Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taliban Attack Results In Worst American Airpower Loss Since Vietnam

Taliban Attack Results In Worst American Airpower Loss Since Vietnam
What we have had for four years now is a corrupt media working hand-in-hand with the Obama White House to cover up and downplay every kind of bad news. The media's behavior in his regard has only gotten impossibly worse since Obama's reelection campaign began. But over the last few weeks, the media's shilling has devolved into nothing less than dereliction of duty.
We can't even sing that old refrain, What would the media do if Bush… because Bush never scapegoated an American citizen in order to take the focus and blame off of his own security failures. Bush never told the American people that the successful assassination of an American ambassador by al-Qaeda was a spontaneous protest over a film gone haywire.
But it's probably is safe to say that in final days of Bush's reelection bid, had America suffered its worst airpower loss since Vietnam and an ambassador been assassinated due to unforgivable U.S. security failures, the media would've made damn sure the American people knew exactly what happened.
With results that are tragic in both the global and personal sense, an American president's foreign policy is collapsing all around us, and the only stories the American media will tell are those that will help drag him over the November finish line.

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