Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Welcome To the Massacre UPDATE

Looks like a blowout for conservatives. Grayson (Die Quickly) is gone; Col West has a good lead.

Virginia may have a majority conservative delegation to Congress. Rigell is pounding Nye. Boucher is gone. One Term Tom is gone gone gone, Connally's is to close to call right now.

Waiting to see if former Marine Chuck Smith can put Bobby out to pasture in the 3rd.
UPDATE--Unfortunately, Bobby Scott has managed to hold on.
Thats OK. Chuck Smith will make a good replacement for the EX-Marine Jim (I Don't Know Where My Pistol Is) Webb in 2012.

I just received a note that the hippies in Reston have re-elected the Moron in the 8th District. Another Senator-in-waiting to replace Markie-Mark in 4 years, or maybe we ask the Colonel to hook up with Chuck Smith and decide between them who does what.

Thank you to both of these veterans for fighting the good fight.
Neither of you is a loser tonight. Everything happens for a reason.
Apparently, God has other plans for you and needed you free to do whatever it is He needs.

Its STILL a great day to be an American and a Virginian.

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