Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We Will Remember

PRUDEN: Now comes November

Now the real fun begins. President Obama and his Democratic legion, frightened with good cause, want the health care "reform" debate to be over and done with. "It's time to move on." Lots of luck with that.

"This," the president said, interrupting his undivided attention to a basketball game to celebrate the House vote, "is what change looks like." Alas, it's what an abortion looks like. What the president and the Democrats don't want to think about is that the public has already looked at this "change" and can't wait to punish a lot of somebodies for it.

The first rush of euphoria that greets a presidential legislative triumph has given way in record time to stark reality. Sobering up quickly was inevitable. This was a health care takeover by the government that nobody wanted and even in the Democratic majority nobody wanted to be seen voting for. Only a perverted sense of party loyalty carried the day. Nancy Pelosi's overheard remark to Steny Hoyer, the majority leader, as they walked into the Capitol said it all: "We've got to find at least one more than 216 votes because nobody wants to be blamed for casting the deciding vote."

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