Sunday, May 01, 2011

Congratulations to the Hammer and the 2nd Luckiest Man on the Planet

Jake the Nail now holds the position of 2nd Luckiest Man in the known universe. (When I die, he will be 1st.)

The Hammer tied the knot with her beau Jake on Saturday in Mineral VA. Uncle J was there and I'm sure he has pictures and vids somewhere. The Hammer looked more beautiful than evah!!!

I hope ya'll have a long and happy life, that you are as happy as I have been in my marriage, and that Saturday was the worst day you'll ever have.

I got a text from Uncle J around midnight Saturday telling me that our gifts to the newlyweds consisted of a jar of UncleJimBob's Bourbon-Garlic BBQ Sauce from our 1st production run for the happy couple and an orange jumpsuit for the groom, to remind him of what will happen if he makes her sad. Assuming of course, that we get to him before the Hammer does.

If ya'll would like to try the new flavor sauce, go to paypal and use cwttsauce at verizon dot net. This new flavor is being offered on a limited production basis and is 35 dollars a quart. I'll cover shipping for a 4 quart order. Remember, your purchase of any of our most excellent sauces enables us to continue providing meals and comfort to wounded soldiers and Marines, their families and care-givers.

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