Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Official-We Have A Good Man for VA-03

I have a unique perspective. I know this young man personally.

I can honestly say to you that Coby Dillard is the right choice to challenge Bobby Scott. VA-03 has been under dhimmi control for far too long. Scott votes the dhimmi party line consistently. Its time to take VA-03 back. Coby will be a voice for the people, not the party.

An excerpt from Coby's website is below. Here's the link. Go sign up and help begin the return to the Founders vision of America.

I believe that we must use every tool in our arsenal to keep our country’s enemies from our shores. I support electronic screening of calls and other forms of communication that originate/terminate in this country, so long as that tool is not used illegally on our own citizens.

To quote a good friend, “I believe that no one owes me anything just because I live and breathe.” I don’t support any system, program, or entitlement that gives preference to one over another.

People should succeed-and experience failure-on their own. I believe the government has provided me what they’re required to: protection of my life, liberty, and right to pursue happiness. They should provide nothing more.

I do not consider myself a staunch social conservative. I think abortion is terrible, but understand and could support it under a very few circumstances (namely, rape, incest and the inability to care for a child with extreme defects). I do not support it as a method of birth control or to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Believing all this, though, I also acknowledge the political reality that-for now-makes the right of choice the law of the land. With that, I choose to focus my efforts on increasing awareness of alternatives to abortion.

I believe that parents know where their child can get the best education, and should be allowed to choose the best school for their child. I believe that our children should be taught in the language of our country-English-and that they should be taught the concepts of citizenship, patriotism, and service to country. I support testing in schools to ensure that they perform up to government standards, and support the firing of substandard teachers/school administrators if their schools fail to meet those standards.

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