Thursday, June 18, 2009

HR 2546

A mesage from the folks who manufacture and market our Service Flags

We Need Your Help!
Families in certain areas are being told to take down their Service Flag because its display violates the rules of the homeowner or condo association.

On May 21, 2009, Congressman John A. Boccieri (D-OH), an Iraqi war Veteran, introduced HR 2546 ( l "To ensure that the right of an individual to display the Service Flag on residential property not be abridged. "
The Bill was introduced without co-sponsors, so we need your help to get Congress to pass this Bill - we want you to write to your Congressman, and we've made a sample letter to make it easy - Copy the letters below (inserting your name and other appropriate changes) and mail them right away to your representatives (link to congressional addresses are below)!!!
1. Support & Thank You Letters: Click here to open the sample support Word document to send to your Representative and Senator (if you don't have Word, or have an older version, scroll down for the text of each letter).
Click here to read the support letter text
Click here to read the thank you letter text
Click here for your Congressman's address
Click here for your Senator's address
The Service Flag is an official flag regulated by the Department of Defense. It is displayed by the family members of U. S. Military personnel during any period of war or hostilities the United States may be engaged in.

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