Sunday, February 26, 2006

UCV Meeting Wednesday 03/01/06

The next meeting of the United Conservatives of Virginia is fast approaching. Meetings are open to conservatives of all stripes. Parking on the street is easy at 7:oo pm.
115 N. 18TH ST.

REVIEWING - DISINFORMATION: 22 Media Myths That Undermine the War on Terror


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Well Done Deputy Fife, Well Done

Don Knotts July 21, 1924 - February 25, 2006

From Episode #93, "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs"

Opie: Pa, them dogs are out there. They are out there in that open field. (Thunder) I'm worried about 'em Pa.

Andy: Well, you needn't be.

Barney: Opie, you don't have to worry about 'em. What could happen?

Opie: Well, that lightning, what about that?

Barney: Oh, a dog can't get struck by lightning. You know why? Because he's too close to the ground. See, lightning strikes tall things. Now if they were giraffes out there, then we'd be in trouble. You sure don't have to worry about dogs. (Thunder)

Opie: I'm worried about 'em, Pa.

Andy: Ah..

Barney: What were dogs a million years ago, wild animals, right? Wolves, coyotes, they know how to hunt and fish and look for shelter. You take them two big Airedales. Why they looked as healthy as horses to me. And the little spotted one, he was in fine shape.

Opie: But the little one I first came in with, he was a trembler, wasn't he?

Barney: Him? why, the big ones will take care of him. The big ones take care of their own. (Thunder) And you know dogs have a way of keepin' dry. Ya know that, They're insulated, you see, they've got this keeps them cool in the summer and warm and dry in the winter. They're really set up better than human beings as far as that goes. (Thunder and lightning) And as far as the little one goes, why the big ones, they'll take care of him...the little trembly one...(Thunder) and they're short, you see, close to the ground, that way they can't get struck by lightning. Now if they wuz giraffes they'd have been hit by now, uh..., but dogs are short and they take care of their own. Giraffes don't. No, giraffes don't at all. Boy, giraffes are selfish, just run around looking out for number one, getting hit by lightning, but dogs....(Thunder) You just gonna sit there or you coming with me??

Andy: What?

Barney: To get them dogs, are you coming with me?

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Old Media v. New Media: Where's the Beef? After Action Report of Anti-tax Rally 2/22/06

I was due to work in the early afternoon so was able to make it to the Rally at 11:00 am. These are just some of my impressions and observations.

Due to a series of miscommunications on someone's part (there seemed to have been at least two different groups involved in the goings on) neither Governor Gilmore nor the Honorable Paul Harris were there to speak. For awhile a group of 30 or so people waited at the Bell Tower. We were then asked to move up to the General Assembly building and waited inside where another Anti-Tax Hike crowd had gathered.

Many of the folks wearing Anti-Tax Hike stickers had been to see their delegates and senators before I arrived. Some left and some walked over to the Patrick Henry building with us to greet the reps again as they entered the building for that day's session.

James Parmalee acted as Rally Master and we formed a gauntlet along the sidewalk holding signs and chanting. The capitol police quickly came over and politely asked us to put the signs away and stop chanting since the permit was for the Bell Tower area not the sidewalk in front of the buildings. Everyone complied politely and immediately.

Tyler Whitley in his opinion piece said it drew the "wrath" of the police. Makes you think of swinging billyclubs and tear gas. Too funny.

While this was going on the reporter from the Dead Tree Media, Mr. Whitley, wandered through the crowd (yes, 60+ people equals a crowd), interviewed participants, appeared to write down their words and take their names. How odd that none of these working people and business owners, black, white, brown, old, young and in-between were quoted in his article.

He approached me with the thoughtful "So-why-are-you-against-taxes" question that is actually a statement. Rather like the faux-peace people who say "So-why-are-you-for-war".

I suppressed the urge to sigh audibly and said I wasn't against taxes. I was opposed to a second tax hike following a huge tax hike when we were running a surplus before the first tax hike ever took effect, etc. etc.

As the Delegates & Senators "ran the gauntlet" on the sidewalk, many stopped to greet constituents (guess which way they were voting!) and others hurried along at a trot or detoured around (guess which way they were voting!).

