularly effective action to eliminate their nuclear weapons threat.

(8) We support retention of the Defense of Marriage Act.

(9) We support protecting the lives of vulnerable persons by opposing healthcare rationing and denial of healthcare and government funding of abortion.

(10) We support the right to keep and bear arms by opposing government restrictions on gun ownership.

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ANNOUNCEMENT REC'D VIA EMAIL for 7 December Norfolk Rally

Links will be available before the end of the day.
If you go, be prepared to stand OUTSIDE the gate.

Date: Monday, December 7, 2009
Time: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Location: Naval Station Norfolk
City/Town: Norfolk, VA

As most of you already know, some of our military’s most elite, the Navy SEALs are under fire from the US Government for none other than bloodying the lip of one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq, the alleged mastermind of the murder and mutilation of four Blackwater USA security guards in Fallujah in 2004.

Matthew McCabe, Petty Officer Jonathan Keefe & Petty Officer Julio Huertas all face criminal charges for allegedly punching Ahmed Hashim Abed while he was being detained. You can read the full story at:,2933,576646,00.html

Fox News video interviewing Neal Puckett with Puckett & Faraj, PC, the lawyer representing Matthew McCabe

On December 7, the three SEALs are set to go before a Judge and plead not guilty. This first court appearance is only the arraignment and the actual trial is set to being sometime in January.

As of right now, unconfirmed reports say that the arraignment will take place at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, VA on December 7; however, we are still trying to figure out the exact time(s) and location(s).

I’m sure all of you agree that this is a complete outrage and mockery of our US Military. As Americans, we CANNOT stand for this and MUST show our support for our troops who are constantly being put in harms way to protect the country that is now bring them under fire. We must send a message that “political correctness” has reached a boiling point and that these service men will not be hung out to dry.

I put this protest event together in hopes that it would gather locals in the area who would show their support that day. I, myself, am located in Fort Worth, Texas, so chances are slim to none that I will make it out next week. I do not expect to see thousands show up for the arraignment; however, it would be nice to see a decent crowd showing their support that day. The big protests need to come in January when they go on trial. This is when we all need to make the sacrifice of traveling to support them. Don’t get me wrong though, if you want to travel to Norfolk on the 7th, please do so, I just don’t want our efforts to be misused this early in the game.

So, with that said, I ask everyone, within reason, to take to Norfolk, VA Naval Base on the 7 and send a message loud and clear that we stand behind them.

Also, I will update everyone as more information comes to me.

UPDATES:"I received an email from one of their attorneys. It will be on Norfolk Naval Base and he will let me know the building number when he receives it. Are you planning on setting up outside of the main gate?"

“Everyone will be at the main gate...some of us will be in the court room...I will have someone from The Intelligence Report Media Group there....we have applied for passes already!”

“If you can get on base, can anyone be in the courthouse?”

“I think they will only let press and military personnel..sometimes they make the press stay out in the may get in and they may will be a toss up on that day!”

“Word is from the Navy...."judges decision".....with all the protesting we are hoping we have generated..I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't let anyone in.”

“Mike and I also talked about this..They may not let people on the base..some of us will have to stay outside the main gate. They very well may restrict the base that day.”

“Many have asked about attending the hearing scheduled for December 7th, in Norfolk Virginia. The actual hearing on base IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, as to how many people will fit inside the courtroom I do not as of yet know. To get on Base you will need either a Military ID, active or veteran. If you did not serve in the military you can get on base with an active drivers license and the registration to the vehicle you are driving. The vehicle's registration must be in the driver's or one of the occupant's names for security reasons. If you wish to go to the actual hearing please be advised that the same rules apply as if you were in Federal Court. The Court will
tolerate nothing less than silence and respect for the proceedings. Anything less and I am quite sure all supporters will be removed.”

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Morning Must Reads from DCExaminer

Michelle has more on ths scumbag who should never have seen the light of day.
Thanks a lot, Governor Huckabee

Seattle Times -- Suspect in Lakewood police shootings was wounded, may be dead

The man who murdered four police officers picking up coffee before their Sunday shifts in Washington State may be dead or wounded from injuries received at the scene of the crime. But in an odd twist, the suspect was granted clemency by then-Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in 1999, an issue that Huckabee took plenty if heat for in 2008. And that was before the clementee was a suspect in the worst cop killing in recent memory “‘This is the day I've been dreading for a long time,’ Larry Jegley, prosecuting attorney for Arkansas' Pulaski County said tonight when informed that Clemmons was being sought for questioning in connection with the killings. Clemmons' criminal history includes at least five felony convictions in Arkansas and at least eight felony charges in Washington. The record also stands out for the number of times he has been released from custody despite questions about the danger he posed. Huckabee, who ran for the Republican presidential nomination last year, issued a statement tonight calling the slaying of the police officers ‘a horrible and tragic event.’”

Wall Street Journal -- Critical Decisions This Week on Batch of Obama Initiatives

For those of you just getting back into the swing of things, writer Jonathan Weisman offers a superb look ahead at a pivotal week for the Obama era: big moments on Afghanistan, unemployment, health care, diplomatic initiatives and more.

But next week will see President Obama take on climate change in Copenhagen, duck and weave his way through the acceptance of his Nobel Prize, and perhaps Senate debate on his administration’s request on raising the government’s debt limit beyond the current $12 trillion.

The Obama team has discovered in the waning weeks of 2009 that the presidency provides plenty of headaches, especially in the midst of two wars and a deep economic funk. Simultaneously proposing an energy tax, a national health program and hundreds of other smaller initiatives must have sounded like a much better idea in January.

“David Axelrod, a senior White House adviser, downplayed any immediate outcomes from the difficult week as ‘far less important than execution in the long run,’ which he said is how ‘the administration will be judged.’

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel -- who added efforts to isolate Iran's nuclear program to the week's agenda -- defended the ‘Big Bang’ approach to the administration's first year. In an interview, he contended that on each front ‘we're in a better position than we were when we began,’ citing progress on a health-care bill, shifting resources to Afghanistan from Iraq and moving toward imposing sanctions on Iran.”

Washington Post -- U.S. offers new role for Pakistan

The president’s speech on Afghanistan Tuesday night from West Point will be about advancing and retreating simultaneously – we’re getting out by going deeper in. It’s a tough sell, especially in his own party, as I argue in my column today .

If Obamian standards hold true, the speech will be a long, professorial muddle about his minutely researched strategy for Afghanistan punctuated by a few pleasant turns of phrase.

But at the heart of Obama’s strategy is the belief that he can help bring into being a strong, centralized, pro-Western government in neighboring Pakistan. Of course, Pakistan’s president has just been stripped of his access to the nuclear arsenal and Muslim hard-liners are gaining ground by accusing him of being a puppet of India and the U.S.

Writer Karen DeYoung was given a copy of the Pakistani government’s to-do list and the White House decoder ring for the Tuesday speech: when he says Afghanistan he means Pakistan.

“But despite the public and political attention focused on the number of new troops, Pakistan has been the hot core of the months-long strategy review. The long-term consequences of failure there, the review concluded, far outweigh those in Afghanistan.

‘We can't succeed without Pakistan,’ a senior administration official involved in the White House review said. ‘You have to differentiate between public statements and reality. There is nobody who is under any illusions about this.’”

Wall Street Journal -- White House, Business Leaders Split on How to Create Jobs

The president is having the boys from Google and the SEIU over to the White House again Thursday for his job creation summit. With a flaccid recovery and lots of uncertainty in the marketplace because of pending regulatory changes, getting companies to hire is going to be a tall order indeed.

Crippling deficits mean that Republicans could block the president in the Senate if he called for more federal spending, even as Democrats in the House prepare another round of stimulus.

It seems likely that what we’ll see out of the new focus on jobs at the White House is an extension of unemployment benefits to 99 weeks and some nibbling around the edges.

Writer Neil King and Gary Fields explain:

“Businesses of all sizes are brimming with proposals they say would spur economic growth. The most commonly voiced are tax cuts and boosting access to credit.

