Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Sentiments Exactly

I guess it was predictable that Emperor Narcissus would vote 'Present' on the Afghan war plans, but it's still a bitter pill to swallow. If there was ever any doubt about this guy's allegiances or feeling towards the military this purposeful disregard for his generals proves it.

Sure, he'll get up and read speeches that others have written for him, which include the mandatory catch phrases like, "our brave men and women", but you can tell he
doesn't mean a word of it. Behind closed doors, the Emperor, Rahm Emmanuel, and David Axelrod are scheming to destroy, defund, disarm and surrender.

They all have shown their contempt for our military and this country through their deeds, regardless of their words.

And now it's off to China. God only knows what sort of betrayals he'll engineer with the ChiComs.

Our military is now under the control of a man who couldn't get a security clearance to mop the floors in the White House, isn't man enough to make it through boot camp, I suspect, and is totally indifferent to the deaths of our troops.

I am now, officially, in favor of an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan. I don't want to see one more soldier die for this president because he has malice in his heart toward them. If his inability to utter the words, 'radical islam' at Fort Hood didn't prove it, this certainly does.

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