Saturday, November 27, 2010

OMG..They Showed a Picture of Jesus in School

"Oh, the humanity"
The minds of these high school students have been irreparably scarred. They must be seperated from the general population and given immediate re-education lest they infect others with a message of hope and salvation.

Tigard High Veterans Day Assembly stirs controversy
Anonymous complainant takes offense at image of Jesus during assembly
What started as a day commemorating veterans has led to a complaint against Tigard High School Principal Mark Neffendorf.

The Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission received an anonymous complaint via fax Nov. 13, against Neffendorf after a Veterans Day assembly included videos depicting an image of Jesus and a speech which referenced soldiers’ faith.

The complaint cites Neffendorf for violating separation of church and state in two videos shown during the assembly held Nov. 5.

The Veterans Day assembly at Tigard High School is an annual event, bringing students and faculty together with local veterans from Beaverton, Tigard and King City. The videos shown at the assembly were from the popular video website Youtube.

The first video featured a speech by Fox News political commentator and Marine Oliver North. In the video, North references faith being a driving force for why soldiers go out onto the battlefield, saying, in part, “When (soldiers) gather in prayer circles and huddle up before a mission th­ey’re not going out to play football, they’re going into mortal combat and they know that some of them are liable not to come back and they do it because they have faith.”

The portion about faith lasts 33 seconds of the more than 5-minute-long video.

In the second video – a photo slide show of soldiers and families to the tune “Heaven was needing a hero” by country singer Jo Dee Messina – Jesus is seen hugging a fallen soldier in the final frames of the video
Read the rest of this disturbing story here. Its just so awful. I don't think I can make it through the rest of the day without some therapy.

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