Thursday, July 07, 2011

Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot Part 2

So where was I..............? Oh, yeah. The intrepid blogger was at the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot! How lucky was I!?

Having just fired my first automatic weapons, I wandered a bit, eventually walking downrange. about a hail storm! I got hit everywhere!

What? NO...not bullets! Cicadas! These little bastards. Here's a pic of one from Thousands of these guys were everywhere! Five or six would land on you at a time. Very annoying when you're lining up that bulls eye on the... well.... the flaming car downrange.

So, during a quiet time, here's some of the great weapons that I saw.

Some were bigger than others. Some were attached to interesting vehicles. Some WERE vehicles....well, they had wheels.

Interested visitors even got to see the results of weapon evolution right before their eyes. That wonderful Pak-38 is an indirect descendant of this venerable piece, which I had the honor and pleasure to fire:

I even got to shoot an armored vehicle.

Well, it would have been considered armored for that cannon's time period! It had sheet steel on it and everything. So what if it was painted bright..... gray?

Ok... ok... it was a school bus. I even hit it. Yay Me! Of course, all credit goes to the gun crew, but since I pulled the trigger.......ok...they still get the credit.

Or the evolution of smaller arms:
First came this:

And then came this:

In the immortal words of Vince the ShamWow Guy, "You know those Germans... they always make good stuff." I REALLY liked shooting that MP-40.

The damage down range was amazing to someone that had never seen the effects of automatic weapons. Small holes. Big holes. REALLY big holes. Burning targets. MMmmm, good times....

And yes, I put that big hole above the windshield in the school bus. It was confirmed by one of the cannoneers. I was so proud. Silly, isn't it? I just pulled a string.

Firearms of all sorts were in use.

The sense of history was palpable.

These weapons had been in wars that I had read about as a child. To think that they are still here, working, in some cases, over100 years later.

Some people brought bigger machine guns to play with: The famous Ma Deuce!

However, for once, between these guys below:

And guns that shoot "bullets" this big and do this:

For once, the Big Fifty wasn't the King of the Roost.

And of course, then there was the 37mm on the Stuart tank.........

I mean, really, THAT'S how you support your 2nd Amendment rights!

Aaaaahhhh, too much fun.
More later

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