Thursday, March 29, 2012

Democrat Judge Targets Tea Party Group

Democrat Judge Targets Tea Party Group

and the closer we get to election time and GOTV efforts, the more of this we will see. This time, we need to be AWARE, BE VERY AWARE!!

Democrats have reportedly been targeting Tea Party groups for harassment since their emergence in 2010. The Texas-based judge has deep, overt ties to the Democratic Party. Deitz has been labeled “legendary” by Texas Democrats. In 2009, the Travis County Democratic online newsletter wrote that, “Dietz’s knowledge of court history in Travis County runs deep, and so does his commitment to the Democratic Party.” The Tea Party group is being represented by Hiram Sasser of the Liberty Institute, who promises to appeal. Meanwhile, Democrats seem to be pleased with their effort to undermine the group. Others have come to the aid of the Tea Party groups in general in this regard:

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