Monday, December 21, 2009

Maybe Its Time For Total Recall

This coming November we get the opportunity to replace the deadweight occupying the Capital Building in Washington DC. We can't replace all of them, because only about half of the Senate is up for re-election this cycle. We can replace at least one lying POS dhimmi Senator from Virginia, but suppose we could actually get a two for one deal?

Suppose enough concerned Virginia citizens got togther and signed a petition to put a ballot initiative/referendum to recall the most sleazy politician, (with the exception of Terry MaCauliffe) ever to stride upon the sacred soil of the Commwealth, Hizzoner Markie Mark Warner? Suppose just the idea of a ballot initiative was enough to make this dhimmi re-think his position on the welfare of Virginias' citizens?

How cool would that be? Do we have the votes? I think we do. I also think we have the moral authority to demand that our elected representatives actually represent the majority opinion, rather than toe a party line.

Think about it, Virginians. We have to do something.

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