Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sell My Clothes, Cause the End Is Near

Thats the only explanation for this latest excuse, in a long list of excuses, the Army uses for not removing Hasan from the Officer Corps and placing him under arrest for violating his oath to the Constitution and communicating with known enemy personnel.

Let's see:

The Army says it didn't investigate the mooozie's communications with a known Al'Qeda supporter because "it was a free speech issue" and "he was asking for guidance from a spiritual leader".

Are you effing kidding me? Islam is the religion that drives these whackos to murder innocent people in the name of a nutjob pedophile to establish world domination. The "spiritual leaders"are the ones who encouarge the whackos to perpetrate these acts of terrorism.

The goat-humping moozie nutjob was communicating with the enemy. Its called treason. Its called aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of war.

We are at war with these sub-humans.

What have we come to? Where the hell am I? Has everyone in the DoD lost their minds?

Are we not right now, as you read this, engaged in armed conflict with Islamist extremists who want infidels (that's me and you), wiped from the face of the earth? Are they not the enemy? Have they not been killing everyone who does not believe their twisted ideology since recorded time?

They sure act like the enemy.

The Army failed its own miserably on this. That officer should have been relieved of his commission when they found the first communication and he should have been arrested and placed in custody.

They have no problem arresting civilians for doing the exact same thing.

Free speech my butt. Sprirtual leader???? GMAFB

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