Sunday, September 09, 2012

Axelrod Won't Discuss, God, Jerusalem Issues in Dem Platform

 the Democratic Party is now the home of militant secularists who are uncomfortable with public expressions of religiosity, and Arab supporters of Islamism who dream of eradicating the state of Israel. (Emphasis added)

Axelrod Won't Discuss, God, Jerusalem Issues in Dem Platform
This constant parroting of the lie that Obama knew nothing about the original version of the platform has been debunked, incredibly enough, by Politico itself. As John Nolte has written, Politico inadvertently revealed that Obama had vetted the platform, and then, with no trace of morals or conscience, actually erased the passage and republished the column.

When confronted with the news that Axelrod didn’t want to discuss the matter, Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt told Politico, "We've been on the record on this all week. Happy to go on again."

 Enough is enough. Everyone knows by now, or should know, that Obama is lying through his teeth. The only reason there was a change made is because they were caught red-handed, and then they had to frantically cover their tracks by claiming Obama was ignorant of the matter.


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