The White House, for its part, wants to discuss job growth in the clean-tech sector and shifting some stimulus spending to infrastructure projects. Obama aides are also eyeing a limited range of incentives for small businesses to create jobs.”

Washington Post -- In health-care reform, no deficit cure

Senate debate on health care will get underway Tuesday, and the cost of the president’s proposal remains a crushing burden for the Democratic leadership selling the plan -- costs to taxpayers, higher insurance costs, costs added to the deficit.

Writer Lori Montgomery looks at how no report or promise of future cuts seems able to convince skeptical senators that it would be fiscally prudent to commit the nation to trillions in new health spending.

It seems bizarre now, but the original promise was that universal coverage would be the silver bullet that would slay the deficit.

“As a whole, the CBO projects that Reid's bill would not change the trajectory of federal health spending. And a competing House bill, the CBO said, would push federal spending higher.

Obama's more conservative critics accuse him of ‘a big bait-and-switch,’ as Andrew Biggs of the American Enterprise Institute put it. ‘They said the only way to fix the budget is to cut health-care spending. And they come out with something that increases health-care spending. If it weren't such a big deal, it would be a joke.’”

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DCExaminer Morrning Email Blast

DCExaminer Email Blast this morning has news of interest to Virginians:

Chris Stirewalt - Webb could put the hickory to Obama's Afghan plan
Webb's opposition would rally the Left, which believes Obama is now in the thrall of the military-industrial complex, and give courage to a number of conservatives who think Obama's strategy is doomed but are afraid to give the impression that they're not supporting the troops.

Byron York - Obama's Brilliant First Year' -- Nationalize health care, expand government, undermine Reagan
The Democratic National Committee is sending around links to a new article, "Obama's Brilliant First Year," by Jacob Weisberg, of Slate and Newsweek. Weisberg argues that if Barack Obama manages to pass a national health care bill by January 20, 2010, the first anniversary of his inauguration, he will have "accomplished more than any other postwar American president at a comparable point in his presidency."

Michael Barone - Palin running even with Obama?
It's not too early, apparently, to test opinion on the 2012 presidential race. Pollster Scott Rasmussen has asked likely voters to decide between Barack Obama and three reasonably well-known Republicans, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin. He also asked about their preferences in three-way pairings between those candidates and recently-resigned CNN commentator Lou Dobbs. There are three interesting findings.

Number one. Obama is essentially tied with all three Republicans, leading Huckabee 45%-41% and Palin 46%-43% and even with Romney at 44%-44%. In other words, Obama is running at his job approval ratinRg level, which Rasmussen has at 46%-54%. This is reminiscent of the 2004 general election, in which George W. Bush's 51% of the vote mirrored his job approval numbers.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Come to Norfolk 7 December Defend the Defenders

Folks will have a good chance to show those Navy SEALs how much they are appreciated and supported in their decision to be judged by a jury of their peers.

Scuttlebutt has it that a group of Americans with enough sense to know a rotten deal when they see one are going to be gathering in Norfolk this coming Saturday.

Stay tuned.

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Welcome back, Bob.

"Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic blogger. Bob Miller will be that man. We can make him better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster."

Welcome back, Bob. We are all very happy to see that you getting back up to speed.

Give 'em hell! And leave those nurses alone!

Especially that one named "Mike".....


Yes Dearhearts He Is Back and Badder Than Ever

Our very good friend Uncle Jimbo has flipped the switch over at and he is a man on a mission.

"All ready on the right
All ready on the left
All ready on the firing line
Shooters Lock and Load 20 rounds"

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You Want Unprecedented, Here it Is

If this happens the backlash against the US Government by its citizens will be historic. We will not stand by and allow our Warriors to be tried as criminals for protecting us from terrorists. This is unconscionable.

No; wait a know what this is?

UNPRECEDENTED. Zero appears to have adopted that word for his latest round of Bravo Sierra, and it never seems to apply adequately to anything he uses it for.

It certainly applies here. UNPRECEDENTED!!!!!!!!!!!

UNREAL. Obama May Allow US Soldiers to be Tried in the Hague
Gateway Pundit

Unreal. Team Obama may allow US soldiers to be tried in the Hague for war crimes. The Wall Street Journal reported, via Jihad Watch:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed “great regret” in August that the U.S. is not a signatory to the International Criminal Court (ICC). This has fueled speculation that the Obama administration may reverse another Bush policy and sign up for what could lead to the trial of Americans for war crimes in The Hague.

The ICC’s chief prosecutor, though, has no intention of waiting for Washington to submit to the court’s authority. Luis Moreno Ocampo says he already has jurisdiction—at least with respect to Afghanistan.

Because Kabul in 2003 ratified the Rome Statute—the ICC’s founding treaty—all soldiers on Afghan territory, even those from nontreaty countries, fall under the ICC’s oversight, Mr. Ocampo told me. And the chief prosecutor says he is already conducting a “preliminary examination” into whether NATO troops, including American soldiers, fighting the Taliban may have to be put in the dock.

“We have to check if crimes against humanity, war crimes or genocide have been committed in Afghanistan,” Mr. Ocampo told me. “There are serious allegations against the Taliban and al Qaeda and serious allegations about warlords, even against some who are connected with members of the government.” Taking up his inquiry of Allied soldiers, he added, “there are different reports about problems with bombings and there are also allegations about torture.”

It was clear who the targets of these particular inquiries are but the chief prosecutor shied away from spelling it out.

Asked repeatedly whether the examination of bombings and torture allegations refers to NATO and U.S. soldiers, Mr. Ocampo finally stated that “we are investigating whoever commits war crimes, including the group you mentioned.”

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here's Something You Don't See Very Often

Dhimmicrats playing politics with our Warriors lives by using the Tax Code to punish those of us who believe in the neccessity of victory over the goat humping sub-humans who want to wipe us from the face of the Earth in the name of a false-prophet who preferred little boys and taught his followers that killing innocent people would garuntee them a path to Paradise and 72 virgins.

I have to revise and extend my remarks in reference to this ridiculous piece of street theater by the dhimmicrats. I will be more than happy to authorize the re-direction of my payroll taxes to help increase the number of dead Tangos.

If thats what you sappers want, fine, take it. But there is a catch: you don't spend another freaking dime of money on ANYTHING until we have eliminated the threat of islamist extremism where ever it is found. You stop at nothing. You expend every ounce of resource to make sure not a single American soldier, sailor, airman, Marine or civilian dies at the hands of scum sucking sub human turds. And you better not take a freaking dime for yourself or any of your pet projects, either.

Weekly Standard

Pelosi Discovers Her Inner Fiscal Hawk
Nancy Pelosi insists: "We have to look at that war with a green eyeshade on." She is talking about the war in Afghanistan--with anticipation that President Obama will increase resources for the war effort. Increased troops to fight our enemies in Afghanistan will require more money for this effort, of course. And Pelosi and her comrades (especially, House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey) want to raise taxes to pay for this. Look who all of a sudden has become a fiscal hawk!

Here are preliminary details:
Obey and several other senior Democrats have proposed a graduated surtax, beginning in 2011, to pay for the war. Their bill would impose a 1% surtax on people earning less than $150,000.

The tax hike would be higher for people earning between $150,000 and $250,000 a year, and double that for people with higher incomes. The bill does not give exact figures for what upper surtax rates would be, but says that they would be high enough to cover the previous year's war costs.

On a certain level, this makes perfect sense, right? This Democratic led congress and administration are spending money like drunken sailors. And, at a certain point, funds need to be raised from somewhere.

But let me go ahead and call this nonsense. The Democrats are playing politics.

First, they aim to politicize the entire war effort. The threat to raise taxes to pay for the war serves to weaken support for the troops. When people have to pay directly for something, it increases the likelihood that they will say no. That's why the Democrats are trying to levy direct taxes on the small percentage of Americans who make more than $100,000 to pay for health care (which they support), but are proposing to make a much larger percentage of Americans pay for the war (which they oppose).

