Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Government Doesn't Build Roads or Bridges

The government doesn't "build" anything. Businesses build roads and bridges. Small businesses to be precise. The government is only the middle-man, the broker, the funds disperser, and the agent of control. The government tells the businesses where to build and gives them a set of guidelines and specifications that tells them how to build. Government then collects taxes from the citizens in order to pay the businesses to do the work.

I've yet to see a single government worker, other than a SeaBee or other military construction personnel, pour concrete, weld beams or dig footings. All of that work is done by small businesses who hire citizens, hopefully, to complete the work. I helped build several bridges and miles of highway in the 70's. Not once did I draw a government issued check for the work I performed. The people I worked for made money building (or NOT building) roads and bridges.

So Mr Obama, you have no clue how things get done in this country. Or maybe you do and you're just trying to destroy it by spreading untruths and mis-information.

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