Here are a few VA blogger posts:
One Man's Trash Wet Astro-turf
Shaun Kenney OMT: The Fizzle in the Drizzle
Too Conservative Parmelee’s “Fizzle”

And this sums up the experience for me:

Fill up for an '88 Olds = $37.43
Powhite & Downtown Expressway Tolls = $1.75
Parking in the Bottom = $4.00
Walk up the "hill" from the Bottom = Excruciating
Sen. Potts in wrinkled raincoat scurrying through a gauntlet of angry taxpayers = PRICELESS


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Anti-tax Rally Tomorrow (March 22)

This was posted on Free Republic and I have received emails about it also. Unfortunately I do not think I will be able to make it.

A Reminder from Americans for Freedom & Opportunity February 20, 2006

Americans for Freedom and Opportunity wants to remind Virginians that the kNOw Campaign is having a rally this Wednesday at the Capitol to oppose Transportation Tax Hikes.

Rally Schedule

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.: Sign-in table in the lobby of the General Assembly Building. Please come and pick up stickers and literature on the kNOw Campaign.

11:00: Gather outside the General Assembly Building. Guest Speaker, Paul Harris, former Delegate & Chairman for Americans for Freedom & Prosperity will speak.

11:30 - Noon: Greet General Assembly members as they walk from the General Assembly building to chambers. Personal visits with members

Visit the kNOw Campaign website at for more information on the Transportation Tax Increase.

Say NO to Transportation Tax Hikes before your Delegate casts your vote.

Please forward this invitation on to join the Rally and Campaign to all who support the NO TAX HIKE position.

Americans for Freedom and Opportunity


Monday, February 20, 2006

UCV Book Club March 8

The next UCV Book Club meeting is Wednesday, March 8, 2006. We will be meeting at 7 p.m. at the Ukrops Cafe & Grill in the Ukrops at the corner of Patterson and Three Chopt. Directions

We have reserved the upstairs area directly over the Grill using the title UCV Book Club.

This month’s book is Disinformation: 22 Media Myths That Undermine the War on Terror by Richard Miniter. I’m about halfway into the book, and so far I’m impressed. Miniter uses (get this) evidence to dispel commonly held and commonly repeated myths. While there is room for debate on a few of his arguments, Miniter’s book contains the information we need to refute liberal claims that Bush was warned about 9/11, that the U.S. funded al Qaeda, etc.

Please join us on March 8. If you don’t get through the book or don’t even have a chance to start, there will still be plenty of discussion!


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Harebraned Behavior in the GA

Nickfinity has coined a new term: senatorbrained!

Maybe we need a new word - senatorbrained:
the reference is pretty clearly to the apparently stupidly senseless behaviour of legislators (specifically senators) in the general assembly session
Maybe that is a little harsh, but that they believe new revenue (taxes) must be created or raised every two years is absurd.

Why am I thinking oxymoron?


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bold Conservative Has The Shirts Radcons Love

UCV member, the provocative & talented InsaneHippie, has a line of shirts & bumperstickers that Bold Conservatives just can't resist.

Spring is just around the corner so be sure to order now so you can stroll the Fan in lefty irritating attire or get a rise out of your anarchist brother-in-law at the next family gathering.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tuesday Morning Group & HB372

Nickfinity at The Jefferson Mammoth gives and excellent recap of the Tuesday Morning Groups latest meeting. Nick is an excellent reporter, a credit to the Pajamah Hadeen (that's a term I'm fond of for the "new media").

It certainly makes me wonder what Gov. Gilmore's future job prospects are.

My apologies for not posting as much the last couple of weeks. There has been a lot going on offscreen.

Kilo at Spark it Up! had a post that threw me for a loop. Through a link in his post I discovered the Fred Phelps hate group will be protesting at the funeral of LCpl. Steven Phillips who I wrote about in an earlier post. Thanks to Kilo, I am now closely following the progress of HB372. God bless Delegate Carrico for introducing that bill.

Among the fatalities in Iraq this week, two more Marines in my son's battalion were killed and also a soldier from Virginia.

