Tuesday, December 27, 2011

VA GOP Changed Ballot Access Rules Last Month

Basically, the rules for the Virginia’s primary ballot access are more complicated than those of Whack Bat: (H/T Dana Loesch)

VA GOP Changed Ballot Access Rules "Last Month"

Notice it DOES NOT say Virginia State Board of Elections. It says Virginia GOP.
IOW, RPV. That would be the Republican Party of Virginia.

The party elites made sure the upstarts wouldn't make it on the ballot for the primary, only the RINO and the wacko, with his nutjob truther supporters. (That would be Paul, in case you need a refresher) Some choice, huh?

The party elites have shut-out candidates for Senate as well. Jamie Radtke is a candidate for the Republican Senate nomination. I think she would make a great Senator. She was shut-out of the Seante debate earlier this month. The VAGOP was responsible. They could have insisted that all viable candidates be included in the debate. Instead, they folded and let the AP decide who was going to run. Bunch of _ussies.

NOTE:If you pay attention, you will notice that this blog is titled United CONSERVATIVES of Virginia, NOT United Republicans, or United Libertarians. We hold people accountable for their actions.

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