And, second, have Democrats lost sight of priorities? They throw away money for a phony stimulus plan at a cost of $787 billion; they insist on a health care plan conservatively estimated to cost more than $2 trillion over 10 years; they have grown the deficit to $1.4 trillion -- during October 2009 alone we fell another $176.4 billion in the hole . But no--money can’t be found to support this “war of necessity” without increasing taxes. (By the way, Time estimates the increased cost to be “$30 million annually for 30,000 more troops. Not chump change, to be sure, but pennies by comparison to the rest of the federal budget.)

Pelosi, and the rest of the House Democrats, need to take off the shades and see reality. America, foremost, faces a national security threat. We must defeat the enemy--no matter the cost.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Surgery went very well!

Hi Everyone,
My name is Lauren Miller, my daddy is Bob. I am currently subbing in as his fingers. Daddy had his quintuple by-pass surgery yesterday. The surgeon was very happy with how everything went. He was none too happy with daddy's lungs but with 54 years of smoking how good are his lungs really going to be? The surgeon said he probably wouldnt be off the breathing machine until late last night or early today but of course my father, the tough guy, was off within hours of being out of surgery. He's already sitting up and talking and eating. He should be back at his computer within the next day or two, but until then please dont hesistate to give him a hard time. I will be relaying messages until he's back at it. My family and I really appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers. Please keep them coming because I have a feeling he will be a handful once we get him home. :)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Uncle Jimbo Has Some Thoughts on the Navy SEALs

Note the reference to Gordon Liddy.

UJ has been doing a little radio with the G-Man in the mornings.
I'm not posting the whole thing here because I want you to go read it on Blackfive

Allahpundit shows his a** ref SEALs

Posted By Uncle Jimbo

UPDATE II: Beta male links to this with headline "Time for another Allahpundit sucks post" not that I can recall one in many moons or maybe ever. Fair is fair here
is the post that pissed me off
, and yes the blood mist is in my eyes. C'est la Vie.

UPDATE: I am not listening to any, "Oh he is just doing analysis" BS. Then where is the statement "But this is a chickenshit thing to do"? Absent, sadly.

Looks like some Gordon Liddy radio tomorrow on this, I will advise as to the time. have I mentioned we don't even know if this guy was just following the AQ playbook and popped himself so he could screw our guys.


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Warrior Legacy Institute

November 23, 2009

Warrior Legacy Institute releases "Who are we fighting in Afghanistan & Pakistan?"

The Warrior Legacy Institute announces the release of it's third paper "Who are we fighting in Afghanistan & Pakistan?" as well as an accompanying video. This complements the previous papers and videos on " A Population-Centric Counterinsurgency Primer" and "Counterterror as Strategy for the Af/Pak Theater". All of these are written so they can be understood by and educate all Americans regardless of their knowledge about military topics. Our hope is that this will allow them to follow the debate about this vital subject from an informed perspective.

This paper gives a brief history of the rise of the Taliban and al Qaeda following the withdrawal of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan in 1989. It traces the Taliban's origins in the Pashtun regions and their fight to take over the government and impose their strict religious rule country-wide. It follows the ebb and flow on both sides of the border and the eventual entry of al Qaeda to the theater. It focuses on the tribes that make up the insurgency and their leaders, but is not a definitive look at all of these groups. It also takes a look at the current state of Taliban and al Qaeda in both countries and the areas they control.

We hope you will share this paper and video with your friends and family. This is an important issue that affects all of our brave troops and you can use this knowledge to be part of that discussion and decision.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Hammer-Weekly Standard Blog

MKH has a great article in Townhall Magazine this month.
The title is cool:

"Sell Crazy Someplace Else", and discusses the media's portrayal of conservatives as insane unbalanced and ignorant; but we all know its not the Right that has problems with tolerance or diversity or inbalance.

Meanwhile, just two hours ago, MK was busy posting this about the greedy little beeeatch Senator from LA.

I give this a 20 lb splitting maul rating.

The Audacity of Buy-Offs
Mary Landrieu was awfully upfront about her $100 million vote in Senate debate Saturday:
“I will correct something. It’s not $100 million, it’s $300 million, and I’m proud of it and will keep fighting for it,” Landrieu told reporters after her floor speech. “But that is not why I started this health care debate; I started this health care debate for all the reasons I just mentioned in my statement” on the floor.

She blamed "very partisan, Republican bloggers" for reporting on that section of the bill, but it was first reported by the well-known, right-wing outlet, ABC. The nerve of any of us to insinuate she could be bought for a measly $100 million.

Hey, thank God for algore.

Landrieu's justification for the extra money for Louisiana is that federal emergency aid surrounding Katrina had incorrectly inflated Louisiana's per-capita income for a short time, thus leading to insufficient Medicaid funds for the state, due to the federal government's calculation based on per-capita income.

She followed up with another odd assertion:
"Our state is still as poor as it was, if not poorer."
Perhaps not the thing to highlight so dramatically, when you're a senator who's been serving for 12 years.

Landrieu said her yes vote Saturday, to proceed to debate on Reid's health-care bill, should not be construed as a vote of support for the bill in its current form.

Sen. Mary Landrieu said that Reid wouldn't have 60 votes unless Democrats agree to weaken the government plan so that it is triggered if private insurers don't reach certain benchmarks.

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Patriot Post Daily Brief

"The 'reformers' in the White House and the House of Representatives have made all too plain their vision of the federal government's power to coerce individual Americans to make the 'right' health-care choices. The highly partisan bill the House just passed includes severe penalties for individuals who do not purchase insurance approved by the federal government.

By neatly tucking these penalties into the IRS code, the so-called reformers have brought them under the tax-enforcement power of the federal government. The Congressional Budget Office stated on October 29 that the House bill would generate $167 billion in revenue from 'penalty payments.'

Individual Americans are expected to pay $33 billion of these penalties, with employers paying the rest. Former member of Congress and Heritage Foundation fellow Ernest Istook has concluded that for this revenue goal to be met, 8 to 14 million individual Americans will have to be fined over the next ten years, quite an incentive for federal bureaucrats.

... By transforming a refusal or failure to comply with a government mandate into a federal tax violation, the 'progressives' are using the brute force of criminal law to engage in social engineering. This represents an oppressive, absolutist view of government power.
... The idea of imprisoning or fining Americans who don't knuckle under to an unprecedented government mandate to purchase a particular insurance product should outrage anyone who believes in the exceptional promises and opportunities afforded by our basic American freedoms. ... Unless this paternalistic juggernaut is stopped, Americans will lose some of their most fundamental freedoms, and the power of the federal government to impose novel requirements in every facet of our personal lives will have become virtually unlimited." --Brian W. Walsh & Hans A. von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation

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No Attribution; Circulating in Email

I'm sure I could find out who wrote it originally, but the content is more important and I'm not claiming authorship. It has the ring of Glenn Beck.

This has been floating around for awhile and its true, so it deserves a hearing.

The Democrat Party is made up of lawyers.

Democrats mock and scorn those who create wealth, like Bush and Cheney, or who heal the sick, like Frist, or who immerse themselves in history, like Gingrich.

The Lawyers’ Party sees these sorts of people, who provide goods and services that people want, as the enemies of America. And, so we have seen the procession of official enemies, in the eyes of the Lawyers’ Party, grow.

Against whom do Hillary and Obama rail? Pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, hospitals, manufacturers, fast food restaurant chains, large retail businesses, bankers, and anyone producing anything of value in our nation. This is the natural consequence of viewing everything through the eyes of lawyers. Lawyers solve problems by successfully representing their clients, in this case the American people. Lawyers seek to have new laws passed, they seek to win lawsuits, they press appellate courts to overturn precedent, and lawyers always parse language to favor their side.

Confined to the narrow practice of law, that is fine. But it is an awful way to govern a great nation. When politicians as lawyers begin to view some Americans as clients and other Americans as opposing parties, then the role of the legal system in our life becomes all-consuming. Some Americans become “adverse parties” of our very government. We are not all litigants in some vast social class-action suit. We are citizens of a republic that promises us a great deal of freedom from laws, from courts, and from lawyers. Today, we are drowning in laws; we are contorted by judicial decisions; we are driven to distraction by omnipresent lawyers in all parts of our once private lives.

