Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Don't Need Continuity, We Need Reciprocity

If you listened to Doc today, he was asking for continuity in the manner in which the liberal left is dealing with the Ground Zero mosque.

That is a fair request, but I doubt the left will ever grant it.

I, on the other hand, want reciprocity. I want the practitioners of Islam to grant the same freedoms and rights we as Americans are obligated, according to the Most High Annointed One (may peace be upon him), to grant them under our Constitution.

Problem is: practitioners of Islam do not recognize any document other than the Koran. Islam is not just a religion, it is a form of government. Predominately muslim countries have no constitution. They have Islam and the Koran and culture police. They have no religous freedom. Christians and Jews are routinely persecuted and possession of a Bible in a muslim country could result in a death sentence.

Islam, as practiced today, cannot exist under our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, simply because the Koran is antithetical to our system of government, and while we are more than willing to allow anyone to worship anything, a religion which places women in a less than human standing cannot be allowed. Any system which discriminates against non-believers cannot function in our society, because we have the God given right to believe anything we want. We have the God-given right of free will and self-determination. Islam and the Koran do not recognize those rights.

As a Christian, I am directed by the Bible to tell others about Jesus and the way to salvation and Heaven. I am not obligated to do it. If I choose to do so, I am also directed to not cast my pearls before swine, or preach to dogs. Those are metaphors for non-believers. I am not directed to force those non-believers into salvation, nor am I directed to kill them for being non-believers. Thats the beauty of free will. The Koran directs followers of Islam to convert those they can and kill the ones they can't.

A religion which directs its followers to kill is not a religion, its a cult. Just like Charles Manson or Jim Jones.

Crazy wackjobs.

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