Please keep all of our Freedom Fighters, Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, Marines and Iraqi Troops in your prayers and let them know America continues to support them.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Reflection by Iraqikurd

As a four year old, Iraqikurd, was hidden away in the family home as his mother and father were killed just before the Gulf War by Saddam's Fedayheen. He was rescued by a United States special forces team operating in the area at the time and eventually adopted here in the United States. I have met Iraqikurd once at an anti-war demonstration where I saw him cursed and abused for supporting the War in Iraq and President Bush, have read other articles he has written and have met a few of his friends. He is the real thing. He has given me permission to post this on the UCV blog.

The other day while on my way to one of my class at GWU I was approached by one of my professors. He had asked me what I felt about the Iraq war and some other questions related to the conflict. I gave my typical responses and justifications for my support of the war but this time I was asked a question that I had never before been asked.

How do you reconcile your support for a campaign where you have witnessed your fellow countrymen die from?

I paused for a moment and then asked my professor to elaborate.

He was baffled at how I could support a war where I had to watch my fellow neighbors, young children, elderly, innocent men, and infrastructure destroyed.

I stopped in the hallway and thought for a moment. All I could see were the images of the wounded and dead, both Iraqi and American. I began to remember the images of the attack on Halabja as well as the images ingrained in the back of my mind of market places littered with bodies of the innocent.

I turned back to my professor and asked him, "How could you sit idely by and allow Saddam to continue with his mass graves."

Obviously he gave me the typical response of how he didn't support the atrocities of Saddam nor his regime in power, yet he couldn't reconcile the opposing of his ousting and "de-Ba'athification" of Iraq with equal copability.

So I sat down with the professor and explained to him that this really is a "with us or against us" type of campaign. Now I know being an ex Vietnam era hippie and openly professed radical socialist, that it may be hard for you to grasp such polarizing terms but this is no different than dealing with NAZI Germany.

I have never been one to compare any two wars but for arguments sake we all knew that WWII was going to cost us millions of lives. We also knew that a lack of action would cost the existance of entire groups of people and the domination of an evil regime. Which is more important, trying to protect human life or be willing to stand up and greet death if need be to do what is right?

To hap hazard, self centered, utopia invisioning liberals it is neither. For one that opposed the war in Iraq yet still openly admonishes Saddam Hussein and his brutal regime can not even be classified as on the right or wrong side of the issue. Rather they are on the side of the wicked in which they don't stand with justice yet do everything within their will to oppose justice if it doesn't fit within their construct for political wielding.

I turned back to the professor and told him, "If I have to sacrifice every man, woman and child to protect the integrity of ourselves and to stand up for liberty and justice where ever she cries, you bet your ass I will support a campaign where I must watch helplessly while I watch my countrymen die at the hands of the most diabolical elements within our world. I can't imagine a world where the 'just' no longer stand up for justice because I would no longer be in that world because I would have marched to my own death with the others in the cause of such a noble thing."

As I thought about the conversation that night with some very close friends of mine we all held each other in confidence knowing that we are the future of the middle east and thank God that people like my professor are not. John Kerry is not, John Murtha is not, Jane Fonda is not, Hillary Clinton is not... we are the future and the future is bright. It is bright with hope and bright with the comfort in knowing that our moral clarity is clear and not clouded with the goggles of political partisanship or wicked campaigns of immorality in which we backstab justice and liberty just so that we can hold the title of 'The Elite'.


Monday, February 13, 2006

LCpl. Steven L. Phillips Semper Fidelis

LCpl. Steven Phillips (on left)
Photo taken during Operation Steel Curtain 11/20/05

LCpl. Phillips lived in Chesapeake, VA for awhile although his home and family are in Pennsylvania. He was deployed with the 3/6 Teufelhunden out of Camp Lejeune N.C. We are forever grateful to this young hero and to the family that raised and loved him so.

Lance Cpl. Steven Phillips was a Sept. 11 warrior. Once the twin towers fell and the Pentagon was struck, he gave up a comfortable life in Chesapeake, Va., and his dreams of one day flying into space, and joined the Marines.

He died Tuesday near Qaim, Iraq, one month before he was to return home for good. The Marines who knocked on the family's door explained that Phillips had been driving a Humvee and swerved to avoid something in the road. The Humvee rolled over an embankment and crushed Phillips's chest, killing him. No one else in the vehicle was injured.

