Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It Is Now Time For America To Find the Resolve To Defeat Islamo-fascism

Anything less will be unacceptable. Anything less will be a victory for the extremists, for they will most-assuredly never stop killing infidels, and they will continue to teach their children that dying for Allah is a most noble death if you kill an infidel or non-believer in the process.

Their goal is nothing less than world-domination. They recognize no other religion. No other religion will be allowed to exist. Non-Muslims who are allowed to live will cease to be human in the eyes of the Caliph. They will be less than cattle.

Fredom of religion does not exist in Islam. There is only one religion and Isalm is it. All others are devil-worship. Free will cannot exist under Islam. Free will implies that a person is free to make a decision. Islam does not allow that, as practiced by extremists. Convert or die, or in some cases, convert and then they will kill you, because they are safe in the knowledge that you might be welcomed into the arms of Allah.

The system of government which allows us the choice to believe or not believe, cannot exist within the framework of Islam. Isalm must prevail over the government and the laws of men.

Isalm is one of those oppressive, reppressive forms of religion our Founding Fathers left England because of.

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