Monday, November 01, 2010

The Daily Caller Gives Us Some Insight Into the Folks Who Attended the Restore Sanity Rally

and I wish I could get the links to work this morning.
So if you would like to try, here are three links for this past weekends Restore Fear Rally.
OK this one finally loaded, and its from Jim Treacher. I have not met Jim, but since he works for Tucker Carlson, who had the good sense and presence of mind to hire two of the most smokin' hot conservative Lady writers in the known universe, (The Hammer and S E Cupp), I have to assume he's a good guy. Besides, he wouldn't last 5 seconds with the Hammer.
and this one, too.
and this one.

If I could make them work, I'm sure I'd have some witty reptoire to add.

While Uncle Jimbo and I were off galavanting through Virginia horse country, stealing election signs, and sampling some very fine homemade hooch, er beer, The Hammer was off doing what she does best, making the left look even more stupid than they are, or making them look as stupid as we know they are. The Hammer is doing the work while we play. Thank goodness someone is dedicated to the cause.

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