Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bussing In Protestors

Rumor has it that Uncle Jimbo was on the ground in his home-town of Madison. He files this and one other report over at Blackfive.

Big Journalism has this piece up:
Progressives In Front of WH Protest Effort Mad at Koch Brothers
The President took a public stand against the hard-working private sector families of Wisconsin who are struggling to make ends meet in an post-stimulus era of 9% unemployment.

OFA, the President’s campaign arm, has organized and bussed in hundreds of out-of-state protesters to continue the agitation in Wisconsin.

The DNC has been working to help organize protest against states’ rights and the Wisconsin governor.

Yet progressive columnists who, for whatever reason, are allowed to post poorly-written Kos fantasies in a publication like Forbes and are freaking out over, who else? The Koch Brothers. Rick Ungar ironically and generously quotes the Soros-funded Think Progress in his diatribe about the Wisconsin protests.

Even if, for the sake of this ridiculous argument, the Koch brothers were involved in funding a portion of the rally, who cares? Ungar misses the irony of quoting a Soros publication while complaining about the Koch brothers. He misses the irony of standing for government-organized protests. He props up one bajillionaire while whining about another. It’s good enough for progressives to allow the White House to abuse its power and stir up tension in state capitols, yet somehow Ungar finds it within himself to draw a boundary when it comes to conservatives doing the same.

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