Friday, November 05, 2010

Thank You Washington Times and Gina Elise

POWERS: Keep troops in mind year round
The holidays are nice, but the new year could be bleak

The election is over, and even as politicians and pundits prepare for the battle ahead, two small organizations are already gearing up for a January fight. While the political fights ahead have the potential to influence millions in future generations, this fight will impact hundreds, though in a more profound way.

The field is being set between now and January. While politics will continue, many will set aside partisanship for the holidays. One area that will see this more than any other is service to our wounded troops. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's, they will receive a torrent of celebrity visits, holiday parties, special events and more. It can be overwhelming, but it shows the care and compassion that is America.

However, on Jan. 2, that torrent abruptly cuts off. As overwhelming as it may have been, the sudden silence can take ordinary post-holiday blues and make them something much worse. Gina Elise, who founded the charity Pin-Ups for Vets, decided something needed to be done. She has joined with another small charity, Cooking With the Troops, to fight those blues for the U.S. and Allied troops, families and caregivers at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.
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