Thursday, September 20, 2012


9/11 is the anniversary of the day that Islamic jihadists attacked us.  9/11 is a day of remembrance and a day of honoring those that we have lost.

9/11 is also a day that Muslims a day of victory and protest.  Muslims across the world DANCED when they learned about the attacks.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Months ago, some fool, apparently a criminal prohibited from using computers, uploaded an idiotic, sophomoric video, claiming it to be a "trailer" to a larger movie.  It was disrespectful of  Islam.  Quite disrespectful. 

Oh, my.  Whatever shall we do?  Well, other than point and laugh?

On 9/11, our brave State Department, our embassy in Cairo, apologized for certain people who "showed disrespect" to the religion of "tolerance."  This apology was, as per the State Department, NOT authorized.  The Cairo embassy was attacked during a protest about said video.  The protesters breached the wall around the embassy, took down our flag, and replaced with black flag of Islam, similar to the flag of our enemy, Al Qaeda. And then, the State Department offered apologies AGAIN, basically the same as that offered by the Cairo Embassy.

At the same time, our embassy/consulate in Libya was attacked and burned.  Our ambassador and three others, were killed.  Our ambassador's body was dragged through the city.

Governor Romney, seeing the response of the administration, that of decrying the exercise of offensive speech, implying that the Muslims were in the right to violently protest,  declared that response to be disgraceful.  His timing was off, but his description of the response dead on.

Obama and his minions sympathized with the reactions of the protesters.  They blamed the Libyan attack on protests about the video, calling Romney's comments inappropriate.  The press, Obama supporters all, turned ALL of their attention on Romney's comments instead of the fact that our embassy was burned and ambassador murdered.

Well, Obama is lying.  And the press is worse than incompetent. They are WILLFULLY blind and partisan.

This is my shocked face.

The attack in Libya, which many thought to be a terrorist revenge attack, has been shown to be so.  Carney, Obama's lying spokesman, stated that none of the attacks were in response to US policy.
Apparently, that's not so.  The ATTACKERS state that the attack was in response to drone attacks.  Foreign governments, such as LIBYA, and foreign press notified the State Department that the Ambassador was in danger, days in advance.

The press is still ignoring Obama's failings in the Mid East, and especially Libya.  They succeeded in deflecting attention to Romney.

Why was there no security with the ambassador, who, HIMSELF, said that he was in danger?

Why was there no Marine Detachment in a war zone?

Why were two of the three others misidentified as Marines, but were actually former SEALs in the employ of the State Department?  Their jobs were to seek out and destroy MANPADS that were supplied to the "rebels" BY THE STATE DEPARTMENT.  The "rebels" were later identified to by elements of AL QAEDA.

Why was there no security response at the Cairo Embassy? Or any other Embassy under siege?  Were the Marines allowed to carry ammo?  What's the truth?

Why is the President and Secretary Clinton STILL blaming "protesters" for the attack when the truth is known?  Why are they STILL touting how "horrible" that 14 minute horribly amateurish film is while asking Muslims to not blame them?  All this in the face of continued insults, attacks, and outright violence by Muslims across the world?

Where is the defense of our 1st Amendment by this President and his administration?  Where are his demands for the violence to stop and for the foreign governments to live up to the treaties that host countries defend embassies?

While all this is going on, other Islamic threats exist.  Obama refuses to meet with Israel's Prime Minister, stating that he's too busy.  But he's meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood. He's partying.  He's on TV.  But he's too busy to meet with an ally that is in danger from Iran, to discuss that threat.

Romney was right.

Obama IS disgraceful.

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