"He was a very dedicated, compassionate person," his mother, Paulette, said quietly yesterday of her only child. "He believed very passionately in what he was doing."

"After 9/11, he felt the need to do more, to make sure the war didn't come here on our soil," she said. "He felt sure it would if more men didn't volunteer to fight over there."

At home, along Jay Phillips Hill Road, Phillips's relatives said they're slowly coming to grips with what happened. "We're saying that the Lord must have needed him. Whether in a Humvee or standing right next to us here, it was just his time," Paulette Phillips said. "We loved him, and we'll miss him. But we're very proud of him."
Excerpt from The Washington Post by Brigid Schulte 02-10-06

You are welcome to sign the Guestbook for his family at


Gov. Gilmore to Protest Tax Hikes at Capitol on 2/22/06

This came in the email a few days ago. For more information about the Rally with Gov. Gilmore contact Kate and checkout Working Virginians for a comparison of what we pay now to what we will pay if the tax hikes pass.

Stop New Transportation Taxes from Steamrolling Over Virginia's Families!
Governor Tim Kaine has proposed a misguided set of transportation tax hikes costing over $1.1 billion to pay for a massive new spending scheme. The plan would raise the gas tax 12.5 cents per gallon for a total of 30 cents per gallon, increase the automotive sales tax by 60%, and raise registration fees and even the tax on insurance premiums! The Virginia State Legislature is considering these tax increases right now.

If Virginia taxpayers don't act now, these tax hikes could set back each typical family in the Commonwealth over $678 a year! We must send a message to members of the General Assembly right away: Stop the transportation tax grab!

You can help us by:

1) Please call your Delegate now to say you want a NO vote on Transportation Tax Hikes.

2) Coming to a Capitol Rally in Richmond on February 22nd to join former Governor Jim Gilmore and other taxpayers to protest proposed hikes in transportation taxes!

You may find more information on the rally, the tax hike plan, and other ways to get involved at

Before members of the General Assembly take more hard-earned money from Virginia families, lawmakers need to spend smarter and deliver better transportation solutions. We must convince our leaders to:

Stop using current tax money dedicated for roads to pay for other spending.
Start setting specific priorities for road projects, using money generated by today's taxes and economic growth.
Require VDOT to implement new traffic and mass transit strategies and cut bureaucratic costs.

Don't think for one minute this battle is won because our friends in the House of Delegates have already had votes against the tax hike package.Just like two years ago, the Governor and the Senate will use every legislative trick they can to pass these taxes during the 2006 Session.

Please make your call today and mark your calendar for February 22 -- thank you for doing your part!


Del. Jack Reid Is Off The Hook!


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My accomplishments so far..more to come

United Conservatives of Virginia: January 2006
Well, by now, everyone knows I've accomplished a few things I'm very proud of and it's only the second week of February.

For starters, I was given the position of Chapter Leader for the District of Columbia Chapter of Protest Warrior.

I took this position because it was offered to me by the then current chapter leader, a young man who shows great promise in the world of political activism. He works at Freedom This orginazation is associated with former Texas Congressman Dick Armey.
I've done some research, and these folks work at the local level on issues which affect the quality of life of normal everyday people. They travel all over the country, and work with local conservative groups to promote or defeat legislation, based upon the outcome if passed. I highly recommend we support them at every turn.

The next accomplishment was a coup of the first order. What I did made news from DC to Seattle to San Diego to New Jersey.
I was told it was Protest Warrior's greatest moment.
I was mentioned on at least four milblogs, Michelle Malkin's blog, and Little Green Footballs.
I got emails from people I never knew, and who I'm sure didn't know me from Adam.
What did I do to receive all this attention, all these accolades?

I filled out some paperwork, and made a phone call, and


I wanted them GONE from the Main Gate, and by God I GOT THEM!!!!!!!!

The spineless useful idiots, who gave $650,000 to "the other side" in Fallujah, who call our brave warriors "killers" and hold protests in front of hospitals where our wounded heroes are healing from wounds received while protecting THEIR RIGHTS are no longer visible. The classless, tasteless perpetrators of "peace at any cost", and "nothing is worth dying for", will no longer taunt the families of our brave men and women with signs that say, "Your son was maimed for a lie" or "Sign up here to die for Halliburton"

I knew the first night I arrived at the Freep, the first time I saw the morons across the street, that I would have to do something.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. He arranged for me to get the leadership position of the ONE conservative counter-protest group that didn't have a connection to the folks already countering the protest.

