Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lying is The New Normal

Actually, lying has been the norm for the VLWM since 1991 when Billy-Boy decided America needed a mysognistic, coke-snorting, no morals to speak of, President.

Lying is The New Normal
This president just goes out there and says whatever sounds good at the moment, and the Activist Old Media watches from the sidelines, or often, encourages the deception.
Or, I could use the harsh word and call them all what they really are----lies.
Libya leads the list right now. Barack Obama and his volunteer super PAC, the media, continue to blame a movie for attacks that clearly were premeditated. What the White House is saying about the attacks in Benghazi do not add up and the media chooses to not connect the dots. How about "Obama lied, people died?" The Obama Administration has given so many dishonest statements about that attack that it's hard to keep track anymore.
The Middle East is blowing up right now and the media go after Romney for wanting fewer Americans dependent on government. Bizarro land.


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