America has a place for laws and lawyers, but that place is modest and reasonable, not vast and unchecked. When the most important decision for our next president is whom he will appoint to the Supreme Court, the role of lawyers and the law in America is too big. When lawyers use criminal prosecution as a continuation of politics by other means, as happened in the lynching of Scooter Libby and Tom Delay, then the power of lawyers in America is too great. When House Democrats sue America in order to hamstring our efforts to learn what our enemies are planning to do to us, then the role of litigation in America has become crushing.
We cannot expect the Lawyers’ Party to provide real change, real reform or real hope in America

Most Americans know that a republic in which every major government action must be blessed by nine unelected judges is not what Washington intended in 1789. Most Americans grasp that we cannot fight a war when ACLU lawsuits snap at the heels of our defenders. Most Americans intuit that more lawyers and judges will not restore declining moral values or spark the spirit of enterprise in our economy..

Perhaps Americans will understand that change cannot be brought to our nation by those lawyers who already largely dictate American society and business. Perhaps Americans will see that hope does not come from the mouths of lawyers but from personal dreams nourished by hard work. Perhaps Americans will embrace the truth that more lawyers with more power will only make our problems worse. The United States has 5% of the world’s population and 66% of the world’s lawyers!

Tort (Legal) reform legislation has been introduced in Congress several times in the last several years to limit punitive damages in ridiculous lawsuits such as “spilling hot coffee on yourself and suing the establishment that sold it to you” and also to limit punitive damages in huge medical malpractice lawsuits. This legislation has continually been blocked from even being voted on by the Democrat Party. When you see that 97% of the political contributions from the American Trial Lawyers Association goes to the Democrat Party, then you realize who is responsible for our medical and product costs being so high!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

As W C Fields Is Reported To Have Said

The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Short and sweet, I had a serious heart attack on Wednesday night. I'm in the hospital, hooked up to a bunch of tubes. I have had a catheterization done and a stint put in, but there is still some blockage. So next Wednesday the doctors are going to do a little carving and install some new parts. No big deal.

Pray for the doctor and my family.

The good thoughts from good people mean a lot to me. Especially Uncle Jimbo.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009







The KSM Trial - Why its being held

Remember, everything is about Obama's legacy. Nothing else.

After all the legal wrangling, Obama may very well be out of office by the time any civilian trial is concluded. Holder did not tell Sen. Graham that KSM would be re-imprisoned. He said that Congress would not allow KSM to "be released in THIS country."

Obama could be accused of biasing any jury pool with his statements. If KSM is found "not guilty", Obama can point to that as an example of how fair HIS administration is and that HE has restored America to the fair and wonderful place it was before.....fill in the blank.

All of the ramifications on KSM and other terrorists custody status has been done. No one wants a clear definition. One that we could use is the old term OUTLAW. They are outside the law, and therefore free game for anyone. Just as we will never see a return to the standards of piracy prosecution from the past (can you see any modern skipper of a warship hanging pirates caught in the act?), our society will not allow itself to treat these mad dogs appropriately.

Also this trial will set precedent. This is the first step in turning the War on Terror into a criminal investigation. Obama and his far left allies want the war to end. They have never believed in it.

This "trial" could be held anywhere. NY will be picked for the theater. Why not Pennsylvania? Or Virginia? Holder refused to answer any questions about conflict of interest because of past associations with firms that DEFENDED the terrorists. This is about Obama's legacy. Holder is his pet.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Arrogance Has Its Own Payback

Family Research Council

Waiting On Mr Write

"Americans resent being ignored by arrogant politicians who think they know better how to run our lives than we do," columnist Connie Hair wrote on the Human Events website. As it turns out, even politicians resent being ignored by other arrogant politicians. Last month, eight Democrats sent the Majority Leader a formal letter demanding that the Senate--and public--have access to the bill for at least 72 hours prior to its first vote. Initially, Sen. Reid agreed.

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Repeating the mistakes of the past......

President Obama is clueless.

"Too much debt could fuel double-dip recession"

Ya think? Of course, remember his audience....his bankers in China.

BEIJING, Nov 18 (Reuters)

President Barack Obama gave his sternest warning yet about the need to contain rising U.S. deficits, saying on Wednesday that if government debt were to pile up too much, it could lead to a double-dip recession.

With the U.S. unemployment rate at 10.2 percent, Obama told Fox News his administration faces a delicate balance of trying to boost the economy and spur job creation while putting the economy on a path toward long-term deficit reduction.

His administration was considering ways to accelerate economic growth, with tax measures among the options to give companies incentives to hire, Obama said in the interview with Fox conducted in Beijing during his nine-day trip to Asia.

“It is important though to recognize if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point, people could lose confidence in the U.S. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession,” he said.

Long term deficit reduction? Recovery? People COULD lose confidence? Is he smoking crack?

He has trillions in debt coming on line and has spent more in the last two months than Bush did in a year. Recovery? Hello, McFly! Double digit unemployment, bank bail outs, and businesses closing. People DON'T HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOU OR THE ECONOMY!

This is just more smoke to hide what is really going on. He thinks that the American public is either stupid (some evidence there-look who they voted for) or blind (What? Don't bother me! Dancing with the Stars is on!). Apparently, he thinks that China is going to believe his lies too.

Obama lied. Jobs died.



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I've Been Remiss In My Cross-Linking

My other favorite conservative Lady has been busy. Read this very carefully.

Susan Katz Keating
In the Aftermath of Ft. Hood, Marking Veterans Day With a Message of Thanks

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My Two Favorite Conservative Ladies

IMAO the former governor of Alaska is scaring the panties off the left, especially the men.

The Hammer on the so-called reviews on "Going Rogue" by The Barracuda

The Art of the Unintellectual Critique of Palin's 'Insufficient Intellectualism'

There are thoughtful arguments to be made against Sarah Palin's future as a national politician, her persona as a conservative folk hero, her political ideology. Relatively few liberals or critics in the media bother to make them.

It's a testament to how thoroughly they caricatured her the first time around, and how little respect she warrants in some circles, that all questions about her are presumed perfectly settled, and serious engagement about her is often treated as a nuisance to be avoided.

To them, Palin is audacious (not in that good, Obama way) and out-of-line to even write a book. Her criticisms of the McCain campaign leakers who anonymously bashed her while the campaign was still going on are "ungrateful." To venture to promote the book is more audacious still, and means she gets exactly what's coming to her in all interviews and coverage, no matter how unfair. The fact that the book she's daring to promote is selling extremely well means more license still to sully the woman from Alaska once again. I've heard each of these sentiments uttered or implied by pundits or reporters in print, on Twitter, or on TV this week.

The thoughtlessness of these critics, who never see the irony in attacking Palin's alleged anti-intellectualism using debunked doctored photos of the governor in a bikini, is crystallized in Ana Marie Cox's review of Sarah Palin's Going Rogue today. It is perhaps overly generous to call the Washington Post piece a review.

It reads like an off-the-cuff e-mail to a friend with very low standards in e-mail correspondence. It's atrocious, not in its assessments necessarily (of which there are few), but in its laziness. I hesitate to excerpt much of it, because at 379 words, I would quickly be dealing with questions of fair use, but here's a taste:

Rush Limbaugh last week proclaimed "Going Rogue" to be "truly one of the most substantive policy books I've read," though that certainly raises questions about what other policy books Rush has read and by what lights he considers the Palin book to be one. For all I know, it may be true.

There may truly be substantive discussion of policy, something that goes beyond the thudding "taxes bad"/"government small" rhetoric that characterizes the moments when Palin turns her personal narrative into a discussion of government workings.

I cannot claim to have completely read "Going Rogue" -- I had to skim the last 150 pages (or more than one-third). I only got the thing into my hands late Monday afternoon with a deadline of early evening. It's terrible, I know, but if I didn't read it all, neither can Sarah Palin claim to have completely written it.

One of the few surprises of the book: For a frontierswoman, Palin really
doesn't like smokers.

