Saturday, October 08, 2011

Some Observations Regarding the OWS

They'll be here next Saturday. A conglomeration of misfits, miscreants, moonbats, asshats and wannabe anarchists; lazy, selfish individuals with no ethics or morals; or any concept of personal responsibility, with no coherent message other than making a living is somehow a bad thing and creating wealth and making life better is somehow evil.

I've noticed that the longer this goes on, the more twisted and convoluted the messages become. Talk to any random participant and you're just as likely to hear a diatribe concerning nano-thermite being used to bring down Tower 7 as you are a manifesto concerning perceived corporate greed and greedy bankers and threats of violence against anyone who disagrees.

(Side Note: there is no such thing as NANO-thermite; there IS thermite. Its used to join very heavy pieces of steel together, usually crane rail-tracks. We use it at the shipyard all the time to construct overhead crane rails)

We have learned over the past weeks that there is anti-semitism rampant as demonstrated by the video of a very disturbed participant berating an older Jewish man. We have learned that there is little regard for sanitary conditions, bathing or clothing. There is also some very dangerous behavior going on as evidenced by the discovery of used syringes lying about the park. I doubt all of them are used to inject insulin.

75% of the participants in these "protests" are just lazy, envious slobs who lack the drive and determination to make their own lives better and so they insist everyone is to blame but themselves and therefore everyone must be forced to live as they do.

Thanks but NO THANKS. I'll devote my time and energy to making my life better instead of denigrating those who have achieved the American Dream.

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