Thursday, November 26, 2009

Surgery went very well!

Hi Everyone,
My name is Lauren Miller, my daddy is Bob. I am currently subbing in as his fingers. Daddy had his quintuple by-pass surgery yesterday. The surgeon was very happy with how everything went. He was none too happy with daddy's lungs but with 54 years of smoking how good are his lungs really going to be? The surgeon said he probably wouldnt be off the breathing machine until late last night or early today but of course my father, the tough guy, was off within hours of being out of surgery. He's already sitting up and talking and eating. He should be back at his computer within the next day or two, but until then please dont hesistate to give him a hard time. I will be relaying messages until he's back at it. My family and I really appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers. Please keep them coming because I have a feeling he will be a handful once we get him home. :)


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