It's a Washington Post book review, for goodness' sake, not a note you pass in between classes before that book report you totz didn't prepare for. In the print version of the article, Cox is introduced as a national correspondent for Air America who has described Palin as "crazypants with arrogant sauce on top," right before she criticizes Palin's take on campaign strategy as unsophisticated. Feel free to click over and read her devastating, postcard-length critique of Palin's, ahem, lack of substance.
But if you're short on time, skip it, and read our own Matt Continetti's thoughtful review of the same book, also in the Washington Post today—a juxtaposition by which Cox's effort suffers all the more. Sure, I'm biased, so here's a taste of his review by which you can judge:

Through no fault of her own, Sarah Palin has become a sort of political lens, refracting the different ways conservatives and liberals see the world. To her supporters, she is, as she puts it, a "common-sense conservative" who isn't afraid to make moral judgments. To her detractors, she's a moronic zealot who has no place in American public life. The two interpretations are concrete. "Going Rogue" won't do much to change any minds. But for what it reveals about our current political culture, Hans Robert Jauss would say it can't be beat.

I was originally just going to use this post to tout Continetti's review, but Cox's review was so emblematic of the frequent laziness and lack of professionalism that characterizes media coverage of Palin, that I thought it important to point out.
For more from Matt on Palin for the Palinistas in the audience, try his book.

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An Appeal From Doug Hoffman

Sometimes justice requires some help. I have no doubt ACORN and SEIU were involved in any voting irregularities. If sending this man 5 bucks will help offset whatever damage those useful idiots have done, its cheap at twice the price and money well spent.

As evidence surfaces, we find out that reported results from election night were far from accurate. ACORN and the unions did their best to try and sway the results to Obamacare supporter Bill Owens.

I was forced to concede after receiving two pieces of grim news - - down 5,335 votes with 93 percent of the vote counted on election night - and barely won my stronghold in Oswego County.

On Election Night, the information we received was far different from what we received this week!

Rest assured, they will not succeed, and I am therefore revoking my statement of concession.

That is why I am writing you today. Recent developments leave me to wonder who is scheming behind closed doors, twisting arms and stealing elections from the voters of NY-23.

I'm sure you are as dismayed as I am to learn of the mischief that took place in
Oswego and neighboring counties. We know this would not be the first time for the ACORN faithful to tamper with democracy.

Now it's time to actually count every legal ballot and I need your help to ensure the people of NY-23 get the Congressman THEY ELECTED.

Please donate now to help me ensure every vote is counted!
A recanvassing in the 11-county district shows Owens' lead has narrowed to 3,026. In Oswego County, I was reported to lead by only 500 votes with 93 percent of the vote counted election night, but inspectors found I actually won by 1,748 votes

Let’s force them keep this recanvassing active! Let’s give this election a chance to end differently!

Oswego County elections officials blame the mistakes on "chaos" in their call-in center that included a phone system foul-up, and on inspectors who read numbers
incorrectly when phoning in results. This sounds like a tactic right from the ACORN playbook.

The district's second biggest voter turnout was in Jefferson County, where I had also benefited from a turnaround since election night, gaining another 700 votes. Owens led by 300 votes on the final election night tally, but after recanvassing, I'm now leading by 424 votes.

Jerry Eaton, the Republican elections commissioner for Jefferson County, said
inspectors found a problem in four districts where my vote total was mistakenly entered as zero.

The new vote totals mean the race will be decided by absentee ballots, of which the state Board of Elections distributed about 10,200.

The people of NY-23 deserve to have their ballots counted properly, but we can't let ACORN or the unions keep that from happening. They have more lawyers and more experience tampering with democracy.

State Board of Elections Communications Director John Conklin said the state sent a letter to the House Clerk last week explaining that no winner had been determined in the 23rd District.

Now it's time to actually count every legal ballot and I need your help to ensure the people of NY-23 get the Congressman THEY ELECTED.

We need to make sure that fair elections are a reality in NY-23, just like our Founding Fathers envisioned.

So long as we remain the "land of the free," we MUST ensure every vote is counted. Help us today so we may be the first of many conservative victories during the Obama Regime.

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They're Allowed To Lie-They're democrats

And since we know that going in, we know how to act.

Family Research Council
Harry Reid's Shell Game

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's health care bill wasn't exactly popular in the House, but sources say it's even more disliked in the Senate. So much so that Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has scrapped the idea of using PelosiCare as the shell for his legislation. Instead of making H.R. 3962 his vehicle for debate, the Majority Leader will try to put some distance between his version of reform and Pelosi's.

Under the U.S. Constitution, tax and revenue-raising bills (like health care legislation) have to originate in the House. Fortunately for Sen. Reid, it doesn't specify which tax bill. To comply, the Majority Leader can take up a House-passed bill--any bill as long as it's a tax bill--gut the text and insert his own. Of course, that implies that Sen. Reid actually has health care language, which, as of this morning, he didn't. His plan is still being hatched in the leadership's top secret meetings.

In the meantime, a cluster of Democrats are making their intentions known on the bill's abortion ban. One of them is President Obama. The same man who said, "No one is pro-abortion," is proving to be the most rabid supporter of it in White House history. According to his staff, the President is so violently anti-life that he may be willing to kill his biggest domestic policy goal if it doesn't force Americans to pay for
the slaughter of innocent unborn children. If that's not "pro-abortion," then what is?

David Axelrod, the President's senior advisor, broke the news that the White House wants to break with more than 30 years of tradition and introduce taxpayer-funded abortion in health care. To do it, they'll have to strip the Stupak amendment which passed in the House with overwhelming support from both parties.

Today, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), the amendment's author, told FoxNews that the White House had better brace for a fight. "They're not going to take it out," Stupak said, "If they do, health care will not move forward"--a prediction that Sens.
Ben Nelson
(D-Neb.) and Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) are prepared to back up.

"We won fair and square... That's why Mr. Axelrod's not a legislator. He doesn't really know what he's talking about... The majority has spoken. Most people agree--do not use public funds for abortion," Stupak said. "You're not going to summarily start dismissing amendments which the majority of the House of Representatives wanted because some person, David Axelrod or [whoever], doesn't like it."

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What Else WIll They Force Us To Buy?

Buy a Car or Go To Jail; Buy This Washer or Go To Jail; Buy a Refrigerator or Go To Jail

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D.-Ore.) says that Congress derived the constitutional authority to make Americans purchase health insurance as part of its very first enumerated power. He was referring to the language at the beginning of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, which says:

"The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States." asked Merkley: "Specifically where in the Constitution does Congress get its authority to mandate that individuals purchase health care?"

Merkley said: "The very first enumerated power gives the power to provide for the common defense and the general welfare. So it's right on, right on the front end." Before could ask a follow-up question, Merkley's press secretary pulled him away, apparently to attend an event.

Both House and Senate versions of the health care reform legislation mandate that individuals purchase health insurance, an unprecedented form of federal regulation.

In 1994, when Congress was considering a universal health care plan proposed by then-President Clinton that included a mandate that all individuals purchase health insurance, the Congressional Budget Office studied the issue and discovered that the federal government had never in the history of the United States mandated that individuals purchase any good or service.

"A mandate requiring all individuals to purchase health insurance would be an unprecedented form of federal action," said the CBO. "The government has never required people to buy any good or service as a condition of lawful residence in the United States."

In an analysis published this July, the CBO said that an attempt to justify a mandate that people buy health insurance by using the Commerce Clause which gives Congress the power to regulate commerce "among the several states raises a "novel issue."

"Whether such a requirement would be constitutional under the Commerce Clause is perhaps the most challenging question posed by such a proposal, as it is a novel issue whether Congress may use this clause to require an individual to purchase a good or a service," said the CBO.

In a recent interview with, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R.-Utah), a longtime member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that it was "not constitutionally sound" for Congress to mandate that individuals buy health insurance.

"But here would be the first time where our [federal] government would demand that people buy something that they may or may not want," said Hatch.

