Thursday, March 25, 2010

What DId They Think We Were Doing With It?

Making a guest list and seating chart?

Blackfive has an article about two douchebags who suddenly are rightously indignant that the intel they were providing is being used to eliminate tangos. Gee whiz, whodathunkit?

Intel turf wars

There is always a lot of jockeying for prominence in the intel world. Sadly it means that our overall ability to know what is actually going on anywhere sucks Hoover (the vacuum, not the cross-dressing, turf-protecting FBI guy). There have been some recent rumblings about who is doing what in Afghanistan and here are a couple of pieces looking at just that.

At Breitbart's Big Journalism, author Brad Thor points out some whining in the supposed "private intel operation" run by an AF employee.

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