Friday, March 09, 2012

NYPD Doing The Job Holder's Justice Dept Refuses To Do

NYPD is getting a bad rap for their ongoing investigative work insuring that no radical elements of the muslim community are planning more terrorist attacks. If Holder and his idiot minions refuse to investigate the threats, citing "religious freedom" as the excuse for tip-toeing around a bunch of mysoginistic, goat-humping bad guys hell-bent and hell-bound to destroy Western Civilization by any and all means, then someone has to do it; and I've yet to see an NYPD police officer "tip-toe" around anything.

Full blown military hand-salute to the NYPD for taking the initiative and protecting the people under their care, and by extension, the sorry-ass dhimmicrats and apologists who insist that islam is a peaceful religion. I think we all know better by now.

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