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My accomplishments so far..more to come

United Conservatives of Virginia: January 2006
Well, by now, everyone knows I've accomplished a few things I'm very proud of and it's only the second week of February.

For starters, I was given the position of Chapter Leader for the District of Columbia Chapter of Protest Warrior.

I took this position because it was offered to me by the then current chapter leader, a young man who shows great promise in the world of political activism. He works at Freedom This orginazation is associated with former Texas Congressman Dick Armey.
I've done some research, and these folks work at the local level on issues which affect the quality of life of normal everyday people. They travel all over the country, and work with local conservative groups to promote or defeat legislation, based upon the outcome if passed. I highly recommend we support them at every turn.

The next accomplishment was a coup of the first order. What I did made news from DC to Seattle to San Diego to New Jersey.
I was told it was Protest Warrior's greatest moment.
I was mentioned on at least four milblogs, Michelle Malkin's blog, and Little Green Footballs.
I got emails from people I never knew, and who I'm sure didn't know me from Adam.
What did I do to receive all this attention, all these accolades?

I filled out some paperwork, and made a phone call, and


I wanted them GONE from the Main Gate, and by God I GOT THEM!!!!!!!!

The spineless useful idiots, who gave $650,000 to "the other side" in Fallujah, who call our brave warriors "killers" and hold protests in front of hospitals where our wounded heroes are healing from wounds received while protecting THEIR RIGHTS are no longer visible. The classless, tasteless perpetrators of "peace at any cost", and "nothing is worth dying for", will no longer taunt the families of our brave men and women with signs that say, "Your son was maimed for a lie" or "Sign up here to die for Halliburton"

I knew the first night I arrived at the Freep, the first time I saw the morons across the street, that I would have to do something.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. He arranged for me to get the leadership position of the ONE conservative counter-protest group that didn't have a connection to the folks already countering the protest.

KARMA is a wondrous thing and it can also be a bitch.

The third thing I did that I am proud of happened this past weekend.
The following is my AfterActionReport from our counter-protest of the Communist Revolutionary Party/WorldCantWait demonstration in Washington DC, calling for the impeachment of President George W Bush.
We have declared this Operation a SUCCESS!!!!

The Revolutionary Communist Party, with it's front group WorldCantWait, showed up Saturday with their disgusting signs, their disgusting chants and their filthy appearence.

Our group of intrepid PW's, Freepers, and the Leadership Institute's best and brightest, along with two brave wounded wariors from Walter Reed, and a contingent from George Washingtin University, assembled in Lafeyette Park at 1030 and set up our signs with messages of support for the current administration, the military, and the methods used by both to keep us safe from terrorists.

Our favorite code pinko, Squeegee Boy showed up with a George Bush mask and a sign with a stupid message, including the words "", He stood in front of the White House, on PA Ave. and made an ass of himself. (but he has lots of experience doing that).

One moron came up behind us and started yelling "War not hugs", but I thought he was yelling "War not hogs," and I failed to get the connection.

I politely informed him that we were not yelling and I would appreciate it if he would be quiet. Whereupon he informed me that the park wasn't mine, and I couldn't tell him to shut up. I politely informed him that this particular section was indeed mine, temporarily, and asked him to leave. He then threatened to get the get the Park Police, and I encouraged him vigorously, to do just that, and pointed to where the Park Police had assembled.

He took off at a trot, and was back shortly with a Sargeant in tow babbling about his park. After being admonished by the Sargeant to shut up, I was asked for my permit, which I handed over. The Sargeant took his time reading every page, all the while, the moonbat was rambling on about his park, his city, where did I live, until the Sargeant, with amazing control, informed the moonbat that it wasn't my park, it wasn't your park, but "IT IS MY PARK, and you will shut-up until I finish reading this permit"

After reading every page the Sargeant re-folded the paper work, handed it back to me, and turned to the moonbat and said "Where is your permit?" Of course he didn't have one.

"Well," the Sargeant said, "This man has a permit to be here, and you don't so I would suggest you be quiet, or move on, If you want to oppose this groups message, go to the office, file the application, get a permit, and you can talk all you want. Until then, this man has the right to ask you to shut up, and leave." I love being right.

We braved the rain, and at 1345 hours, we moved to strategic locations along 17th Street to await the oncoming hordes. We waited, and waited, and finally we heard the sounds of drums and brass instruments. One LI member remarked, "That must be what Hell sounds like all the time". I sneaked a peek down the street, and the sight could indeed have been right out of Milton's "Paradise Lost"..bodies whirling and spinning, jumping up and down, like demons let loose.

For the first time since I've started counter-protesting, I was nervous. I turned and looked at the young people who stood with me, and my only thought was, "How do I protect these people?"

I told everyone that we were going to lead this march on to Pennsylvania Ave, with our signs, and to make sure we stayed IN FRONT of the police car escorting the march. We waited until the police car was about 300 feet from our location and stepped out into the street, holding our signs, and chanting "USA USA".

We made the turn onto Pennsylvania, stopped briefly to allow the marchers to make the turn, and proceeded down to Jackson Place. The moonbats had people on the sidewalk, standing under an awning, and we engaged them verbally briefly, before proceeding to Jackson Place, where I directed everyone to get on the sidewalk and get to our assembly area. The Park Police were aware of what we were doing and were very helpful.

We stood on the park benches along Pennsylvania Ave, with Park Police between us and the moonbats, with our signs, chanting "God Bless America, USA!! USA!!, God Bless President Bush". The moonbats behaved as expected, saluting us with the middle finger, calling us fascists, and generally being a$$hats.

bstein80 put himself right in the middle of the unwashed hordes and got some amazing footage, I'm sure. Brave man..he also got video of us leading the march, and it will be available soon.
I have about 4 minutes worth, (batteries were low) and as soon as I whip my FTP software, I'll have it uploaded and available...

My profound admiration for, and eternal thanks to, everyone who braved the weather, kept their attitudes positive in spite of the weather, and stood with me and made this a good day to be a conservative.

I have no words to describe my feelings for all of you.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger yodi-va said...

We'll be visiting my father-in-law at Walter Reed this weekend and I appreciate what you did for us. All of us. I read the description of the way that corner mob was over-taken and I commend you for have had a clear comprehension of the value of a convergence of fortunate circumstances. I don't believe in luck. You happened to be the right person at the right time and you were alert and did the right thing. Right on!

February 09, 2006 10:04 PM  
Blogger f mcdonald said...

What a joy to see the protestors banished from the gates of Walter Reed Army Medical Center!

Ya done good and this Marine Mom will be semper gratus to all of you who took part.

February 09, 2006 10:06 PM  
Blogger Chief RZ said...

Thanks for your patriotism and determination. I send Christmas cards to around 12 or so listed on Michelle's site. Only two came back undeliverable. BTW- spell Sergeant vs. Sargeant.
I just registered on the ProtestWarrior site. I think I will concentrate on building a more understanding base vs. trying to tilt at windmills on the left, but will debate if the other person shows some ability to think.

February 10, 2006 12:04 PM  
Blogger spankthatdonkey said...

Excellent Job!!! The Libs always show up in force, because they rarely have the responsibility of actually holding down jobs....

February 12, 2006 4:32 PM  

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