Monday, November 30, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT REC'D VIA EMAIL for 7 December Norfolk Rally

Links will be available before the end of the day.
If you go, be prepared to stand OUTSIDE the gate.

Date: Monday, December 7, 2009
Time: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Location: Naval Station Norfolk
City/Town: Norfolk, VA

As most of you already know, some of our military’s most elite, the Navy SEALs are under fire from the US Government for none other than bloodying the lip of one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq, the alleged mastermind of the murder and mutilation of four Blackwater USA security guards in Fallujah in 2004.

Matthew McCabe, Petty Officer Jonathan Keefe & Petty Officer Julio Huertas all face criminal charges for allegedly punching Ahmed Hashim Abed while he was being detained. You can read the full story at:,2933,576646,00.html

Fox News video interviewing Neal Puckett with Puckett & Faraj, PC, the lawyer representing Matthew McCabe

On December 7, the three SEALs are set to go before a Judge and plead not guilty. This first court appearance is only the arraignment and the actual trial is set to being sometime in January.

As of right now, unconfirmed reports say that the arraignment will take place at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, VA on December 7; however, we are still trying to figure out the exact time(s) and location(s).

I’m sure all of you agree that this is a complete outrage and mockery of our US Military. As Americans, we CANNOT stand for this and MUST show our support for our troops who are constantly being put in harms way to protect the country that is now bring them under fire. We must send a message that “political correctness” has reached a boiling point and that these service men will not be hung out to dry.

I put this protest event together in hopes that it would gather locals in the area who would show their support that day. I, myself, am located in Fort Worth, Texas, so chances are slim to none that I will make it out next week. I do not expect to see thousands show up for the arraignment; however, it would be nice to see a decent crowd showing their support that day. The big protests need to come in January when they go on trial. This is when we all need to make the sacrifice of traveling to support them. Don’t get me wrong though, if you want to travel to Norfolk on the 7th, please do so, I just don’t want our efforts to be misused this early in the game.

So, with that said, I ask everyone, within reason, to take to Norfolk, VA Naval Base on the 7 and send a message loud and clear that we stand behind them.

Also, I will update everyone as more information comes to me.

UPDATES:"I received an email from one of their attorneys. It will be on Norfolk Naval Base and he will let me know the building number when he receives it. Are you planning on setting up outside of the main gate?"

“Everyone will be at the main gate...some of us will be in the court room...I will have someone from The Intelligence Report Media Group there....we have applied for passes already!”

“If you can get on base, can anyone be in the courthouse?”

“I think they will only let press and military personnel..sometimes they make the press stay out in the may get in and they may will be a toss up on that day!”

“Word is from the Navy...."judges decision".....with all the protesting we are hoping we have generated..I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't let anyone in.”

“Mike and I also talked about this..They may not let people on the base..some of us will have to stay outside the main gate. They very well may restrict the base that day.”

“Many have asked about attending the hearing scheduled for December 7th, in Norfolk Virginia. The actual hearing on base IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, as to how many people will fit inside the courtroom I do not as of yet know. To get on Base you will need either a Military ID, active or veteran. If you did not serve in the military you can get on base with an active drivers license and the registration to the vehicle you are driving. The vehicle's registration must be in the driver's or one of the occupant's names for security reasons. If you wish to go to the actual hearing please be advised that the same rules apply as if you were in Federal Court. The Court will
tolerate nothing less than silence and respect for the proceedings. Anything less and I am quite sure all supporters will be removed.”

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