Monday, August 15, 2011

Plan Your Weekend Around This

This coming Saturday and Sunday, 20 and 21 August, the Wartime Museum is having its second Open House of the year. The past Open Houses have been a blast and I expect the same this time around.

I've confirmed that Dave Marron from Thunder Run will be there as well as Susan Katz Keating. No big surprise with SKK. She sits on the Board. Uncle Jimbo will probably be hanging out.

I will be livestreaming some of it on our Ustream site. This time I'll be attempting a mobile livestream so it should be a bit more interesting than just a fixed camera. I've also extended invitations to two very incredible Ladies. I hope their schedules permit. If nothing else, maybe I can get UJ to do a freefly but I'd rather have the Ladies.

Come on out and enjoy the Virginia countryside, take a chance on a raffle ticket and you might get yourself a seat in a helicopter or a German tank. See ya there.

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