Friday, February 26, 2010

Scott Taylor For Congress VA-02

My Promises to You
Scott Taylor: Fighting for Our Future
Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA - 2/26/2010 - I would like to take some time to voice my commitment to this district and each and every one of the voters here. I have outlined several promises that I will keep to you; This is my contract with the voters of Virginia's 2nd District. I worked until I had blisters when I was employed on a farm at age 11, I worked until I had blisters in the Navy SEAL teams, I will work until I have blisters earning your support and vote on June 8th.

My Contract with you

1. I will spend my weekends and my Congressional recess time here in the district, meeting and listening to local citizens and their concerns.

2. I will never vote for or accept any pay raise. If I do recieve a pay raise, every new penny will go to a deserving local charity.

3. I will hold listening sessions in every precinct each year I am in office.

4. I will hire all of my Congressional and district staffers from this district or with a background from this district.

5. I will never support any tax increase.

6. I will make myself personally available to any person who wants to get to know me and my policies.

7. I will make increasing our domestic exports and decreasing our dependence on foreign imports a top priority. The key to success is in our nation's small businesses.

8. I will work with state and other Federal transportation officials to help fix our ailing roadways and future infrastructure. I will submit and fight for legislation to include a 37.5% royalty sharing agreement with the Federal and state government from responsible offshore drilling.

9. My constituent service offices will be open until 7:00 PM, our work schedule does not end when yours does.

10. I, or a staff member, will respond to every phone message or e-mail from my constituents within 48 hours.

God Bless,
Scott Taylor

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