Monday, November 01, 2010

VA-08 Needs a Man Not A Moron

No apologies are needed and 10 years is more than enough; although Col Murray could have just moved there and he'd still be more qualified than Jim Moron.

Throughout this campaign Jim Moran has consistently disparaged Patrick's military service even telling the Arlington Democrat Committee that after 24 years serving his country in the Army, Patrick had no "public service" experience.

Today we get word that Moran is running a radio ad again disparaging Patrick's military service, dismissing him as someone who has just moved to the area. Let's set the record straight:
1) Patrick has lived in this district for 10 years, and
2) Patrick will NOT apologize for his military service.

When Jim Moran was pleading nolo contendere to public corruption in Alexandria District Court, Patrick was serving on the front lines of the cold war as a tank officer in the US Army.

While Jim Moran was cozying up to Washington lobbyists and taking a "congressional rate sweetheart mortgage" from MBNA, Patrick was on the front line of freedom in Bosnia.

And while Jim Moran was exchanging budget earmarks for campaign cash with convicted lobbyist Paul Maggliocchetti, Patrick was serving honorably in Baghdad during the surge.

Patrick will stack his record of public service up against Jim Moran's any day of the week.

As you go to the polls tomorrow, please remember we have the opportunity to restore honor and dignity to the representation of the 8th Congressional District in Virginia. Vote for Patrick Murray.

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