KARMA is a wondrous thing and it can also be a bitch.

The third thing I did that I am proud of happened this past weekend.
The following is my AfterActionReport from our counter-protest of the Communist Revolutionary Party/WorldCantWait demonstration in Washington DC, calling for the impeachment of President George W Bush.
We have declared this Operation a SUCCESS!!!!

The Revolutionary Communist Party, with it's front group WorldCantWait, showed up Saturday with their disgusting signs, their disgusting chants and their filthy appearence.

Our group of intrepid PW's, Freepers, and the Leadership Institute's best and brightest, along with two brave wounded wariors from Walter Reed, and a contingent from George Washingtin University, assembled in Lafeyette Park at 1030 and set up our signs with messages of support for the current administration, the military, and the methods used by both to keep us safe from terrorists.

Our favorite code pinko, Squeegee Boy showed up with a George Bush mask and a sign with a stupid message, including the words "", He stood in front of the White House, on PA Ave. and made an ass of himself. (but he has lots of experience doing that).

One moron came up behind us and started yelling "War not hugs", but I thought he was yelling "War not hogs," and I failed to get the connection.

I politely informed him that we were not yelling and I would appreciate it if he would be quiet. Whereupon he informed me that the park wasn't mine, and I couldn't tell him to shut up. I politely informed him that this particular section was indeed mine, temporarily, and asked him to leave. He then threatened to get the get the Park Police, and I encouraged him vigorously, to do just that, and pointed to where the Park Police had assembled.

He took off at a trot, and was back shortly with a Sargeant in tow babbling about his park. After being admonished by the Sargeant to shut up, I was asked for my permit, which I handed over. The Sargeant took his time reading every page, all the while, the moonbat was rambling on about his park, his city, where did I live, until the Sargeant, with amazing control, informed the moonbat that it wasn't my park, it wasn't your park, but "IT IS MY PARK, and you will shut-up until I finish reading this permit"

After reading every page the Sargeant re-folded the paper work, handed it back to me, and turned to the moonbat and said "Where is your permit?" Of course he didn't have one.

"Well," the Sargeant said, "This man has a permit to be here, and you don't so I would suggest you be quiet, or move on, If you want to oppose this groups message, go to the office, file the application, get a permit, and you can talk all you want. Until then, this man has the right to ask you to shut up, and leave." I love being right.

We braved the rain, and at 1345 hours, we moved to strategic locations along 17th Street to await the oncoming hordes. We waited, and waited, and finally we heard the sounds of drums and brass instruments. One LI member remarked, "That must be what Hell sounds like all the time". I sneaked a peek down the street, and the sight could indeed have been right out of Milton's "Paradise Lost"..bodies whirling and spinning, jumping up and down, like demons let loose.

For the first time since I've started counter-protesting, I was nervous. I turned and looked at the young people who stood with me, and my only thought was, "How do I protect these people?"

I told everyone that we were going to lead this march on to Pennsylvania Ave, with our signs, and to make sure we stayed IN FRONT of the police car escorting the march. We waited until the police car was about 300 feet from our location and stepped out into the street, holding our signs, and chanting "USA USA".

We made the turn onto Pennsylvania, stopped briefly to allow the marchers to make the turn, and proceeded down to Jackson Place. The moonbats had people on the sidewalk, standing under an awning, and we engaged them verbally briefly, before proceeding to Jackson Place, where I directed everyone to get on the sidewalk and get to our assembly area. The Park Police were aware of what we were doing and were very helpful.

We stood on the park benches along Pennsylvania Ave, with Park Police between us and the moonbats, with our signs, chanting "God Bless America, USA!! USA!!, God Bless President Bush". The moonbats behaved as expected, saluting us with the middle finger, calling us fascists, and generally being a$$hats.

bstein80 put himself right in the middle of the unwashed hordes and got some amazing footage, I'm sure. Brave man..he also got video of us leading the march, and it will be available soon.
I have about 4 minutes worth, (batteries were low) and as soon as I whip my FTP software, I'll have it uploaded and available...

