Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coal Provides Virginia Jobs

Take Action: Protect Appalachian [and Virginia] Jobs

The Environmental Protection Agency has provided an additional comment period on the agency's proposed new water quality guidelines for coal mining operations in Appalachia. We urge you to visit our Action Center and submit your comments to the EPA telling them you oppose these new guidelines which would effectively bring an end to coal mining in Appalachia. We need you to act now, the deadline to submit comments is tomorrow!

These proposed guidelines would impose new regulatory barriers for coal mining permits in Appalachia effectively stopping the issuance of permits creating a moratorium on coal. Such destructive regulatory actions would jeopardize the economic future of the region and one of our most reliable and economically affordable domestic sources of energy.

It is clear that the EPA is unfairly targeting thousands of hardworking miners and coal communities across Appalachia.

The EPA must listen to those who will be most affected by this policy. We need you to make your voice heard and tell the EPA and the Obama administration that they can't take away coal jobs without hearing the voices of the people that depend on coal to provide for their families and communities across Appalachia.

The deadline to submit comments is tomorrow! Please share this link with people you know, and encourage them to write the EPA today!

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