Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mohammed Was A Pedophile

Islam is a cult of murder and oppression. Followers of islam are stupid and brutal thugs. Men who follow the teachings of mohammed are no better thhan sex offenders and deserve the same treatment.

Liberals who holler about people like me are dhimmis and need to move to Iran. Anyone who claims that islam is a peaceful religion is an idiot or a dhimmi. Liberals are terrified conservatives will install a theocracy, yet they embrace and support a theocracy based on brutal and savage customs. Muslim savages gang raped a female journalist in broad daylight.

Do you think for a minute they care what you believe or think? They'd do the same thing to you, given the opportunity. You're an idiot. You're worse than an idiot. You really believe the crap you're shoveling.

There, now come shut me up, you idiots.


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