My profound admiration for, and eternal thanks to, everyone who braved the weather, kept their attitudes positive in spite of the weather, and stood with me and made this a good day to be a conservative.

I have no words to describe my feelings for all of you.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

CPAC 2006 Feb. 9 - 11

CPAC 2006 begins this Thursday, Feb. 9th and continues thru the 11th at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC. They have a great line up of speakers and it promises to be another huge success.

Speaker Dennis Hastert - Senator George Allen - U.N. Ambassador John Bolton -
Senator Mitch McConnell - Texas Governor Rick Perry - Newt Gingrich -
Ann Coulter - Ken Mehlman - Wayne LaPierre - Bob Novak -
Grover Norquist - Congressman Mike Pence - and many more!

If you are attending be sure to drop by Freedom Gear's booth and check out their awesome T-shirts.


Monday, February 06, 2006

Insider View of Citizen Participation in the GA

Wyatt Coleman over at Sic Semper Tyrannis has some advice for the Grass Roots during the General Assembly reminding us that being a constituent of a legislator carries more weight than someone outside the district. Something to bear in mind.

Here's the problem: there's only so much time in the day. Do you honestly think we are going to tally up the responses and inform the delegate from Bumbleville, who has been in subcommittee since 7:30 and is heading to floor before his bill comes up in General Laws while he's supposed to be at the caucus meeting, about how the people of Bumtropolis feel about hb2341, The Virginia Organgrinder Registration Act of 2006? More importantly, should the delegate really care? Chances are he'll never have to work for your vote. And emailing all the Committee members? Try public comment. Certainly legislators want citizen input, but trust me; just about every bill will have SOMEONE saying SOMETHING about it. A subcommittee hearing on a "fish bill" today was met with an overflowing crowd of citizens ranging from suit-clad businessmen to flannel-wearing farmers to bushy-bearded environmentalists. I can assure you your voice is being heard. Now some may take offense to this, thinking that only lobbyists get our attention. First of all, lobbyist is a very loose term. Doctors, farmers, anybody with an agenda counts as a lobbyists. You don't need a crackberry, a checkbook (but only between sessions), and an id badge. If you've got an issue, we've got a second. I for one take a moment with anyone who comes to the office. Naturally, though, the delegate will only see constituents or lobbyists working on our issues. Secondly, constituents will always come first. A lobbyist will wait outside, and if they don't, you better believe there's going to be a stern word from the LA.

Anybody know what a crackberry is?


Sunday, February 05, 2006

Any Given Sunday - One Marine's View

One Marine's View

It’s an early Sunday morning. The anticipation builds along with excitement. Nerves twinge and fears and worries race through your head this morning. It’s the big event, the Super Bowl. I’m not talking the football game I’m talking about your next convoy.

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Sgt. Sean H. Miles USMC Semper Fidelis

Image hosting by Photobucket
Sgt. Sean H. Miles

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Image hosting by Photobucket
P. Kevin Morley, Associated Press

Genevieve & Son Tyler

Marine Came From Military Tradition
Honor the Fallen
Guestbook for Sgt. Sean H. Miles

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

UCV Meeting Recap

I made it to my first UCV meeting last night. I wasn't sure quite what to expect, but there seemed to be a good turnout. Rob Whitney from Americans for Prosperity was there discussing what AFP is all about. They are definitely a good group. In the short time they have been in existence in Virginia they have educated quite a few people and made a lot of noise. In fact, they are already being criticized by the liberal media, so you know they are doing things right.

One of the big things happening right now with AFP is their No Tax Hike Petition. If you have not already done so, fill it out, and encourage others to do the same. Taxes aren't the only issue AFP is concerned with. They are also concerned with personal property rights, education, transportation, and medicaid. All issues that need attention and reform.

