Thursday, November 12, 2009

Announcements From Warrior Legacy Foundation

First and most importantly:
You know that song and video I have been posting over and over and over and over, well you get the gist?

Warrior Legacy Foundation has been given permission to adopt that song as our official Fight Song!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the author and creator explaining how he came to create it:

The song, written and performed by a young gent named Sean, was found by our own Matt Burden. He posted it up on, and after listening to it, we knew it had to be a part of WLF.

Sean tells us this about the inspiration for creating the song:
You'd asked me to tell you a little bit about why I did it, and the simplest explanation is, it was done to try to raise the morale of any soldier that might hear it, because I believe that a guy with a higher level of morale stands a better chance of surviving a dangerous situation than one without.

There was an evening where I'd come across several articles in succession on the internet dealing with what they called "the deteriorating psychological state" of the US Military, and that same evening, I happened to tune into a program on TV that was showing soldiers going through basic training. There were shots of guys doing obstacle courses, getting weapons training, and at some point, running and singing cadence.

All of these things, the articles, and the show, combined to inspire a song that I tried to shape into something that would boost the morale of the soldier, and scare the living hell out of the enemy…regardless of who the enemy might be.I wanted to uplift and honor those who do what they matter when they did it. It is as much for Veterans as it is for Active-duty members of the Military.

I know that there are a vast number of individuals in this country who look upon these men and women with the same level of awe, admiration, love and respect as I do, and in my opinion, we will never be able to do enough to show it. But, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Technically, the song is just as cool.

Here's Sean telling us how he created this tune:

The song was created and produced in Echo Sonic's Studio in Pasadena, California. I am the producer/songwriter, and primary vocalist, having multi-tracked myself about 32 times to create the sound of a platoon. During the choruses, there is an
addition vocal line by a gentleman from Texas named Rock Williams, to thicken it up and make it sound bigger.

The Drill Sergeant parts were done by James DeVito, a Retired Drill Sergeant from the USMC. The underlying drum loop that pulses through the song was done by Justin Card, an electronic musician friend of mine here in Los Angeles.

The guitars were performed by session guitarist Sean Hurwitz.The marching snares were performed by L.A. Drummer Bernie Pershey, who I met one night and played the song for him. Ironically, his hobby/passion was studying Military Marching Snare. He came over that very night to volunteer his talents.

The rest of the drums and bass and keys and all they background stuff was my own work. Most of it was programmed.The video was created over the course of a week in that same room. Want a copy? Go here: Tell them the WLF sent you. Some of us here, who have iPhones, have even created ringtones from it. Let us know what you think!

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