Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Call To Action

Alright Virginia, here's the deal:

WRVA is running a fundraiser for McGuire Veterans Hospital Fisher House;
Richard McCann wants to build a patio outback for the families who stay there;
Warrior Legacy Foundation and Cooking With the Troops wants to help.

What we need is food. (What we need is funding, which gets the food)

So, from now until the end of May, every quart of BBQ sauce ordered will generate 20 bucks for the Fisher House Project. Links are on the left and yes, WLF is a 501c3.

All orders will ship on 1 June and you will be invited to join us for the free lunch. Keep a copy of your receipt and bring it with you.

Personal Observation:
I remember when Mologne House at Walter Reed didn't have a patio, and now it does, and the difference it has made is remarkable. I would love to see something similar down here, but thats reaching a little far. The patio at Mologne House was a half million dollar project, if it was a dime.
It has built in grills, concrete pavers, three different levels, and a fireplace on the main patio. Class act. We use it when we do our cookouts, and I look forward to every event at Walter Reed.

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