In addition to their own AFP blog, Rob Whitney and Whitney Duff also contribute to the Cost Cutting Caucus blog. The Cost Cutting Caucus is an excellent group chaired by Del. Chris Saxman. From the blog - the Cost Cutting Caucus is a non-partisan, bicameral group that works to find cost savings in state government, and make government more efficient, transparent, accountable and competitive.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

United Conservatives of Virginia

United Conservatives of Virginia

We can talk all night about Gov. Kaine’s policies and inherited economy and the vagaries of fame and fortune, most of us will agree that we disagree with him. I would like to point out that aside from any philosophical disagreement - Governor Kaine's initial statement in the rebuttal Tuesday night was inaccurate beyond any debate. True - Gov Kaine does speak for the Commonwealth in accomplishing his tasks as Governor. He may have been invited to deliver the State of the Union rebuttal because of his position as Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and he was speaking as Governor. However, he was in the position of representing the Democratic Party, not the Commonwealth or all of her citizens. If he had been presented to a foreign dignitary then he would have been representing himself, the Commonwealth and the United States but only so far as his authority pertains to the occasion could he truly say he “represents”. He would not be able to go any further than his authority and job description, “represents” would be true in only a social context. That would be like Doug Wilder representing City of Richmond residents on his part-time job, if he has one. Gov. Kaine is head of the Virginia Democratic Party and should have identified himself as speaking for it specifically. He was not working the Governor job Tuesday night. As a Virginia citizen I have to shout from the mountaintop - he was frontin'.

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The Web Comments on Gov. Tim Kaine's PrimeTime Debut

The following comments are quotes from a live thread on as Virginia Governor Tim Kaine made his first national Prime Time appearance in response to President George W. Bush's State of the Union Speech. Pass the popcorn, please.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Rebuttal. Aaaaahhhh, good! Potty break!

Nora O'Donnell on MSNBC says there was "no backing down tonight" from George Bush.
Eugene Robinson, Wash Post columnist, said "nothing new", and pretty good speech for Bush.
Uh oh....Kaine's got a problem with that eyebrow.

oh lordie, what's up with his eyebrow?

What is up with this dude's (Kaine's) left eyebrow? :)

His eyebrow is leaning to the left..

It's his 'left' wing.

Best dancing eyebrow since Roger Moore retired as 007. Mark Steyn

I am going to dream about eyebrow man. I mean, how did his wife stand at the altar and take marriage vows to that eyebrow. I would have collapsed.


All he needs above that left eyebrow is "Over l00 Million Sold".

Yes, definitely not low-brow!

Hair Plugs for EVERYONE!!!

I never saw a eyebrow like that before

OMG!!! This is the Democrat *plan*. Finally they have unveiled it: To get this eyebrow to speak. We all become so engrossed in the brow, we hear nothing they say. They are able to take over. Without firing a shot. Just that damned brow...rising...falling...rising...falling...

Girl I had to get my inhaler! I can't breath.

My wife was standing in front of the tv with an imaginary thread manipulating the eyebrow.
I laughed my --- off. I did not hear a word he said.

How now, brown brow?

Who is this guy?

Kaine is about to set a Laura Ingraham BUT MONKEY record.

Yeah, they think they can get some Red Staters to listen if he mentions that he was once a missionary, and then he secretly hypnotizes them with his eyebrow.

He is a missionary without a position.

I just woke up my wife and one year old daughter laughing so hard..
The People's eyebrow.. Do you know what the Rock is cooking!!!!

He would have made a wonderful game show host.

The height of the eyebrow is directly proportionate to the amount of emphasis on the phrase....

If he wasn't so illogical I would think he is Vulcan.

This is a parody right? Right?

Geeze, I am watching eyebrow man with the mute on and it is surrealistic.

He must have borrowed Boxer's stencil.

I was trying to not laugh about his eyebrow but it's really starting to be the only thing he's presenting that is making a point.

Holycrap. Someone has knitted his left brow into an eye scarf.

Is he saying something?

Cyrano says "that's not an eyebrow, that's a combover"

Isn't this guy a virtual rookie Governor? And he's going to talk about national security and Iraq? At this point I'm waiting for his jacket to start on fire to liven things up.

I'm gonna be needing a flow chart if he's on much longer.

What a trip! I found that I could not focus on what he was saying, because I was watching the northern portion of his face. How bizarre. Who is this guy, and will we be forced to watch him again?

I think that eyebrow had a mind of its own. It was like liberated from the rest of his body, yearning for freedom.

So is THAT what is meant by 'raising Kaine'?

Today was a good day, sorry to see it end.

Me too.

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