And, you know, if that's the case, then we didn't need a 'Cash for Clunkers,' all we had to do is have the federal government say you all got to buy new cars, no matter how tough it is on you. You know, they could require you to buy anything. And that isn't America. That's not freedom. That's not constitutionally sound."

Hatch said that if we let the federal government begin forcing us to buy things we may not want to buy without having a clear constitutional justification for doing so "we've lost our freedoms, and that means the federal government can do anything it wants to do to us."

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Roundup From Family Security Matters

How to Identify Friend from Foe
Melanie Phillips
It is very important to separate moderate Muslims from Islamists. But how can you tell a genuine moderate from the dissimulators?

Why Do We Ignore Red Flags?
Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman
Why was Hasan allowed to continue serving in the military after so many red flags - excessive religiosity, alarming web site, upbringing in a Jihadi hotbed), and bad performance reviews?

‘Injustice' Department
Frank Gaffney, Jr.
If the most dangerous of our enemies can be safely brought to America soil, why can't the rest?

Exclusive: Terrorism is a Tactic: Hasan is a Traitor
William R. Hawkins
Maj. Hasan changed sides in a war, just as Gen. Arnold did, but from a different motive.

Changing the Subject: Why Fort Hood Probe was Nixed
What is the administration's agenda?

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Moozie Wanted His Patients Prosecuted For War Crimes

Report: Hasan Wanted Patient War Crimes Trials
November 17, 2009Dallas Morning News

Fort Hood massacre suspect Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan sought to have some of his patients prosecuted for war crimes based on statements they made during psychiatric sessions with him, a captain who served on the base said Monday.

Other psychiatrists complained to superiors that Hasan's actions violated doctor-patient confidentiality, Capt. Shannon Meehan told The Dallas Morning News.

One day after the Nov. 5 attack that killed 13 and wounded 29, a Fort Hood official said she had never received complaints about Hasan's job performance. Col. Kimberly Kesling, deputy commander of clinical services at the base's Darnall Army Medical Center, also said he was a "hardworking, dedicated young man who gave great care to his patients."

Fort Hood officials did not respond to interview requests late Monday. They have declined in recent days to say anything about the major, citing the ongoing investigation. . Meehan said he learned of Hasan's prosecution requests from another base psychiatrist. That psychiatrist could not be reached for comment Monday.

The revelations add to a portrait of Hasan as a man at odds with many of those around him -- emotionally, religiously and ideologically. He was, by various accounts, lonely, paranoid and increasingly zealous in his fundamentalist Islamic beliefs. He had been writing e-mails to a radical cleric in Yemen who called the U.S. war on terror a "war against Muslims" and advocated killing Soldiers.

It wasn't clear Monday what information Hasan received from patients and what became of his requests for prosecution. ABC News, citing anonymous sources, reported that his superiors rejected the requests, and that investigators suspect this
triggered the shootings.

Hasan may have been legally justified in reporting what patients disclosed, said Patrick McLain, a Dallas lawyer who specializes in military defense work and is not involved in the Hasan case. But it's impossible to be sure without knowing exactly what they said, he added.

"He was right on his authority to report it," said the ex-Marine, who formerly served as a court-martial judge. The Army teaches all service members that they have a duty to report evidence of war crimes.

Hasan's civilian lawyer in Central Texas, retired Col. John P. Galligan, did not respond to interview requests Monday. His client remains in a San Antonio military hospital, paralyzed from the waist down by police gunfire and facing premeditated murder charges.

Meehan, the Fort Hood captain, expressed skepticism with Hasan's requests that patients be prosecuted. "They're going in there confessing their pain and their guilt," he said, describing Soldiers' postwar visits to therapists. "He's trying to turn it
into a war crime."

Meehan recently wrote a book called Beyond Duty, depicting his traumatic experience as a tank platoon leader in Iraq. It describes a strike he ordered that accidentally killed an Iraqi family with six children -- the sort of "collateral damage" that McLain said was clearly distinct from a war crime.

Later, an improvised explosive device left Meehan with a traumatic brain injury. He received therapy at Fort Hood from people other than Hasan, which he credits with saving him from crippling depression. He is retiring from the military, effective next week.

Meehan said one of his doctors tried to give Hasan a copy of the book last month. Hasan refused. The captain said he had previously avoided Hasan, who was one of a small crew responsible for interviewing Soldiers and writing up summaries of their condition.

"I heard he was not one you wanted to go to" because he didn't finish his work promptly, Meehan said. "Apparently the reason it took so long is he was turning it over to legal."

Meehan said one little-known consequence of the massacre is that Hasan's colleagues must re-evaluate every case he handled. Another challenge, he said, is persuading patients to keep opening up to therapists.

"I really hope Nidal's horrific actions do not give Soldiers pause when considering [whether] to tell their given stories," Meehan said.

President Barack Obama vowed Saturday to examine all the events leading up to the Fort Hood attack, including reports that the Army and FBI missed warning signs about Hasan's extremist sympathies. Several congressional leaders have promised their own inquiries.

A closed-door briefing Monday for the Senate Armed Services Committee was postponed at the administration's request, said committee spokesman Bryan Thomas.

Senate leaders and several committee chairmen are scheduled to receive a classified briefing this morning, said Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to testify publicly before Leahy's committee. His appearance had been previously scheduled and wasn't directly prompted by the Fort Hood tragedy.

Blog editor note: See related article on Holder here

Sen. Jeff Sessions, the top Republican on the panel, said he would ask whether there was evidence Hasan was disloyal and should have been removed from the Army.

"Nobody should be advanced in rank and no one should be kept in the military if their loyalty is to anything other than the United States," the Alabama senator said.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Smart Diplomacy

Apparently they all look alike to the "Smartest President evah"

I mean, if our President is going to break 200 years of tradition and bow to a foreign leader.....

if our President is going to embarrass our country.....

if our President is going to show slavish subservience.....

Then, at least get it right.

This is the man that deserve Obama's, if not America's bow. I mean, he is lending us all of that money that Obama is trying to bribe Congress with spend......



Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cooking For the Wounded Phase II

Americas Wounded Heros and Warrior Legacy Foundation teamed up on Saturday at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and prepared BBQ chicken, fried squash, hamburgers, hot dogs and assorted sides for the wounded and anyone else who happened by. Apparently the hotel kitchen was down for renovation, and the timing was perfect.

BRAVO ZULU and OOOOOOOORAHHHH to everyone who helped make it a great day, especially Laughing Wolf from Blackfive, who I'm sure will have a post up soon. LW extended the invitation to WLF to help kickoff Phase II of Cooking For the Wounded World Tour. We were more than pleased to accept.

Special thanks are due to some good people who helped us with the funding.

Dessert was provided courtesey of Soldiers Angels. We had two first class pastry chefs in the house. The young Ladies who make up Yellow Bowl Bakery are sharp. The bakery is located in Lafayette, Indiana. They are also known as "Bakers Without Borders".

Let me tell you what these two young Ladies did this past weekend. They loaded a van in Lafayette, Indiana with pecan pies, blueberry pies, pumpkin pies, Texas Sheet Cake, Red Velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting so good it should be illegal, and brownies and DROVE to Washington DC to serve the wounded warriors at Walter Reed. Not only are they totally committed to supporting the troops, they are both cuter than two puppies in a pet store window.

BostonMaggie came down with Mary Ripley from USNI and lent a hand.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Blue Star Mom Speaks To The CiC


Friday, November 13, 2009

Heroes RUN to the sound of gunfire.....

Numerous reports are corroborating the story.
Sergeant Munley was the first to engage that traitor at Ft. Hood. She exchanged fire, apparently hitting him and was wounded in turn. She fell. Her partner, Senior Sgt. Mark Todd, arriving at the scene from around another corner, found the scumbag fumbling his reload and shot him.

Thank God there are people like them.

Hand Salute.

Sergeant Kimberly Denise Munley was on her way to have her car repaired when gunfire reports came over the radio. On reaching the scene, she bolted from the car, firing at the perpetrator in order to protect a wounded soldier.

"He turned on her and began to fire. She ran toward him, continuing to fire,..."

