Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Allen-Kaine AP Debate Doesn't Serve the People

Condescending politicians bore me. Blatant hypocrisy irritates my very last nerve.

The AP has excluded at least two viable candidates from the debate in December sinply because the AP is the LSM and they think they can dictate who the respective nominees are going to be 6 months before the primary. The citizens of the Commonwealth should be outraged and the AP servers should be melting down from the incoming emails demanding all viable candidates for the Senatorial nomination be given a spot in the debate.

One of those viable candidates, IMAO, is Mrs Jamie Radtke. Jamie Radtke is a friend of this blog. Our blogmistress Flora MacDonald speaks very highly of Mrs Radtke and I value Flora's opinion. I have posted at least one column written by Mrs. Radtke here, because that's what we do; share information relevant to Viriginia conservative politics. Her writing alone qualifies her for a spot in the AP debate. She is a genuine voice for Virginia grassroots conservatives and the AP should be ashamed...oops what was I thinking? The LSM has no shame.

If the AP really had the interests of the citizens of our Commonwealth in mind, they would allow Mrs Radtke to participate in the debate. Anyone who believes in the Original Intent of The Founders and their concept of a citizen government should let the AP know we don't appreciate being told who we can and cannot hear.

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