Saturday, April 14, 2012

Voter ID Laws: Racist or Reasonable?

Voter ID laws are not racist. Only liberals who claim minorities and poor people are too stupid to obtain an ID are racist.

The Virginia Voter ID Law is a sham. It does nothing to ensure the integrity of the voting process and the default setting is voter fraud, because if a person is required to cast a provisional ballot due to not having an ID, that vote is still counted if no one contests it. In Texas, a voter who casts a ballot without an ID is required to return with a valid ID within a certain timeframe, or that vote is thrown out. No ID, no count.

The integrity of the election process must be inviolate. We cannot be left to wonder if the results being reported are accurate, we must know with a relative degree of certainess that the candidate being held up as the winner, is actually the winner. Voter identification, verification of residency, and verification of eligibility are basic requirements which go a long way towards ensuring that degree of certainess and are simply good practices. Liberals will give anyone a ballot. If you're not a legal citizen of this country you cannot vote in this country. That is the rule of law. Voting is a right we earn by virtue of citizenship, whether natural born or naturalized. It is an obligation of citizenship. It is also a privilege that can be rescinded if you are convicted of a felony. That, too, is the rule of law. Liberals are more than willing and capable of suspending the rule of law when it suits their agenda.

Voter ID Laws: Racist or Reasonable?

It was Democrats who were predominantly responsible for the Jim Crow laws against black Americans voting. Democrats have historically exhibited a tendency to go to any lengths to ensure that the results of elections turn out in their favor, as was the case during Jim Crow when they didn’t want black Americans to participate in choosing non-racist leaders.

Republicans often point out the recent example of the community organizing group known as ACORN. As outlined in Matthew Vadum’s Subversion Inc., there have been 55 convictions for voter fraud and voter registration fraud from ACORN’s efforts, which leaned heavily in favor of the Democratic Party.

The media began to focus on the findings from the Harris County [Texas] tax assessor’s office and True the Vote. Shortly after the August 24 press conference announcing the results of the office’s investigation, a fire of unknown origins burned down the warehouse containing all of Harris County’s voting equipment. In total, the fire claimed 10,000 voting machines, which was approximately $30,000,000 worth of equipment. Harris County then spent $750,000 dollars on paper ballots as an emergency measure. Meanwhile, Houston Votes, Texans Together and the Democratic Party of Texas all filed lawsuits against Catherine Engelbrecht’s organization in short order. The lawsuits are still ongoing.

Intimidation through litigation. The preferred method of liberals and extremists to silence the opposition.

Readers who are interested in helping Catherine Engelbrecht and her nonpartisan True the Vote effort to protect America’s elections can visit their site at and can attend the group’s 2012 National Summit in Houston, Texas. The summit is on April 27th-28th and includes our nation’s foremost experts on election integrity. The speakers are John Fund, Patt Caddell, Christian Adams, Anita Moncrief, James O’Keefe, Rep. Artur Davis, Hans Von Spakovsky, and Tom Fitton.

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