Read the whole thing at the NYT.


h/t Traction Control

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NY-23 Re-Count May Overturn Election

H/T to an old friend K. Pickett via Twitter

Run-off. Have a head-to-head runoff.

Owens May Have to Be Removed
Northern NY News
Written by Nathan Barker

The election was close enough even on election night that the New York State Board of Elections was unable to present a "clear decision" in the race according to John Conklin, Communications Director for the department. He said that the Board sent a letter to the Clerk of the House of Representatives in Washington indicating that they could not yet determine a winner and could therefore not certify the election until after the recanvas and absentee ballot count. Those final numbers will not be available until at least mid-December.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

HillBuzz Apology

I didn't believe it either, until I read it.

Thank you former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush

We know absolutely no one in Bush family circles and have never met former President George W. Bush or his wife Laura.

If you have been reading us for any length of time, you know that we used to make fun of “Dubya” nearly every day…parroting the same comedic bits we heard in our Democrat circles, where Bush is still, to this day, lampooned as a chimp, a bumbling idiot, and a poor, clumsy public speaker.

Oh, how we RAILED against Bush in 2000…and how we RAILED against the surge in support Bush received post-9/11 when he went to Ground Zero and stood there with his bullhorn in the ruins on that hideous day.

We were convinced that ANYONE who was president would have done what Bush did, and would have set that right tone of leadership in the wake of that disaster. President Gore, President Perot, President Nader, you name it. ANYONE, we assumed, would have filled that role perfectly.

Well, we told you before how much the current president, Dr. Utopia, made us realize just how wrong we were about Bush. We shudder to think what Dr. Utopia would have done post-9/11. He would have not gone there with a bullhorn and struck that right tone. More likely than not, he would have been his usual fey, apologetic self and waxed professorially about how evil America is and how justified Muslims are for attacking us, with a sidebar on how good the attacks were because they would humble us.

Honestly, we don’t think President Gore would have been much better that day. The world needed George W. Bush, his bullhorn, and his indominable spirit that day…and we will forever be grateful to this man for that.

As we will always be grateful for what George and Laura Bush did this week, with no media attention, when they very quietly went to Ft. Hood and met personally with the families of the victims of this terrorist attack.

The Bushes went and met privately with these families for HOURS, hugging them, holding them, comforting them.

If there are any of you out there with any connection at all to the Bushes, we implore you to give them our thanks…you tell them at a bunch of gay Hillary guys in Boystown, Chicago were wrong about the Bushes…and are deeply, deeply sorry for any jokes we told about them in the past, any bad thoughts we had about these good, good people.

You may be as surprised by this as we are ourselves, but from this day forward George W. and Laura Bush are now on the same list for us as the Clintons, Geraldine Ferraro, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and the other political figures we keep in our hearts and never allow anyone to badmouth.
Criticize their policies academically and intelligently and discuss the Bush presidency in historical and political terms…but you mess with the Bushes personally and, from this day forward, and you’ll answer to us.

We hope someday to be able to thank George W. and Laura in person for all they’ve done, and continue to do. They didn’t have to head to Ft. Hood. That was not their responsibility.

The Obamas should have done that.

But didn’t.


Thank goodness George W. is still on his watch, with wonderful Laura at his side.

We are blessed as a nation to have these two out there…just as we are blessed to have the Clintons on the job, traveling the world doing the good they do.

And we are blessed to have Dick Cheney, wherever he is, keeping tabs on all that’s going on and speaking out when the current administration does anything too reckless and dangerous.

Cheney’s someone else we villainized and maligned in the past who we were also wrong about. There has never been a Vice President, including Gore, Biden, or Mondale, who was more supportive of gay rights than “Darth Cheney”. There has never been a Vice President more spot-on right about the dangers facing this country from Islamic terrorism.

We live in strange, strange times indeed.

We are now officially committed fans of George W. and Laura Bush. We are fans of Dick Cheney. Our gratitude for them makes us newly protective of them, and the continued role they play in this country.

After the primary battle of 2008, we never thought we’d go back to Texas for anything, but sometime in 2010 we want to find some event in Dallas the Bushes will be at so at least one of us can go up to them, tell them we are deeply sorry for ever thinking ill of them, and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their service to America.

We’re sure they will just stare at us and wonder why these gay Chicagoans are crying, but we don’t think we can get through a meeting with them without being emotional.

What they did at Ft. Hood for those families humbles us. Every day, the Bushes are most likely doing something just like it behind the scenes.

We hope if any of you encounter them you will let them know this is deeply appreciated beyond partisan lines.

We will never look at the Bushes, the Bush presidencies, or their legacies the same again…and someday when his presidential library is built, we will be so proud to visit there and tell anyone will listen about November 10th, 2009, the day we finally appreciated former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura.

Thank you for your service, Mr. President. We’re sorry we didn’t appreciate you while you were in office, but we thank Heaven we’ve wised up and can see the good you are out there doing, under the radar, today.
NOTE: Because some of you wanted to re-read it again and have emailed us to ask for it, here’s what we said to President Bush on January 20th, at the beginning of The Golden Age of Hope and Change and Unicorns.

It’s actually really interesting to read the comments from way back then, to see either how mad at us people were that we dared to say anything nice about Bush or how pleased others out there were that Hillary Dems weren’t being evil to the man as he left office.

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VA Campaign for Liberty

United Conservatives of Virginia stands firmly in favor of any event which promotes state sovereignty and re-affirms the 10th Amendment as the Law of the Land. We have not read the specific legislation as of the date of this post and cannot comment on the merits or the language.

We do support HR 61.

Virginia Campaign for Liberty will host a lobby day and rally on two 10th Amendment bills on January 18, 2010 at the Capitol.

The event is scheduled for all day.

With all the federal power grabs coming down from Washington, the citizens of Virginia are calling for 10th amendment solutions in defense of our individual liberty and state's rights. There are some legislators who are working to push for a State Sovereignty Resolution and introduced HR61 at the end of the 2009 session that never made it out of committee.

While their effort is to be commended, we at Virginia Campaign for Liberty believe that a Declaration of Sovereignty Resolution poses certain dangers in that it allows bad legislators to clean their skirts with a piece of legislation that does nothing to make the 10th amendment more binding. It is our mission to put the 10th amendment, the law of the land, into practice. That's just what our two bills will do.

The first one is modeled after the Montana gun bill called the Virginia Firearms Freedom Act (VFFA). This bill serves as a 10th amendment challenge to the powers of Congress under the commerce clause that prohibits the federal regulation of firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition manufactured and retained in Virginia. Delegate Charles Carrico has agreed to carry the bill in the 2010 session of the General Assembly.

You can view the full text of the bill here.

The second is the Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act (VHFA). This bill is a 10th amendment challenge to the powers of the federal government to mandate federally approved healthcare by every citizen under the threat of steep fines and jail time. Delegate Bob Marshall has agreed to carry this important legislation in the 2010 session.

You can view the full text of the bill here.

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Till the Last Shot's Fired

In honor of Veterans Day, Ft. Hood, the Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Spouses, and Children of all my Brothers and Sisters in Arms........

The inspiration for this post: Surrounded by Honor


Redstate Red Alert

Senator Jeff Sessions is calling on his colleagues to filibuster Judge David Hamilton. Go here and call your Senator. Tell your Senator to oppose cloture on David Hamilton and filibuster his nomination to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Judge Hamilton, a district court judge, is Barack Obama's nominee to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. That very court has cited Judge Hamilton for abusing his power as a judge.

In 1994, the 7th Circuit rebuked Judge Hamilton for denying a Rabbi the right to display a Menorah as part of an Indianapolis holiday display.

In 2005, Judge Hamilton prohibited the Indiana House of Representatives from praying if Jesus's name was mentioned, but said praying in Allah's name was perfectly fine.

He also is one of the most lenient judges in America when it comes to crime and criminals.

In United States v. Rinehart, 2007 U.S. LEXIS 19498 (S.D. Ind. Feb 2, 2007), Judge Hamilton used his opinion to request clemency for a police officer who pled guilty to two counts of child pornography. The 32 year old officer had engaged in "consensual" sex with two teenagers and videotaped his activities.

