Sunday, July 24, 2011

"For the Troops? What Do You Need?"


Babalu called me Friday coming home from work. Says he was finally able to finish the blogpost about BAMC and wanted to let me know it was up. I had heard a lot of what he relates during the 3 days we were in San Antonio. I have one of those coins, too.

As he says in his prologue, there is a recurring theme; but there is more than one theme. These folks are American by choice, but they are Cubans first, and they get it. We should all be Cuban.

Warning: Its only fair I should tell you; Get a box of Kleenex.

An Island On The Internet Without A Bearded Dictator

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Recap From LW on Blackfive

Everything you need to know about this past weekend at the Warrior Family Support Center in San Antonio is contained in this link.


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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pig Roasting Cuban Style


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Regarding Cuban Pigs (Bay of and Very Tasty)

We are back from Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio and all I can say is: WOW!!!!

Everything that transpired this past weekend was made possible by a grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation and the sacrifices of some very fine Americans. I cannot thank these people enough for the opportunity they created with their generous assistance.

There are so many people to thank, I don't really know who to start with.

I could list them in order of ridiculous distances traveled by a Cuban blogger to cook Cuban style pig for Wounded Warriors. If I wanted to maintain the level of debauchery my friends have come to expect, I'd list them in order of the cutest and funniest members of a Cuban-American family or I could start with the drop dead gorgeous red-headed chef section.

Lets go with distance traveled:
Bablu is no stranger to the blogging community or the Cuban DGI for that matter. He can also cook a pig and beans like nobody's business. We had this instantaneous bonding moment when he realized we had both the same color Bic lighter and a more than passing acquaintance with construction techniques and inspection procedures. Oh, and the dude is a Cuban Uncle Jimbo. (Think about THAT for a minute) All I can say is: this American is honored to be a friend of this man.

Babalu, Thank You Brother. Sorry I made you cry when I handed you that Challenge Coin. You made me cry when you thanked me for letting you come up and cook. (Uh huh I LET him)

Red Hot Dish and Heather from Home-Ec101 bring up the drop-dead gorgeous red-headed chef side. These two Ladies have to be experienced to be appreciated and believed. Ellen is a Chef of the first order and a retired Air Force Major to boot. She did TWO events this weekend, supper Friday night and a cooking class at Fisher House on Saturday. (I have a side story to the Fisher House event, involving a Dodge RAM, 4 Marines, two laptops and karma).

Back to the redheaded red-hot dishes. Heather runs a really cool website. Just go check it out. This was my first time working with Heather and all I can say is I would have paid double to be there. Thank you, young Lady. Your presence and contribution to this event was most appreciated and your attitude and personality are infectious.

I had the honor of having Ellen from Redhot Dish (and her husband) working at our last Walter Reed event and it was no different this time, except it was hot as hell and her husband had to work and couldn't go. Our loss but no damage. Ellen did her usual excellent work. Damn that girl can cook.

There are a few more people to thank, mention and poke a little...("LUUUUUUUCYYYYY Joo got some splainin to do!!!!!") but I need sleep and Monday is a terrible way to start the week.

I'll continue this tomorrow and you'll meet two Cuban-American families who gave up a big slice of their weekend to help us feed some Wounded Warriors. AWESOME!!!!!!!



Saturday, July 16, 2011

Susan Katz Keating: Laughing Wolf Celebrates His Birthday... Cooking With the Troops


Friday, July 15, 2011

LIVE!!! From Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio TX


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It Will Make For Some Cheap Gasoline, Too

Oil trade groups: Drilling deregulation could create 190,000 jobs

Published: 12:04 AM 07/12/2011
Updated: 2:34 AM 07/12/2011

Almost 190,000 jobs could be created by 2013 if offshore drilling returns to pre-spill levels, according to a study sponsored by two oil trade groups, the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) and the American Petroleum Institute (API).

The study, conducted by Quest Offshore Inc., found that if permits for exploration and drilling returned to historic levels, and if backlogged requests were granted, 400,000 jobs could be supported across the United States with a GDP increase of $45 billion by 2013.

“The president says he wants ideas for putting Americans back to work right now,” said Jack Gerard, API president, during a conference call today. “So we urge him, again, to take a look at policies that will encourage oil, and domestic gas development.”
BigBambu and Co up in de Massa's house don't want American oil going into American companies. Where's the fun in that? Their idea of maximum fun is to make every American as bad off as, say, a resident of a suburb of Mexico City. They want us BROKE Folks. How else do you explain it? If he's so effing smot (ess em oh tee smot), why is it that he keeps promoting policies that will take us all down the rabbit hole?

He's not smot: he's clever, devious, pernicious, insidious and evil and he has the best interests of NO ONE EXCEPT HISOWNSELF.

Read more:

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot Part 2

So where was I..............? Oh, yeah. The intrepid blogger was at the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot! How lucky was I!?

Having just fired my first automatic weapons, I wandered a bit, eventually walking downrange. about a hail storm! I got hit everywhere!

What? NO...not bullets! Cicadas! These little bastards. Here's a pic of one from Thousands of these guys were everywhere! Five or six would land on you at a time. Very annoying when you're lining up that bulls eye on the... well.... the flaming car downrange.

So, during a quiet time, here's some of the great weapons that I saw.

Some were bigger than others. Some were attached to interesting vehicles. Some WERE vehicles....well, they had wheels.

Interested visitors even got to see the results of weapon evolution right before their eyes. That wonderful Pak-38 is an indirect descendant of this venerable piece, which I had the honor and pleasure to fire:

I even got to shoot an armored vehicle.

Well, it would have been considered armored for that cannon's time period! It had sheet steel on it and everything. So what if it was painted bright..... gray?

Ok... ok... it was a school bus. I even hit it. Yay Me! Of course, all credit goes to the gun crew, but since I pulled the trigger.......ok...they still get the credit.

Or the evolution of smaller arms:
First came this:

And then came this:

In the immortal words of Vince the ShamWow Guy, "You know those Germans... they always make good stuff." I REALLY liked shooting that MP-40.

The damage down range was amazing to someone that had never seen the effects of automatic weapons. Small holes. Big holes. REALLY big holes. Burning targets. MMmmm, good times....

And yes, I put that big hole above the windshield in the school bus. It was confirmed by one of the cannoneers. I was so proud. Silly, isn't it? I just pulled a string.

Firearms of all sorts were in use.

The sense of history was palpable.

These weapons had been in wars that I had read about as a child. To think that they are still here, working, in some cases, over100 years later.

Some people brought bigger machine guns to play with: The famous Ma Deuce!

However, for once, between these guys below:

And guns that shoot "bullets" this big and do this:

For once, the Big Fifty wasn't the King of the Roost.

And of course, then there was the 37mm on the Stuart tank.........

I mean, really, THAT'S how you support your 2nd Amendment rights!

Aaaaahhhh, too much fun.
More later

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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Can I Get An AMEN!!!

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The Truth WIll Not Remain Hidden For Very Long

Congress Attempted to Remove ‘Natural Born Citizen’ Requirement

There were eight attempts by members of Congress during the years Barack Obama was developing a power base and running for president to remove the Constitution’s requirement that a president be a “natural-born citizen,” suggesting an organized strategy, according to a new video.

Documentation for this video comes from a variety of congressional records showing that beginning June 11, 2003, and continuing through the most recent effort, Feb. 28, 2008, there were eight proposals targeting that constitutional requirement.
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