Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It Will Make For Some Cheap Gasoline, Too

Oil trade groups: Drilling deregulation could create 190,000 jobs

Published: 12:04 AM 07/12/2011
Updated: 2:34 AM 07/12/2011

Almost 190,000 jobs could be created by 2013 if offshore drilling returns to pre-spill levels, according to a study sponsored by two oil trade groups, the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) and the American Petroleum Institute (API).

The study, conducted by Quest Offshore Inc., found that if permits for exploration and drilling returned to historic levels, and if backlogged requests were granted, 400,000 jobs could be supported across the United States with a GDP increase of $45 billion by 2013.

“The president says he wants ideas for putting Americans back to work right now,” said Jack Gerard, API president, during a conference call today. “So we urge him, again, to take a look at policies that will encourage oil, and domestic gas development.”
BigBambu and Co up in de Massa's house don't want American oil going into American companies. Where's the fun in that? Their idea of maximum fun is to make every American as bad off as, say, a resident of a suburb of Mexico City. They want us BROKE Folks. How else do you explain it? If he's so effing smot (ess em oh tee smot), why is it that he keeps promoting policies that will take us all down the rabbit hole?

He's not smot: he's clever, devious, pernicious, insidious and evil and he has the best interests of NO ONE EXCEPT HISOWNSELF.

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