Sunday, November 13, 2011

News Cameraman Attacked, How Will Media Handle #OWS Cognitive Dissonance?

News Cameraman Attacked, How Will Media Handle #OWS Cognitive Dissonance?

From the start of the Occupy Freak Street movement the media compared the protests to the tea party.

Based on jealousy over the movement that captured the nation prior to the November 2010 elections and since, the media wanted desperately to have protests they could relate to and promote. The tea party certainly was not that, so protecting #OWS has been their mission.

Take the Occupy Oakland protestors who attacked a KGO TV cameraman who was there to “shoot” a murder scene at one of the protests (wait–a murder scene at supposedly peaceful protests?).

Cameraman (or photojournalist, if you wish) Randy Davis was attacked by about a dozen men and he suffered a mild concussion and bumps and bruises.

It has also been reported that the protesters formed a human shield around the victim, possibly keeping the person from getting the medical help needed to possibly save his life if the occasion had been that severe. Accomplices, anyone?

99% of America is working hard to make the American Dream a reality for their families. 1% are making a fool of themselves by ridiculing and denigrating the efforts of the 99%. Keep on, idiots.


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