In United States v. Woolsey, 535 F.3d 540 (7th Cir. 2008), the Seventh Circuit faulted Judge Hamilton for disregarding an earlier conviction in order to avoid imposing a life sentence on a repeat offender.

Call your Senator. Tell your Senator to oppose cloture on Judge Hamilton and support a filibuster.

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My Sentiments Exactly

I guess it was predictable that Emperor Narcissus would vote 'Present' on the Afghan war plans, but it's still a bitter pill to swallow. If there was ever any doubt about this guy's allegiances or feeling towards the military this purposeful disregard for his generals proves it.

Sure, he'll get up and read speeches that others have written for him, which include the mandatory catch phrases like, "our brave men and women", but you can tell he
doesn't mean a word of it. Behind closed doors, the Emperor, Rahm Emmanuel, and David Axelrod are scheming to destroy, defund, disarm and surrender.

They all have shown their contempt for our military and this country through their deeds, regardless of their words.

And now it's off to China. God only knows what sort of betrayals he'll engineer with the ChiComs.

Our military is now under the control of a man who couldn't get a security clearance to mop the floors in the White House, isn't man enough to make it through boot camp, I suspect, and is totally indifferent to the deaths of our troops.

I am now, officially, in favor of an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan. I don't want to see one more soldier die for this president because he has malice in his heart toward them. If his inability to utter the words, 'radical islam' at Fort Hood didn't prove it, this certainly does.

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DC Protest Warrior: Conservative Principles Based on Founding Principles

DC Protest Warrior: Conservative Principles Based on Founding Principles

The primary legitimate purpose of government is the protection of individual freedom; and conservatism, as a philosophy of freedom grounded in the ideas articulated as the basis of the founding of the nation, has, as its rationale, the preservation and enhancement of that great ideal. That is not just a general intellectual concept. It is a sacred, activist purpose.

The coercive power of government must not be mobilized to enforce social norms if we are to suggest that ours is a philosophy of freedom. But there are places that are ripe for clarification.

Conservatives should bend themselves to the task of clarifying the First Amendment by proposing an amendment to the Constitution that recognizes that the Founders did not endorse a “wall of separation” between government and religion. Indeed, the adoption of the First Amendment by Congress was immediately followed by a resolution by that same Congress for a celebration of its great accomplishment by days of prayer and fasting. The suggestion that the Founders intended the First Amendment to prohibit nativity scenes on public property and prayers at public events is legally unsound and historically unsupportable. Only judges could get this so wrong.


Announcements From Warrior Legacy Foundation

First and most importantly:
You know that song and video I have been posting over and over and over and over, well you get the gist?

Warrior Legacy Foundation has been given permission to adopt that song as our official Fight Song!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the author and creator explaining how he came to create it:

The song, written and performed by a young gent named Sean, was found by our own Matt Burden. He posted it up on, and after listening to it, we knew it had to be a part of WLF.

Sean tells us this about the inspiration for creating the song:
You'd asked me to tell you a little bit about why I did it, and the simplest explanation is, it was done to try to raise the morale of any soldier that might hear it, because I believe that a guy with a higher level of morale stands a better chance of surviving a dangerous situation than one without.

There was an evening where I'd come across several articles in succession on the internet dealing with what they called "the deteriorating psychological state" of the US Military, and that same evening, I happened to tune into a program on TV that was showing soldiers going through basic training. There were shots of guys doing obstacle courses, getting weapons training, and at some point, running and singing cadence.

All of these things, the articles, and the show, combined to inspire a song that I tried to shape into something that would boost the morale of the soldier, and scare the living hell out of the enemy…regardless of who the enemy might be.I wanted to uplift and honor those who do what they matter when they did it. It is as much for Veterans as it is for Active-duty members of the Military.

I know that there are a vast number of individuals in this country who look upon these men and women with the same level of awe, admiration, love and respect as I do, and in my opinion, we will never be able to do enough to show it. But, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Technically, the song is just as cool.

Here's Sean telling us how he created this tune:

The song was created and produced in Echo Sonic's Studio in Pasadena, California. I am the producer/songwriter, and primary vocalist, having multi-tracked myself about 32 times to create the sound of a platoon. During the choruses, there is an
addition vocal line by a gentleman from Texas named Rock Williams, to thicken it up and make it sound bigger.

The Drill Sergeant parts were done by James DeVito, a Retired Drill Sergeant from the USMC. The underlying drum loop that pulses through the song was done by Justin Card, an electronic musician friend of mine here in Los Angeles.

The guitars were performed by session guitarist Sean Hurwitz.The marching snares were performed by L.A. Drummer Bernie Pershey, who I met one night and played the song for him. Ironically, his hobby/passion was studying Military Marching Snare. He came over that very night to volunteer his talents.

The rest of the drums and bass and keys and all they background stuff was my own work. Most of it was programmed.The video was created over the course of a week in that same room. Want a copy? Go here: Tell them the WLF sent you. Some of us here, who have iPhones, have even created ringtones from it. Let us know what you think!

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The End of A Great Experiment

"Congress recognizes no limits on its power. It doesn't care about the Constitution, it doesn't care about your inalienable rights, it doesn't care about the liberties protected by the Bill of Rights, it doesn't even read the laws it writes. America, this is not an academic issue. If this health care bill becomes law, life as you have known it, freedom as you have exercised it, privacy as you have enjoyed it, will cease to be." --Judge Andrew Napolitano

"Where in the U.S. Constitution does it authorize Congress to force Americans to buy health insurance? If Congress gets away with forcing us to buy health insurance, down the line, what else will they force us to buy; or do you naively think they will stop with health insurance?" --economist Walter E. Williams

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apparently the necessary war......isn't

Obama seems to planning on surrendering in Afghanistan.

So much of another of his campaign promises.

Except of course, if he actually decides to surrender, he'll do it so HE doesn't look bad, and will go half measures, getting our troops killed. Hmmm, that sounds like the plan described below by the state propaganda organ MSNBC:

Official: Obama rejects all Afghan war options

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama does not plan to accept any of the Afghanistan war options presented by his national security team, pushing instead for revisions to clarify how and when U.S. troops would turn over responsibility to the Afghan government, a senior administration official said Wednesday.


What real security teams use.

Tired of Security Theater by the TSA?
Tired of taking off your shoes?
Tired of waiting for EVERYONE ELSE to take off their shoes?
Tired of waiting in long lines?

Then why don't we have these if security is SO important?

h/t Double Tapper


An Attempt To Set A Legal Precedent


Sell My Clothes, Cause the End Is Near

Thats the only explanation for this latest excuse, in a long list of excuses, the Army uses for not removing Hasan from the Officer Corps and placing him under arrest for violating his oath to the Constitution and communicating with known enemy personnel.

Let's see:

The Army says it didn't investigate the mooozie's communications with a known Al'Qeda supporter because "it was a free speech issue" and "he was asking for guidance from a spiritual leader".

Are you effing kidding me? Islam is the religion that drives these whackos to murder innocent people in the name of a nutjob pedophile to establish world domination. The "spiritual leaders"are the ones who encouarge the whackos to perpetrate these acts of terrorism.

The goat-humping moozie nutjob was communicating with the enemy. Its called treason. Its called aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of war.

We are at war with these sub-humans.

What have we come to? Where the hell am I? Has everyone in the DoD lost their minds?

Are we not right now, as you read this, engaged in armed conflict with Islamist extremists who want infidels (that's me and you), wiped from the face of the earth? Are they not the enemy? Have they not been killing everyone who does not believe their twisted ideology since recorded time?

They sure act like the enemy.

The Army failed its own miserably on this. That officer should have been relieved of his commission when they found the first communication and he should have been arrested and placed in custody.

They have no problem arresting civilians for doing the exact same thing.

Free speech my butt. Sprirtual leader???? GMAFB

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Never Forget

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
— Lt.-Col. John McCrae (1872 - 1918)